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August 1, 2015 / 16 Av, 5775
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US Says No Need to Equate Gaza War’s Travel Ban with Ebola Danger

Friday, October 17th, 2014

The short-lived American ban on travel to Israel when Hamas was firing missiles on metropolitan Tel Aviv should not apply to banning visas from Ebola-infected countries because such a move would be “counter-productive,” U.S. State Dept. Jen Psaki told reporters Thursday.

“I wanted to ask why this situation and the discussion of a travel ban is so different from the travel ban that was issued by the FAA a few months ago, when there were bombs raining down on the Tel Aviv airport and there were concerns about the safety of Americans,” one journalist asked Psaki.

Psaki explained that no visa ban is necessary because there are “necessary screenings in place” and that visa are needed “to provide supplies, [for] being able to train people, being able to track and ensure that we’re going – we’re allowing for a global response to this effort.

“It would be counterproductive even to allow those individuals not to be able to apply. We don’t see a medical benefit to it, so that’s why we haven’t made the decision.

During the wear, the Iron Dome system effectively intercepted missiles that threatened Ben Gurion Airport, but when some debris of the anti-missile system was found in a nearby city, the Obama administration jumped on the “danger” to ban travel. The ban was issued immediately after President Barack Obama complained that Israel’s retaliation to the missile bombardment, threatening most of Israel, was disproportionate” because the Israeli counter-terror campaign was far more effective than Hamas’ terrorist strikes.

President Obama insisted there was no connection between the ban and the death toll in Gaza, but officials suddenly removed the ban after two days, even though missiles still were flying over central Israel.

The inquiring journalist at Thursday’s daily press briefing pointed out that “it just takes one” Ebola-infected passenger to create a catastrophe and that a visa ban is “not going to stop American health workers, American military guys from going there, but it could prevent even a single Ebola-infected person from coming into the – from getting into the United States.”

But it’s ”counter-productive,” said Psaki for the third or fourth time, without explaining what that is supposed to mean.

Update: Gaza Rocket Test Sets Off Red Alert in Israel

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

At 8:25am Sunday morning the Red Alert siren went off for Israeli communities along the Gaza border, indicating a possible rocket launch from Gaza.

Some residents in the area report hearing an explosion.

Channel 2 reported that the Gazans were testing a new rocket. They launched it and it landed within the Gazan borders.

The IDF spokesperson says it was a False Alarm, which appears to mean the siren went off because of the launch, but the siren shouldn’t have gone off, because it wasn’t going to hit in Israel.

At 8:54am An initial JewishPress.com inquiry with the IDF as to their exact definition of “False Alarm” in this case received the answer, the matter is “under investigation”.

9:14am The IDF verbally told JewishPress.com that “False Alarm” means the rocket was not going to hit an area in Israel that needed a siren, and therefore the siren should not have gone off. It does not mean that the IDF is confirming or denying whether or not there was a rocket launch within Gaza.

10:12am JewishPress.com received a written, updated definition of “False Alarm” from the army:

The term means that an alarm was activated, though without any launch from Gaza. It is important for me to emphasize that each incident is a case of its own and any more information about a ‘false alarm’ is not connected to the use of the term itself.


8:38am Initial report: Rocket launched from Gaza, landed in Gaza. Possibly training or testing on their part.

Channel 2 reports that the Gazans were testing a rocket.

8:32am Still waiting for confirmation one way or another from the army.

8:25am Rocket Alert – Kissufim x2

The Red Alert rocket alarm just went off twice, for Kissufim, Nirim, Ein HaShlosha along the Gaza border.

No update yet if it is real or a false alarm.

White House Promised Lady Gaga She Would Be Safe in Israel

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Lady Gaga received assurances from the White House before she traveled to Tel Aviv for her performance earlier this month, she told the Associated Press in an interview.

