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October 24, 2014 / 30 Tishri, 5775
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Tearful Message from Baby Terror Victim’s Grandfather

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Have faith. Be strong. Do good.

That’s the message of a tearful grandfather of his three-month-old granddaughter Chaya Zissel Braun, who was murdered in Wednesday’s terror attack on the light rail train in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Chaya was a “pure soul” who “didn’t do anything bad to anybody,” said her grandfather, Shimshon Halperin. He said her parents have accepted “with love” what he sees as God’s decree.

“We believe that from the whole wide world, from the land of Israel, from Jerusalem, she was chosen to be the public sacrifice,” he told a group of reporters on Thursday night in Jerusalem, alluding to sacrifices given in the ancient Holy Temple. “God gives; God takes away.”

Standing in a dim courtyard in a Haredi neighborhood of Jerusalem, outside the apartment where the family was sitting shiva, Halperin said that his daughter and her husband had wanted a baby for years. He explained that Chaya’s middle name, Zissel, comes from the Yiddish word for “sweet,” and hid eyes welled up with tears as he was describing how his daughter would rock Chaya.

“You can take for granted the way a grandfather feels for a granddaughter that has just been murdered,” he said. “You can see it.”

Chaya and her parents were returning from the baby’s first trip to the Western Wall when the car rammed into the crowd. Halperin said Chaya was flung in the air and landed on the pavement.

He thanked the soldiers, policemen and hospital employees who tried to save Chaya’s life.

For Halperin, Chaya’s death is a sign that Jews should rededicate themselves to Torah, good deeds and Jewish commandments. He said he hopes, in Chaya’s merit, that more Jews observe Shabbat and imbue their lives with more meaning.

“God is trying to wake us up,” he said. “To take [something] upon ourselves, to try to get better, to try to do a good deed, to behave to each other better.”

Convicted Terrorists Still Have Drivers’ Licenses, But . . .

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

A terrorist who has murdered Jews with a bulldozer, for instance, can still be holding his driver’s license and be able to get right back into the cab of a vehicle when he gets out of prison. Yes.

But if the Legal Forum for Israel has its way, this situation may not continue much longer.

The organization has appealed to Transportation and Road Safety Minister Yisrael Katz to revoke the drivers’ licenses of those who are convicted of terror activities.

Forum attorney Yossi Fuchs wrote to Katz that Abdul Rahman al-Shaloudi, the terrorist who murdered a three month old baby in a terror attack in Jerusalem Wednesday night and wounded numerous others, was a recidivist.

He called on Katz to submit an amendment to the current motor vehicle law, blocking convicting terrorists from holding a valid driver’s license once released from prison.

Shaloudi had been convicted of terrorism before, and had been released from prison just 10 months prior to carrying out his deadly attack.

“The prison term was no real warning to him, and he instead decided to use his drivers’ license as a license to murder Jews, as was seen in last night’s attack,” Fuchs wrote.

The attorney proposed an amendment that would require revocation of a driver’s license for a period of one year or more – until the terrorist finishes serving his or her sentence – and until such time as the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) deems the driver no longer a security risk.

The revocation should be made in cases of terror activities that include rock attacks, not necessarily related to the use of a motor vehicle, Fuchs said.

The terrorist who prompted the proposed amendment is dead. He died of his wounds in the hospital after being shot by a police officer while trying to flee the scene of his motor vehicle attack on a crowd of bystanders waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail.

His victim, tiny American citizen Chaya Zisel Braun, was laid to rest late the same night in Jerusalem’s ancient soil.

Arabs Cause Serious Damage to Jerusalem Light Rail

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Arabs caused serious damage to the Jerusalem Light Rail on Thursday morning, according to an @IsraelHatzolah report.

The stoning attack happened near Shuafat. The train was carrying no passengers at the time.

Funeral for Chaye Zisel Braun [photos]

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

The funeral for Chaye Zisel Braun began at midnight Wednesday night. Chaye Zisel Braun is the 3 month old baby who was killed by the terrorist Abdul Rahman al-Shaloudi who mowed down a group of commuters with his car.

