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Rav Shlomo Aviner’s Response to President Trump’s Speech

America has performed a great act by publicly declaring that Yerushalayim is ours, that she is our capital.

The Mueller Conundrum

More important – although ignored by the media – is the nature of the Flynn plea deal itself.

Education Through Connection

As this story illustrates, there is a huge difference between spending time with your children and offering them quality time.

Israel’s Mythical “Isolation”

Only one Western head of government was among the ten African presidents present, when Kenya inaugurated its new president. That leader was none other than Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Critical Lessons of the 1947 Partition Plan

Policy-makers and public opinion-molders, who sacrifice the lessons of the past on the altar of oversimplification and wishful-thinking, are doomed to repeat past mistakes and suffer their dire consequences.

Laws Haven’t Changed, We Have

This change in how we address these issues is refreshing and welcome, but how did it happen? The answer is us. The legal system hasn’t changed. What changed is what we as a society are willing to tolerate, accept, or excuse.

Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The 10 reasons for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital all boil down to one: Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people

Keeping Our Cool with Saudi Arabia

Considering Saudi Arabia’s concern over Iran’s ascendancy, Israel is presented with a unique opportunity to dictate terms of engagement to the kingdom. Israel should be reticent in its overtures.

Method to Trump’s Madness on Jerusalem May Make Sense

It’s entirely possible that Trump is either being guided to or is stumbling along a path that could be saner than the supposedly safer course steered by his predecessors on Jerusalem.

How Menachem Goldberg Gives Life to Our Past

Kfar Kedem offers a variety of activies to serve as a link between the past and the present.

The Saudis and Israel–Again

Given the growth of anti-Semitism in Europe and globally in recent years, having the Saudis publicly demonstrate respect for Judaism is a helpful and useful step--for Israel and for Jews

Netanyahu Shatters Myth of Israel’s Isolation

Highlighting Israel's growing popularity would undermine the pro-Palestinian narrative pushed by the Mainstream Media and the Left, who would have us all believe that the Jewish state is being shunned because of the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians.

The Crime: Walking While Jewish

In the wake of Thursday’s mob attack in Israel against 2 parents and a group of young Jewish children on a hike in the Shomron, it’s time to coin a new term: “WWJ,” walking while Jewish.

Netiv Avot

It is one thing to hear of the uprooting of a Jewish home or building in Israel, it is another to see it up close.

Bangladeshi Home Minister Blames Mossad for Destabilizing his Country

As the humanitarian situation deteriorates in Bangladesh, the ruling Awami League government is increasingly resorting to conspiracy theories. Fingers were pointed blaming Israel

Tensions Between the Israeli Government and Non-Orthodox American Jews Are Exaggerated

The unbreakable connection of non-Orthodox American Jews and the Jewish state continues because minor squabbles over the Western Wall and other domestic Israeli issues will not destroy the connection

INTO THE FRAY: Sinai – Descent into Depravity

Ironically, the case of Sinai, once held up as the crowning vindication of the land-for-peace principle is likely to turn out to be its one of its most tragic and traumatic failures.

Immigration Reform Shouldn’t Mean Scapegoating

To eliminate the diversity immigrant visa program due to the crimes of a few would be a great disservice to the many worthy innocent immigrants who rely on the program for a chance at the American dream

The Mouse And The Hole

The Right in Israel retains its rule (because the majority of Israelis are on the Right); the Left retains its hegemony (media, courts) and true power; and the terrorist retains his knife.

The Surprising Secret To An Enriched Life

In addition to reminding us of our mortality, Sefer Bereishis teaches us another significant lesson: Although we cannot extend our lives beyond our allotted time, the way we conduct ourselves during our lifetime can potentially afford us immortality in this world.

Modesty In The Age Of Abuse

According to the Ramban, this week's parshah is a roadmap and guide for all generations on how to engage with Eisav and his descendants and, as such, each pasuk, each word, each letter, is vital as we make our way.

Trump to the Rescue–of the Palestinians!

The Trumpadministration trotted out a new “interpretation”—actually, a misrepresentation—of the law: The PLO-PA can keep its office so long as the activities conducted there are “related to achieving a lasting, comprehensive peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.” What a joke.

70 Years after UN Resolution 181 (‘The Partition Plan’): An Assessment

According to the UN Charter, General Assembly resolutions are simply recommendations and are not legally binding. Only resolutions adopted by the Security Council may be obligatory. Thus, Resolution 181 cannot in any manner be considered to be a basis for a Palestinian claim to statehood.

My Husband And My Mother

A loving reflection by Naomi Klass Mauer, a devoted daughter and a loving wife, to her mother and husband who passed from this world-within hours of each other-7 years ago.

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