Either she never heard of the Boycott Israel movement, a virtual impossibility, or she simply showed great political savvy by ignoring the issue when asked in the interview, “Other singers have backed out of performing in Tel Aviv. How did you make the decision to perform there this week?”

Lady Gaga didn’t miss a beat and responded as if the interviewer asked if it was safe to be in Israel only a few days after an uncertain end to the war in Gaza.

“I was very confident based on my relationships with lots of internal, political people,” she answered.” We’re very lucky to have great relationships with the White House. They let us know it would be very safe while we were there.”

Lady Gaga and President Obama have a solid political relationship based on a politician’s best friend – money.

They met at a fundraiser in 2011 where approximately 70 guests paid the privilege to attend to the tune of $38,500 per couple.

She was her usual gutsy self, having tweeted before the event that she intended to raise the issue of bullying when she would meet the president.

“I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end. Our generation has the power to end it. Trend it #MakeALawForJamey,” the singer tweeted.

Obama reportedly spoke to her of his administration’s work against the practice of bullying, and he later commented that his meeting with her was a little intimidating.”

If that is the case, Israel can learn from Lady Gaga how to deal with Obama and with has become his legendary pressure on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to toe his line.

After having performed at Obama’s second inaugural in 2012, she has an inside track to the White House.

With a war going in Gaza and missiles exploding over the skies of Tel Aviv, Lady Gaga had reservations about her life and turned to the White House for assurances, that presumably precluded any pressure by the White House on Netanyahu to stop funding for the Iron Dome anti-missile system for Israel is he did not soften up on a cease-fire.

Now we know that Lady Gaga should be Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

Np one could have spoken for Israel as well as she did after her performance. She told the Associated Press that she hoped “to share…with the world…that they know it is safe to be in Tel Aviv right now…I felt a beautiful energy when I was there.”

Next time there is a war, which is more likely to happen if and when there is a formal cease-fire with Hamas, Israel should pay Lady Gag to return for a performance in Sderot. Obama will make sure the Negev is safe, at least for a couple of hours while Lady Gaga performs.

Below are Lady Gaga’s performance at his inaugural and a spoof YouTube of a supposed rendition by Obama of her “Do What U Want.”

IDF Redeploying Iron Domes in South

Friday, September 19th, 2014

With holidays approaching and the recent launches (or non-launches) from Gaza, the IDF is taking no chances and is starting to redeploy the Iron Domes system again in Israel’s south, according to a Mako report.

At the beginning of the holiday period, talks between Israel and Hamas are set to re-continue in Cairo, and there is valid concern that Hamas will start shooting every time they don’t get what they want.

Despite that, defense official do not believe Hamas will actually begin shooting rockets at Israel over the next week or two.

Iron Dome: Israel Ends the Long Battlefield Reign of the Missile

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

{Printed originally at Liberty Unyielding website}

I’ll never forget the scene in the movie Independence Day when the missiles, artillery and even nukes fired by US forces were completely ineffectual in the face of the aliens’ force field technology. Indeed, no decent sci-fi plot is complete without the sight of earth militaries desperately pummeling the alien invader’s deflector shield with missiles, rockets, artillery and tank shells, all to no effect.

Prior to the invention of gunpowder, physical shields and strong city walls provided effective protection against the primitive ranged weapons of the day. But for over 1000 years cannon shells, bombs and rockets have been unstoppable offensive weapons that overwhelmed all physical defences.

Today, missiles of all sorts (guided), rockets (unguided), shells and bombs are the main weapons of all the world’s militaries and the only defence is to destroy the enemy’s launchers with your own accurate missiles, guided bombs and artillery.

But all this is about to change radically, because Israel has perfected and battle proven effective force fields / shields for its cities, bases and armoured vehicles. These systems can defeat every missile, rocket, shell and even bomb currently in existence by blowing them up mid-air before they can reach their target.