Chaye Zisel Braun


Funeral for Chaye Zissel Braun



Ruby Rivlin at Funeral

Chaye Zisel Braun is an American citizen, and the great-granddaughter of the late Rabbi Rafael Halperin, a well know figure in Israel.


First Responders near Chaye Zisel Braun baby carriage that was hit by the car. Photo: @IsraelHatzolah

First Responders near Chaye Zisel Braun baby carriage that was hit by the car.
Photo: @IsraelHatzolah


Chaye Zisel Braun is being rushed to the ambulance for medical treatment. @IsraelHatzolah

Chaye Zisel Braun is being rushed to the ambulance for medical treatment.


The terrorist who killed the baby has died of his wounds.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who was at the funeral, released the following statement:

“We must restore peace and security in Jerusalem- as I have said for months, the situation in Jerusalem is intolerable and we must act unequivocally against all violence taking place in the city. Today, more than ever, it is clear that we must send police forces into neighborhoods where there are disturbances, placing them strategically and widely in significant numbers.

Following my request, the Prime Minister has given instructions to reinforce the police forces in order for us to implement an operational action plan formulated to deal with riots, including the addition of personnel and special units, using technological means, and increased intelligence.

I will continue to be vigilant and we will not rest until security is restored in Jerusalem.”

Police and Arabs Clashing in Shiloach / Silwan [video]

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Police and Arab residents are clashing in the Shiloach / Silwan after policemen attempted to approach the home of Abdul Rachaman Shaloudi, who was the driver in the Jerusalem attack Wednesday evening that killed a 3 month old baby and injured 7 additional people.

Eventually the police were able to reach the home.

The Facebook video below may take a minute to load:

Suspected Terror Attack at Jerusalem Light Rail [video]

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

A man drove into a group of commuters waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail around 6:25pm on Wednesday near Ammunition Hill (Givat HaTachmoshet) in what might be a terrorist attack.

Eight people were injured, two seriously, including a baby.

The baby died in the hospital. MDA reportedly was able to restore her pulse for a short time.

People on site are tweeting that the driver was shot by a policeman as he tried to flee. The driver was not killed after being shot.

Arab sources identify the driver as Abdul Rachaman from Silwan in Jerusalem, he reportedly spent 14 months in prison for security related offenses.

Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, Israel Police Foreign Press Spokesman said that nine people were injured by a vehicle which struck people at the light rail station. The shots people heard were ones fired at the suspected terrorist as he tried to flee the area.

It is not 100% clear at whether this was a terror attack or a vehicular accident, though indications seem to be that this was a terror attack.

Initial reports incorrectly indicated that the Light Rail was derailed. That was based on a statement by a train company employee.

There was a lot of confusion when the event happened and initially people thought there was a shooting or attack on the train, or as people got off the train.

Jerusalem Light Rail’s New ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Arab Violence

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

The CityPass company that owns and manages the Jerusalem Light Rail has implemented a new zero-tolerance policy for Arab violence aimed at the passenger line.

Guards on the train and inside train stations are now being instructed to act with zero tolerance against Arabs suspected of perpetrating attacks against the Light Rail.

Two Arab suspects were asked a short time ago to undergo a brief security check. They refused and instead attacked the guards. Within seconds, both found themselves on the ground, neutralized by the Light Rail guards, who held them until Israel Police arrived to take them into custody.

According to the Hebrew-language 0404 website, Long before the murder of Shuafat teen Mohamed Abu Kdeir this summer, Arabs attacked Light Rail guards, refused spot checks and cursed and attacked citizens riding on the train. They nevertheless were allowed to benefit from the service available to other riders.

Eyewitnesses told “0404” the suspects were screaming in order to create a provocation.

“No one started up with them,” one person said. “They attacked first, (when guards attempted a security check) and then they arrested them. They were screaming like crazy.”

Light Rail guards who are very professional and effective in their work have been given instructions that from this point forward, the safety and serenity of the riders on the train is to be maintained at all costs.

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