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North Korea Will Nuke US If It ‘Forces Our Hand’

18 Iyyar 5775 – May 7, 2015
Official tell CNN North Korea has capacity to reach American soil. U.S. bases in S. Korea in danger.

Iran’s Meddling in Iraq, Yemen, Bleeds into Kerry- Zarif NY Nuclear Talks

9 Iyyar 5775 – April 28, 2015
U.S. officials have acknowledged that Iran-supported Shiite violence in Iraq and Yemen has been influencing the talks between the U.S. and Iran on the latter's nuclear program

Obama Finally Forced to Admit Iran’s Nuclear Breakout Time ‘Zero’ in 13 Years

19 Nisan 5775 – April 7, 2015
US President Barack Obama is finally forced to admit Iran's breakout time to a nuclear bomb will be "zero" just 3 years after the new deal ends.

Iran Deal: US and Allies are the Junior Varsity (Little League?)

15 Nisan 5775 – April 3, 2015
The Iran nuclear deal allows continued uranium enrichment, a bunkered centrifuge center and no snap inspections. Lucky Iran.

Iran Deal – First Thoughts

14 Nisan 5775 – April 2, 2015
It's official - Iran is 2-3 months away from the bomb - even worse than Netanyahu thought....

Israel Did Not Protest Release of 1987 Nuke Report

9 Nisan 5775 – March 28, 2015
Israel was aware of the report's impending release and did not object.

Pressure on Iran Picking Up to Sign a Nuclear Deal

5 Nisan 5775 – March 25, 2015
Lawmakers in the US and European Union are ramping up pressure on Iran to sign a nuclear deal.

Mr. President, Show Me the Fatwa

2 Nisan 5775 – March 22, 2015
There's no Iranian Fatwa against nuclear weapons, yet Obama keeps referencing it...

A Concrete Proposal

14 Adar 5775 – March 4, 2015
If President Obama isn't going to listen to Netanyahu, at least he should listen to the concrete proposals by members of his own Democratic party.

What Would Spock Have to Say About Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran?

Mr. Spock conveys a message with painfully stark relevance to our world today, especially in the context of PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

The Importance Of Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress

23 Shevat 5775 – February 11, 2015
Some Jewish organizational types (most prominently the ADL’s Abe Foxman and the Reform movement’s Rabbi Rick Jacobs) have gone public with requests that Mr. Netanyahu cancel his speech for just those reasons.

Bibi Says: ‘I am Going to Speak to Congress About the Bad Offer Made...

22 Shevat 5775 – February 10, 2015
Bibi says US and partners already made very bad offer to Iran; he is going to DC to speak against it

Ambassador Ron Dermer Explains Bibi’s Upcoming Visit to Washington

6 Shevat 5775 – January 26, 2015
Israel's Ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer. explains to his audience why PM Netanyahu had a moral obligation to come before Congress and speak...

Obama Speaks Loudly and Carries Soft Stick on War on Terror [video]

1 Shevat 5775 – January 21, 2015
The president boasts a failed policy of training foreign forces in countries whose culture is terror.

PM Netanyahu’s Remarks to Jewish Federation Leaders in New York

7 Tishri 5775 – September 30, 2014
To defeat ISIS and leave Iran as a threshold nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war.

UN Figures It Out: Iran Might be Lying!

14 Iyyar 5774 – May 13, 2014
The United Nations is considering the possibility that Iran just might have figured out how to avoid international sanctions in order to continue that...

Israel and Canada to Collaborate on Nuclear Terror Prevention

24 Adar II 5774 – March 26, 2014
Israel and Canada are jointly developing technologies for identifying the source of nuclear terror attacks.

Cantor Compares Obama Iran Policy to Pre-WW2 Isolationism

18 Adar I 5774 – February 18, 2014
Rep. Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, cited the lateness of American actions against the Nazis in critiquing President Obama’s foreign policy. In a speech...

US Betrayal Opens Great Opportunity for Israeli Saudi Alliance

23 Kislev 5774 – November 26, 2013
Ask yourself, what would happen if Saudi Arabia were to change its buying habits?

Statement by President Obama on First Step Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Program

21 Kislev 5774 – November 24, 2013
The official text from President Obama on the P5+1 deal with Iran.

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