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Trump’s Not So Subtle Message to the Failed Palestinian Leadership: “You’re Fired!”

Palestinian Arabs need to face the consequences of losing a war. Well, what about facing the consequences of losing an election, or of not even having one. Here too, an artificial situation is being propped up by the EU and others in the West.

To Be A Vessel For God

At that point, I think I did go into some kind of emotional depression. I lost the way I connected to God. It’s something I didn’t realize I lost until I found it again, living here in Israel.

What are the Palestinians’ Responsibilities for Peace?

As Abbas begins the 14th year of his 4-year term he has hardly been the model of accountability, abusing his position to secure fortunes for his family. He tolerates no dissent, marginalizing and arresting critics. If a democratic and accountable state is necessary for peace with Israel, Abbas has failed to deliver either.

Who Owns the Holocaust?

This dispute is about who sets the parameters for our understanding of what the Holocaust was and what it represented – and it is a problem that extends far beyond Poland's borders.

EU: Jewish Development of Jerusalem Historical Sites ‘Touristic Settlement’

Report claims the City of David, and a planned cable car to bring tourists to the Western Wall are “a political tool to modify the historical narrative and to support, legitimize, and expand settlements."

Why Polls on a Palestinian State are a Mirage

Ever wonder why polls consistently show that a large portion of the Israeli public supports creating a Palestinian state?

Trump’s State of the Union Bolsters Allies’ Confidence

The confidence of US allies in the Middle East – facing lethal threats internally and externally - was undermined by President Obama’s worldview but has been enhanced by President Trump’s State of the Union,

Rav Belsky: A Talmid’s Perpsective

Rav Belsky was a once-in-a generation individual; a pioneer and an advocate for the entire Jewish people. One’s background, country of origin, or religious affiliation made no difference. He was there for all of us. We mourn him on this, his second yahrzeit

INTO THE FRAY: The Enemy – What the “Right” Seems Unable to Grasp

The time has come for the “Right” to “bite the bullet” & give up trying to advance convoluted political prescriptions in lieu of the two-state formula. It is time to identify the Palestinian-Arabs as the enemy

Trump Echoes Talleyrand in Middle East Diplomacy

Trump must put the Palestinians on notice - there will be no more weakness, no more concessions.

UNRWA: The UN Agency that Creates Palestinian Refugees

"Since the UN took them over, the Palestinians started burying their dead at night, without declaring them.... As a result, for nearly 20 years, the official death rate in the camps was close to zero. In addition, there was a lot of movement between the camps. But these displacements were rarely recorded, so that a Palestinian could appear in several camps at the same time..."

Learning From The Larry Nassar Case

For those who still dismiss or downplay reports of abuse and say the abuser made a mistake and should be given another chance because he will do teshuvah – repent – the Nassar case proves otherwise.

Holocaust Education: Last Chance For Humanity

The task of imparting the memory of the Holocaust to the next generation is more important than ever. There is really no time to lose, as it is becoming apparent that people in nearly every nation around the world have already forgotten the Holocaust’s crucial lessons about prejudice, intolerance, and hatred.

Eizenkott Needs To Resign

What will happen if the enemy captures one of these female combat soldiers, G-d forbid? Why can’t we take action to prevent these things from happening instead of reacting after they happen? Why do we have to live the most fearsome nightmares when they can so easily be avoided? Just because the politicians are embarrassed to tell the truth?

Expelling Illegal Infiltrators from Israel – Legal and Moral

Israel, like any sovereign country in the world, has the right to determine who may enter its borders and is authorized to remove unwanted violators of its borders from its territory

That Obama/Farrakhan Photo

Now, 13 year later, after Mr. Obama’s electoral fortunes are no longer a concern, the photo and news of the meeting have surfaced.

Obama Shares A Joke

But it was in the area of Israel’s political future as a robust and flourishing democracy where he fell woefully short.

The Jews Vs. Hitler: An Interview with author Rick Richman

Britain was so undermanned and under-armed at this point that a Jewish army of 50,000-100,000 soldiers could have made a significant military impact.

The Levush: His Life And Works

The more I read, the more confused I became. The sefer followed the same order of the Shulchan Aruch, chapter by chapter, but unlike the Shulchan Aruch’s matter-of-fact approach, this sefer included the reason behind each halacha.

Trump’s Jerusalem Statement Shakes Up the System

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration should be examined from a point of view that goes beyond questions of cost and gain. Prevailing interpretations are trapped in a Western perception of the nature and logic of the strategic process.

Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Islamists

Google's participation in the Imams Online summit stands in sharp contrast to its ongoing censorship of pro-Israel voices,

Palestinian Blackmail: US Is Our Enemy

The Palestinians' mock trial and "execution" of Trump and Pence gives the Palestinians a green light to target Americans physically. Members of Abbas's ruling Fatah faction participated in the mock trial and "execution" of the US president and the Vice President.

How Many Poles Does It Take to Leave an Anti-Semitic Comment?

We've spent the past few days deleting a lot of horribly anti-Semitic comments written by Polish commenters.

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