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Along For The Ride

Sometimes, we even force people not to act this way but to let others benefit.

Everybody’s Doing It

The Torah is teaching us that even a mature adult faced with a difficult trial will be greatly influenced by what others are doing.

Shomer Pesayim Hashem

In fact, if the Mother of the Year Award featured a category for best worrier, I would be a major contender.

Must Women Observe Shemitah?

The Minchas Chinuch first suggests that the obligation to be mafkir one’s produce may not be a time-sensitive mitzvah.

Behar: Why Does Land have to Rest?

What does it mean, conceptually, to see Shabbat in different worlds?

Dusty Windows (Part Five)

Painful stories of non-observant Jews mocking and attacking their religion and their religious brethren were all too commonplace.

Staying Close Infuses Life

Let us resolve to connect ourselves powerfully to Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem.

Shabbos: A Day with Hashem – TheLeil Shabbos Discovery Zone

The more we are aware of Hashem's involvement in our lives, the more we will act accordingly.

L’rtzonchem – Accepting His Will

Parshas Emor appears to be as diverse as a parsha can be.

Kohanim Blessing Jews

Question: Is it permissible for kohanim to bless Jews outside the context of Birkat Kohanim?

Q & A: Pirkei Avot (Part II)

Question: I have two questions regarding Pirkei Avot. First, is there a specific reason that the last chapter is read on the Sabbath before Shavuot, or is this just a quirk of the calendar? Second, in that last chapter we find a list of qualities that enable one to acquire Torah knowledge, including anavah, humility. I find this difficult to believe in light of the Gemara in Gittin that chastises one of the scholars for his anavah, saying that it ultimately caused the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. Zvi Kirschner (Via E-Mail)

Why We Count, What We Count

The more a person focuses on his purpose in the world, the more he values the Torah.

Daf Yomi

A Woman’s Oneg Yom Tov ‘You Shall Call The Shabbos A Delight’ (Beitzah 34b)

May A Kohen’s Pregnant Wife Enter A Cemetery?

One difference between these two approaches is when one is aware that the fetus is a male, i.e. through ultra sound.

Lost Shidduchim

Put a coin in the Meir Baal Haness box every day and ask Reb Meir Baal Haness to find the lost kallah,” Ella told me.


He flipped through the pages, looking for some identification. "Absolutely no marks; it's brand new," Yosef said. "Since there are no identifying marks, the item is hefker [ownerless] and can be taken; I'm taking it for myself."

Safeguarding Our Heritage

Offering korbanos is not a substitute to living a proper life.

The Lessons Of Sefirat Ha’Omer

The Omer period is the ultimate completion of the completion, the holiest of the holiest.

‘Be Not Afraid Of Greatness’

God’s “name” is therefore His standing in the world. Do people acknowledge Him, respect Him, honor Him?

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