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July 31, 2015 / 15 Av, 5775
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Hamas Planned Massive Attack at Teddy Soccer Stadium in Jerusalem

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed Thursday it has exposed a huge terrorist network that was aided by terrorists and commanders operating from Jordan, Syria and Turkey as well as within Judea and Samaria.

One of their targets was Jerusalem’s Teddy stadium, home of the Betar soccer team.

They also were planned to use a car bomb and had drawn up plans for a mass casually attack on the Jerusalem light rail system, coordinated roadside bombs and shooting attacks with M-16 semi-automatic rifles, and infiltrations, murders and kidnappings in Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria.

The gag order on the arrests of more than 30 terrorists two months ago was lifted today. A large quantity of weapons and ammunition also were found.

At least two of those arrested are Jordanians who previously were soldiers for the kingdom, drafted by Hamas in 2010 and sent to Turkey and Gaza for training, entering the Hamas territory through smuggling tunnels from Egypt.

The command post from Turkey further shows how Hamas has been provided a deadly safe haven by Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The cells had carried out two explosions in Samaria last August, but no one was injured. The terrorists set off the bombs using a timer so that the explosions would occur when security forces were on the scene. One of the bombs went off at the Rehalim junction.

The explosions were carried out under instructions from Hamas commanders in Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. Investigations by the IDF and Shin Bet helped them track down the extensive terrorist network.

Among those arrested were two from Jordan, Manaf Mohammed Angvera, 28; and Abdallah Mahmoud Zitawi, 25, Jordan;

Kuwait native Mahmoud Airbajie, 25, who learned in Jordan; two Arabs from Tulkarem, east of Netanya, Rjyie Ahmed Amuri, 30; Adnan Samara, 30; Mutzav Ruwib, 23, from Bethlehem; and Tzuhiv Rabat, 29, from the Jordan Valley.

If We Have To Live With Concrete Blocks…

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

I guess if the best the government can come up with to protect us from Arab run-over terrorists are concrete blocks, we might as well make them interesting to look at…

Concrete graffiti

Now, I’m just waiting for someone to paint “Tag Machir” on one of them.

Arab with Knife Captured on Jerusalem Light Rail [video]

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Police report that Jerusalem Light Rail guards caught an Arab with a knife on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

The police say that the man did not attempt to stab anyone at the time he was caught.

Together We Will Guard the Jerusalem Light Rail [photos]

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

With the Arabs rioting, breaking windows on the Jerusalem Light Rail, throwing firebombs, and running people over on the train platforms, riding the train can be a bit of a scary and even depressing experience for Jerusalem’s citizens.

A group of Bnei Akiva youth group girls decided they needed to change that.

Every night, from 6 PM to 8 PM, this spirited group of girls from Bnei Akiva’s “Chevraya Bet” are riding the train from beginning to end, and during that time will be raising up the spirits of their fellow passengers.

Girls from Bnei Akiva waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail

Girls from Bnei Akiva waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail

Their slogan is “Together we will will guard Jerusalem.”

They’re also taking pictures with passengers holding up the sign with them and posting the photos to Facebook.

Girls from Bnei Akiva cheering up passengers on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Girls from Bnei Akiva cheering up passengers on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Girls from Bnei Akiva cheering up passengers on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Girls from Bnei Akiva cheering up passengers on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Girls from Bnei Akiva cheering up passengers on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Girls from Bnei Akiva cheering up passengers on the Jerusalem Light Rail.

Kol HaKavod!

(All photos: Bnei Akiva, via Tazpit News Agency)

Jerusalem Light Rail Attacked in Beit Hanina

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

The Jerusalem Light Rail was again targeted by Arab terrorists tonight (Sunday, Nov. 9), this time in the northern neighborhood of Beit Hanina, next to the usually-rioting northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat.

Arabs in Beit Hanina were hurling rocks at the Light Rail as it passed through the neighborhood, despite the fact that the train serves commuters and students there as well.

During the past several months of intense Arab violence aimed at the Light Rail in Shuafat, residents in nearby Beit Hanina have mostly refrained from adding more fuel to the fire. However, as the situation escalates, it appears that Arabs in Beit Hanina may be losing their ability to remain neutral in what has become a Jerusalem intifada.

Tonight, one of the targeted passenger cars was damaged and people on the train were traumatized but no physical injuries were reported. Each time a car is damaged, the train’s CityPass company owner is forced to reduce service in order to carry out repairs, which cost a minimum of four to five thousand shekels to start. Hundreds of thousands of shekels have been wasted since the beginning of the summer due to damage from Arab terror attacks aimed at the Light Rail.

Israel Police launched a search of the area to hunt down the perpetrators, who could be sentenced to a prison term of up to 20 years’ incarceration if they are convicted under the newly-amended travel terror laws.

Police Protection [video]

Friday, November 7th, 2014

3:47pm Only in Israel does a police car [have to] drive in front of a light rail train providing a security escort against Arab terror. Today…in Jerusalem.

Wishing our readers around the globe a Shabbat Shalom – a peaceful and restful Shabbat weekend.

From the rolling hills in the Shomron…

Yeshiva Student Shalom Baadani to be Buried in Har HaMenuchot Cemetery on Friday

Friday, November 7th, 2014

A second victim of Wednesday’s terror attack, Shalom Baadani died of his wounds at Hadassah Medical Center in the early hours of Friday morning, November 7. The 17-year-old yeshiva student had been hospitalized in critical condition after a Palestinian terrorist slammed his van into two separate locations near Jerusalem’s crowded rail station, injuring 14 others and killing Border Police officer Jidan Assaad, 38, who was buried on Thursday.

Baadani had been riding his bike to the Kotel when he was hit and arrived to the hospital with serious injuries to his head and limbs. Hospital staff could not identify him immediately and he had no identifying documents with him at the time. Baadani remained with the status of ‘anonymous’ for nine hours as he was treated by the Hadassah staff. In those ensuing hours, Baadani’s parents had no idea that their son had been wounded and thought that he had been at the yeshiva at the time of the attack.

Thanks to Haatzalah volunteers who uncovered Baadani’s cellphone at the scene of the attack, Baadani was identified by the photos in his phone and police immediately notified his parents, who recognized their son in the hospital. He is the grandson of Rabbi Shimon Baadani, a member of the Shas Party’s Council of Torah Sages.

Baadani will be laid to rest at the Har HaMenuchot Cemetery at 11 AM in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem on Friday, November 6.

The European Union, Canada and the United States condemned the Jerusalem terror attack, which was carried out by the known Hamas terrorist, Ibrahim al-Akari, 48, from Shuafat in East Jerusalem. Al-Akari’s brother, Musa, was a member of the Hamas cell that murdered border police officer Nissim Toledano in 1992. Musa al-Akari, who was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences in the role of the murder, was released in the Gilad Shalit deal in 2011 and was deported to Turkey.

The terror attack on Wednesday ended when Israeli police shot and killed al-Akhari, who emerged from the large white van that he had used to plow people over, and began to attack others passing by with a metal rod.

During the past week, PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party has been calling for more car terror attacks against Israelis on its official Facebook page. Cartoons and images including a photo of Yasser Arafat, who planned the Second Intifada in 2000, frequently appear on the social media site. Other disturbing images show a man shooting a rifle with the words, “Restore your glory,” which appeared yesterday on the Fatah Facebook page. Another cartoon image shows a car trying to ram into fleeing Jews; with the car in the red, green and black colors of the Palestinian national flag.

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