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Moving Well Beyond the Iranian ‘Check’

It’s a dangerous game: Iran wants to force Israel into a state of perpetual check; in other words, paralysis before death.

The Game Plan of C-Span

The viewing audience calls in to C-Span, vilifying Israel or world Jewry, for all the world to hear, while the host broadcasters remain silent and blameless. The accusations go unopposed and unchallenged

“National Security Leaders” Adopt the Palestinian Narrative

In my view, the statement is fairly radical in its departure from what has been U.S. policy for decades. How?

The Chutzpah of Preaching Ethics to Israel

The ADL criticizes Israel for expelling illegal infiltrators in a meaningless act of virtue signalling, while Israel is one of the leading providers of aid to African countries.

INTO THE FRAY To: AIPAC’s CEO – Picture the Perils of “Palestine”

Palestinian statehood & a secure Israel are mutually exclusive goals. This was always the accepted wisdom in Israel - until the discourse was hijacked by the tyrannical diktats of politically correct dogma

A Dying Church Takes Time to Give Israel a Kick

The Presbyterian Church USA continues a practice of Jew-baiting that the denomination’s peace activists and leaders have been perfecting for more than a decade.

Is Greece About to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital?

Two distinguished members of Greece's parliament, whose party has a good chance of defeating the current leadership, are breathing new life into the political system and reinvigorating crucial partnerships with Israel and the United States.

When “Never Again” Has No Meaning

If the words “never again” are to have any meaning, Iran’s aggression will have to be countered.

A Perilous Tango for Four in the Eastern Med

The Eastern Mediterranean has entered a new period of high volatility, with Israel and Greece in the eye of the storm. Both countries are facing an upgraded strategic challenge from Turkey and Iran. This is not simply an interstate problem but a broader crisis that will influence the future geostrategic physiognomy of the Eastern Med.

Treason? A Common Liberal Accusation

The hypocritical use of the word"treason" by the sanctimonious Left.

Why The Left Opposes Arming Teachers

It’s not a self-evident truth that allowing some teachers and other adults in a school to be armed is a crazy idea. . On the contrary, having some adults who work at schools be trained in the responsible use of guns makes so much sense that the left’s blanket opposition seems puzzling.

What Is a “Refugee”? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from Israel

Israel integrated its brothers and sisters from the Arab and Muslim world. The Arab world put its Palestinian brothers and sisters in refugee camps, treating them as political pawns — and festering sores —in its persistent war against the Jewish state.

Israel First

Feiglin on some of Israel's hot-button topics

Israeli Officials Blast Jewish Visits To Qatar

6 months after Jewish leaders began trooping off to Qatar, the op-ed columns of US Jewish and Israeli publications remain filled with lively discussions on the affair. And well they should be. Because this sordid episode has laid bare patterns of behavior among some Jewish leaders that need changing.

The AIPAC Comfort Zone

If Democrats aren’t as comfortable supporting the pro-Israel lobby, it’s not because it has shifted to the right. It’s because some on the left have either have forgotten its purpose or are no longer interested.

Protecting Jerusalem From Within

The Greek Orthodox Church found another way to circumvent its own rules against selling the land. In 2011, it sold the future leasing rights on most of its Jerusalem holdings to a private group of Jewish investors. It is the uncertainty of the future that creates unease

Pass the Jewish Nation-State Law

The State of Israel’s identification with Jewish nationhood is under attack from large parts of the international community, and from Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, post-Zionist Jews, and anti-Jewish Jews. The “Jewish” side of the formulation “a Jewish and democratic state” is under internal assault as well.

The Trump Mideast Plan: A Palestinian State Or Not?

The reported plan was instantly denounced by the Palestinians who said, rather amazingly, that it was plainly too pro-Israel.

Iranian Wrinkle

Israel is not a party to these discussions, but is being kept abreast of them.

Transnistria: The Forgotten Death Camp

Jews were not gassed or cremated in Transnistria. No; in Transnistria Jews perished from hunger, cold, and typhus.

State Department Backs Lebanese Land Grab against Israel

By treating one of Lebanon's claima as legitimate, the State Department is not only encouraging aggression but proving, once again, that international guarantees to Israel are worthless.

Hope and Optimism: The Indian-Israeli Relationship

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit to India was predictably full of pomp and circumstance. More importantly, it underscored yet again the closeness that now characterizes the bilateral relationship.

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