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Israel’s Sandy Koufax

As a representative of Israel, Dudi Sela made up his mind that he would not play on the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. His decision is all the more impressive because he is not particularly religious.

Palestinians: A State Within a State?

The deal does not require Hamas to dismantle its security forces or armed wing. Nor does the agreement require Hamas to lay down its weapons or stop amassing weapons and preparing for war. Hamas could not have hoped for a better deal.

Poland 2017: Tears And Tribute

We Jews are alive and thriving, Baruch Hashem. At each memorial in Poland we were uplifted by the sight of the blue and white flags of the state of Israel, placed there as reminders: “Never again.”

Children’s Shots And The Maccabees’ Shields

Year after year, I strategized: How far in advance should I tell them the kids the dreaded shots were coming? Regardless of when, I always had lollipops in my pocket

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles): Guide for the Perplexed, 2017

The temporary structure of the Sukkah highlights the historical significance of the permanent Jewish State in the Land of Israel Chag Sameach!

Interpol and the Palestinians: Where’s a Cop When you Need One?

The international community just gave the Good Housekeeping seal of approval to those who traffic in terrorism, by welcoming the Palestinian Authority into INTERPOL

Interpol, Jamal, And Taylor Force

Mahmoud Abbas’s encouragement of anti-Israel violence consists not just of the aforementioned payment of stipends to the families of terrorists.

The Administration And The ‘Peace Process’

So there was always supposed to be some notion of [Israeli] expansion into the West Bank, but not necessarily expansion into the entire West Bank.

Discrimination In New York’s Student Free Lunch Program

According to the OU, some 30,000 yeshiva students cannot participate in the program.

No, This Isn’t The Time To Talk Gun Control. Here Are 3 Reasons Why.

Passion doesn’t make policy good or worthwhile. And injecting emotional accusations into the process never makes policy — or the country — better.

Trump’s “New” Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Was Tried by Netanyahu 8 Years Ago

Regardless of the similarities to the previous "economic peace" plan, the concept itself is fairly new and for that reason alone there is reason for patience, if not a bit of hope, for progress

Discovering The Flora And Fauna In The Torah: An Interview with Biblical Botanist Zohar...

He wants to ensure that commentators and modern scholars are in agreement regarding the identification of any given animal.

Sukkot And The Nations

It is a world in need of atonement, which means a redirection of its energies and objectives.

The Case for Kurdish Independence

No one who supports statehood for the Palestinians can morally oppose Kurdish independence. But they do, because it is double-standard hypocrisy, and not morality, that frames the debate over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Big Middle East Lie

The conflict is about Israel's existence in the Middle East. It's about the abiding interest in the Arab and Islamic world to destroy Israel and murder Jews.

5 Tips for Businesses in the New Year

Whether you’ve had a great year in business, or not, here are a few things to consider for the New Year:

Boycotting Any Part of Israel Is Boycotting ALL Israel

Is boycotting “over the green line” akin to a full boycott of Israel? The clear answer, according to Israeli Law, Scarlett Johansson and leaders across the political spectrum is "YES!"

Reviewing the Rhetoric of Palestinian Arabs and Israelis

Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process praises Abbas’ condemnation of Palestinian terrorist attack which killed Israelis, but makes no mention of Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders that repeatedly called for calm after the murders.

The Lancet: How an Anti-Israel Propaganda Platform was Turned Around

The Lancet is one of the most influential medical journals in the world, and for many years, was a voice for anti-Israeli demonization campaigns under the façade of science and medicine. It’s remarkable reversal is unparalleled among major platforms used in anti-Israel demonization campaigns

What is Behind the Refusal to Stand for the Anthem?

It is worth wondering if the battles over the anthem are more the natural outcome of a popular culture that no longer teaches Western values or requires either a draft or any kind of national service.

Israeli Identity: What Has Changed This Year?

This year, when Israeli Jews assemble for high holiday prayers, as they hear the voice of the shofar and the hush of “Unetanneh Tokef,” they will be haunted by an issue that has intensified over the past year: the struggle over Israeli identity.

Modern Orthodoxy In Crisis: Synthesizing Religion And 21st-Century Identity

PBL (problem- or project-based learning as both are called) is a learning theory positing that as people learn, their minds actively connect new knowledge to pre-existing knowledge and build complex knowledge structures.

INTO THE FRAY: Oslo at 24: Failing the “Crystal Ball” Test

If Rabin had a crystal ball that allowed him to foresee the terrible trauma and tragedy the Oslo Agreements would cause, there is little doubt that he would have never agreed to its signature.

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