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Quick Takes: News You May Have Missed

23 Adar I 5776 – March 2, 2016

Trump And Israel

We were deeply concerned by some of Donald Trump’s comments on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during last Thursday’s Republican debate. Moderator Wolf Blitzer noted that...

The Administration’s Green-Line Machinations

Just imagine – Republicans were specifically induced to support the entire bill with promises that products from over the Green Line would be protected the same way other Israeli companies are.

Pro-Palestinian Harassment: Where Are The Public Officials?

We urge readers to contact officials and ask them to support an investigation.

The Year Of Mein Kampf: An Interview with Journalist Peter Ross...

The political atmosphere in Bavaria at this time was sympathetic to the direction Hitler was going, and his was just one of many far-right movements at the time.

Dear Ted Cruz, Moral Clarity Matters and You are on the...

Recently, detractors criticized your use of the term “Judeo-Christian values.” I reject their point.

In Pursuit Of True Happiness

“A truly happy person does not allow his happiness to be dependent on any external factor over which he may not have control.” (Chachmah Umussar, vol. 2, pp. 331-2)

Collaborators in the War against the Jews: Judith Butler

Professor Butler is a leader in the attempt to impose a WORLD boycott against Israeli universities.

What Campus “Crybully” Wars are REALLY About

The campus "Crybully" wars are about enforced political correctness as a way of life

An Iron Dome Against the Cultural Boycott of Israel

22 Adar I 5776 – March 1, 2016
The cultural boycott against Israel politicizes art, rejecting artists as ambassadors of peace

Our Sages Have it Right

Eisencott's blunder was negating our Sages' teaching “If someone comes to kill you, kill him first”

New York Times Grants Nobel Prize-in Waiting to Palestinian Arab Terrorist

Barghouti is NO Mandela. He was jailed for his direct involvement in murdering Israeli civilians

Fighting to Win: Revolutionizing Israel Advocacy

21 Adar I 5776 – February 29, 2016
AIPAC eschews visiting YESHA as counter to their commitment to “Two States” but visits Abbas instead

Israelis Accused of Rape and Organ Harvesting

Salaita compared indigenous Americans to the Palestinians. Then why shouldn't BDS apply against US?

Amnesty Report Praises Antisemitic, Pro-Violence Organization

From Amnesty Intl's viewpoint, Jews have no rights in Hebron--or anywhere in Israel for that matter

Being the Jew that Fights Back

19 Adar I 5776 – February 28, 2016
Why are there so few Bassem Eids in the world and so many "Emilys" (anti-Israel Jews) in US & world?

Obama’s Potential Third Term Undermining of Israel

Hillary Clinton will continue the counter-productive anti-Jewish/anti-Israel Oslo-policies of Obama

Should Israel Legalize Gambling?

17 Adar I 5776 – February 26, 2016
The state must not interfere in private lives and values of its citizens, except in extreme cases

V’nahafoch Hu…

“When Adar enters, joy is increased.” What happens when tragedy strikes in the month of Adar?

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