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September 28, 2016 / 25 Elul, 5776

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Iran Threatens to Turn Tel Aviv, Haifa to ‘Dust’

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Tehran is back to threatening Israel, this time during a parade marking the anniversary of the 1980 Iraqi invasion of Iran, a war that lasted eight years.

A wide variety of military hardware was on display Wednesday during the parade, which made its way down the main drag in the nation’s capital. Included was the Qadr H missile, which allegedly has a range of 2,000 kilometers.

Long-range ballistic missiles, tanks and the Russian-produced S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system were all in full view as the gala parade was broadcast on state television.

One military truck displayed a banner shown prominently on the broadcast that read:

“If the leaders of the Zionist regime make a mistake, then the Islamic Republic will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust.”

The Iranian Navy showed off 500 vessels, along with submarines and helicopters, at the port of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf.

Iran has tested American mettle more than 30 times so far this year with close encounters in the Gulf between its vessels and those of the United States Navy, according to U.S. officials quoted by Reuters.

Hana Levi Julian

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad ♫

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Repair and upgrade work on three of Tel Aviv’s four railway stations is causing major traffic jams as Israel Railways carry out extensive repair and upgrade work on the tracks leading into the city over the next few days.

Railroad Worj & Repair Tel Aviv

Railroad Worj & Repair Tel Aviv

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Slow Improvement in Medical Condition of Former President Shimon Peres

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

by Jonathan Benedek The medical condition of former Israeli President Shimon Peres has improved to the level where he is stable and responsive, according to the most recent update from Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, where he is receiving care.

“After 24 hours of evaluating the ninth president, Mr. Peres, I can say that he is still in fairly serious condition, but that he is stable and that we are seeing some improvement,” said Sheba Medical Center Director Professor Yitzhak Kreiss.

“I am pleased to say that he understands what is being said to him, is responsive, and even warmly squeezed my hand,” added Peres’s personal physician and son-in-law Professor Rafi Walden. “We are impressed by the way that his recognition capability has improved considerably in the last few hours.”

Peres was sedated Tuesday night to faciliate care by his medical team; his condition improved Wednesday to the point that the doctors began to reduce the dose of anesthetic medications.

“We are trying to reduce some of the sedation in order to evaluate him and that is a good sign,” Kreiss added. “We will continue to evaluate him in the neurosurgery intensive care unit.”

Although Peres is stable, he will remain sedated and on a respirator in order to prevent his condition from deteriorating.

“We will continue to sedate him in order to ease his breathing and prevent him from getting upset about things that are happening around him, that could raise his blood pressure more than it is neurologically necessary,” explained Walden. “The very mild anesthesia allows him to rest completely and provides optimal conditions for his brain to recover.”

Peres’s son-in-law also took the opportunity to express gratitude not only to Sheba Medical Center, but to all those who have sent warm wishes and have prayed for a speedy recovery.

“As his family’s representative and a member of the staff at Sheba Medical Center, we are extremely grateful for the excellent treatment he is receiving, along with the tremendous waves of love that are being sent to us from around the country and around the world,” said Walden.

“The positive attention and well wishes that we are receiving help to strengthen the family in these difficult times and show that we are not alone.”

The name of the former president for those who wish to include it in prayers is Shimon ben Sara.

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

Largest Archaeological Garden Ever in Israel Inaugurated at IDF Kirya Base in Tel Aviv

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

In a festive ceremony attended by Israel Defense Force chief of staff Gadi Eizenkot, the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority and a representative of the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, the largest archaeological garden ever built in Israel was inaugurated Tuesday at the IDF Kirya base in Tel Aviv.

The exhibition – A Tumultuous City – is situated in the heart of “The City that Never Sleeps” and presents dozens of impressive items from major cities in the ancient world.

Among the most unique exhibitions are a stone that weighs six tons from the Western Wall.

In addition to the IDF chief of staff, IAA irector Israel Hasson, a representative of the Heritage Project in the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, the Camp Rabin base commander Colonel Yigal Ben-Ami and senior officials of the IDF and the IAA were on hand for the festivities.

Hasson told those gathered, “The IAA seeks to expose soldiers – our future generation – to their past. The exhibition, which we organized in the epicenter of the army, brings a reminder that spans thousands of years of history to the daily life of tens of thousands of soldiers and visitors, that we are part of a chain of magnificent life. The exhibition was established as part of the IAA’s outreach policy of sharing our heritage with the public, whether in setting up exhibitions in public places or encouraging soldiers, pupils in military preparatory programs and youth to participate in archaeological excavations”.

According to the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Ze’ev Elkin, “The importance of the presence of our heritage in the heart of the Kirya base in Tel Aviv, where all of the army’s senior officers pass, constitutes another tier in our national strength, resulting from the recognition of our heritage and the deep understanding of each soldier and officer that our future depends on our past and our heritage here in Israel”.

Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev said, “The decision to inaugurate an archaeological garden here in the base of the IDF general staff conveys first and foremost an important moral message – recognition of Israel’s history is essential in building the image of the soldier who knows his past, understands the challenges of the present and is always ready to ensure the future of his people for the sake of future generations”.

Camp Rabin Commander Colonel Yigal Ben-Ami, added, “A people needs to be aware of its past. About 25,000 people pass by here every day and they will now have direct contact with their heritage. The new garden is an amazing connection between what we went through and our revival”.

According to Ayelet Grover, curator of the exhibition on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “The Hebrew word kirya first appears in the Book of Isaiah (22:2), meaning “town”, where it is written: ‘a tumultuous city, exultant town.’