Israel’s Iron Dome has intercepted over 1,000 rockets aimed at Israeli cities, towns and infrastructure with a success rate of over 90% in 2014 – and steadily rising (from 84% in 2012). Advanced radar detects the incoming rocket, computers calculate the trajectory within seconds, and the system fires a Tamir interceptor missile which destroys the target. It can also destroy artillery shells and long range mortars. Despite over 4,500 deadly rockets fired at Israeli cities and towns during the recent 50-day conflict with Hamas, only two Israelis were killed by rocket fire (as opposed to short range mortars). One was in a remote desert area not covered by Iron Dome.

More Hamas rockets have landed in Gaza (causing many deaths) than have landed in Israeli urban areas.

Israel’s Trophy system has made Merkava IV tanks impervious to Hamas’s advanced Russian antitank missiles. The system detects the approach of a missile with advanced 360-degree radar and fires a countermeasure which blasts the approaching warhead to harmless shrapnel. It can stop not just the latest Russian anti-tank missiles but every anti-tank missile in Western inventories, including top-down attack missiles and helicopter- and aircraft-launched anti-tank missiles. Future versions will even be effective in damaging the latest armour-piercing discarding-sabot (APDS) tank shells so that they will be unable to penetrate the Merkava’s armour.

Israel’s Arrow 2 (in service) and Arrow 3 (in service 2015) systems can destroy long-range ballistic missiles, and David’s Sling (in service 2015) can destroy medium-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. Iron Beam (in final development) will use lasers to destroy the short-range mortar and artillery shells that Iron Dome can’t stop.

All of the above systems use variations on the same basic concept. Advanced radars detect, computers calculate trajectory, and interceptors (kinetic, explosive, or laser) destroy the approaching warhead at various stages of flight. The effect is the same as the force fields / shields of science fiction – even the most advanced ranged explosive weapons cannot penetrate.

Like other computer-based systems, these interception systems have a very rapid upgrade cycle that can outpace any attempts to modify weapons to outwit them. So far Iron Dome is beating the iPhone for major software and hardware upgrades and consequent performance increases. These include dramatic improvements in accuracy, coverage area, and maximum and minimum interception ranges in only two years. Israeli troops have made software changes on the fly to defeat all Hamas’s attempts to beat Iron Dome and improve performance.

UPDATE: Gaza Rocket Alert (12:04pm)

Monday, September 15th, 2014

12:04pm IDF says there was no rocket launch at Israel from Gaza.

Gazan sources say a rocket misfired and landed inside Gaza.

No explosions or rocket landings were heard inside Israel.

Conclusion: It’s more likely that no rocket was launched and it was a false alarm.

We will update this article, if we learn something new.

11:44am Initial report: Rocket launched from Gaza at 11:28am fell short. Landed inside Gaza, near the border.

11:39 am (Unrelated) Rocket Siren heard in Karnei Shomron (in the Shomron) – Unannounced siren test – really bad timing.

11:28am So we’re all sitting here, working and minding our own business, when that familiar sounds rings out.

11:28am Rocket Alert – Ashkelon Coast.





Netanyahu Meets with House Armed Services Members

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likened Hamas to radical Islamists in Iraq and Syria in a meeting with members of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee Thursday evening.

“We’re faced with common enemies, radical Islamic terrorists who have absolutely no inhibitions on executing people, terrorizing people, targeting innocent civilians,” Netanyahu said at the meeting with a bipartisan delegation led by chairman Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.). “These are common enemies of Israel, the United States and all the civilized countries. And I think we should take a common stand to defeat them.”

McKeon in his response pledged continuing support for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, credited with deflecting over 80 percent of targeted missiles in the recent war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

“On the House Armed Services Committee, we’re happy with the work we’ve been able to do, working with you on [Iron] Dome and how you’ve used it to protect human life,” he said. “And we will keep that bond and that friendship and that special relationship that we have forever.”

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal outlined tensions between the Netanyahu government and the Obama administration over Israel’s direct lobbying of Congress and the Pentagon for supplementary weapons supplies.

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