“In a bustling place like the Kirya base, which is in the heart of The City that Never Sleeps – the economic, cultural and arts center of Israel, it was appropriate that we organize an archaeological exhibition in the city, which deals with human culture and the development of urban space.

“The exhibition tells the story of the oldest cities in Israel, the most ancient of which were established 5,000 years ago, and some of them still exist today.

“The presentation of stones that come from the earth and hold within them memory, history and culture, especially in a place where the full-force of contemporary architecture is present, creates, in my opinion, a thought-provoking dialogue between past, present and future,” she said.

Hana Levi Julian

Mighty British ‘Queen’ Rock Band Seizes the Night, the Crowd and Traffic in Tel Aviv [video]

Monday, September 12th, 2016

The majestic, iconic, legendary classic rock group Queen performed Monday night in Tel Aviv, delighting fans and snarling traffic for miles around from east to west.

The mightiest of all rock bands since its formation in 1970, Queen is down to the two final original members, super-smooth guitarist Brian May and and the always-vigorous drummer Roger Taylor.

But the British band is led by the completely talented 34-year-old Jewish American lead singer Adam Lambert – a man with glam and a range and falsetto to match the best that original front man Freddie Mercury had to offer. How much better can you get for a show in the Land?

Queen has for decades been known for its signature span of musical styles, and its ability to merge classical opera with rock, jazz and soul. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is just one example of the musical mashup for which the band became justly famous, and which sank numerous vocalists who tried in vain to make the wild octave jump necessary to complete the entire piece.

True afficionados have loved it, and loved Queen from childhood straight into the geriatric generation. Ask any anglo living in any city in Israel. When the news broke in June that the group would at last perform in the Jewish State, the initial whispered rumors became a roar, along with concerns “the boycott” would get in the way. But doubters had little to fear.

Nothing stopped the band from coming to Israel: Not threats of boycotts, BDS nor deeply disapproving no-no looks from snooty rock colleagues like Roger Waters. And absolutely nothing stopped loyal fans from coming to the concert at Yarkon Park from the very ends of the country. The faithful streamed in to the concert in Tel Aviv from as far away as the tiny northeastern Negev city of Arad, near the southern tip of the Dead Sea.

“”Not go to a Queen concert? You’re kidding, right?” Esty, a loyal millenial fan told JewishPress.com in horror. She and a friend and the friend’s parents were on the highway, with cell phone reception limping but enthusiasm undiminished. “We’ll hike it if we have to.”

Police later informed fellow officers and first responders via scanners and on chat with some resignation that in the wake of the concert there was little that could be done about the problems with the traffic backups.

Following a performance by Queen, traffic was simply “jammed on the main artery from east to west,” one said on a chat. “The parking lots, Yarkon Park, the University train and the drive-in — forget it. They’re just packed.”

Hana Levi Julian

Commuter Alert: 3 Tel Aviv Train Stations Close for 8 Days

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Israel Railways has announced that for the next eight days, three of the four main Tel Aviv train stations will be closed for business in order to carry out infrastructure work.

The work is being carried out in order to prepare for the new fast rail line between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which is hopefully set to begin operations in two more years.

But this week’s closure, meanwhile, is only adding to the already congested situation on the railway line that links Tel Aviv with the rest of the country, so here’s all the info you ever wanted to know about which trains are running where, when and how.

* * *

All of the Tel Aviv stations except Haganah will be closed down from Monday, Sept. 19 until Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 05:00 am. These include Hashalom, Savidor Central and University stations.

Changes that will be made to the remaining, reduced operating lines include the following:

Trains SOUTH OF TEL AVIV: These will end at Haganah station.

Trains NORTH OF TEL AVIV: These will end at Herzliya.

Suburban lines: Trains from Binyamina will operate to and from Herzliya.

There will be no Tel Aviv-Haifa express trains. There will, however, be a special express train bypassing Tel Aviv, between Be’er Sheva and Nahariya, and trains between Binyamina and Hod Hasharon.

Night trains between Nahariya and Ben Gurion International Airport will also operate to and from Herzliya.

The Herzliya-Jerusalem (Malha) line will operate between Beit Shemesh and Lod only, according to the Globes business news website.

There will also be special shuttle bus service to replace those trains that are not running during the infrastructure work, and existing bus service will run more frequently.

“We are aware of the inconvenience caused by these works, and are acting together with the Ministry of Transport to provide travel alternatives,” Israel Railways CEO Boaz Tsafrir told Globes.

Hana Levi Julian

Search & Recovery Ends as 3 More Bodies Pulled from Tel Aviv Parking Lot Rubble

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Three more bodies — the last of six — were recovered over the weekend from the rubble of the collapsed underground parking lot building under construction in Tel Aviv.

Since Monday, 500 IDF soldiers from the Home Front Command search and rescue division, as well as officers and civilian organizations pulled 10 people from the wreckage of the building.

“For six days forces … have been operating to save lives from the destruction site,” said IDF Home Front Command Major-General Yoel Strik. “Today the efforts have come to an end with the extraction of the last trapped from under the rubble, unfortunately lifeless.

“We send our condolences to the families. We will continue to aid during disaster as long as we are needed to set an example as a professional search and rescue body.”

The forces used “up to date technologies” to rescue as many people as possible, alive, said Colonel Amir Ulu, commander of the Dan District.

“During the entire extraction multiple rescue forces and organization took part in the effort,” he said.

Hana Levi Julian

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