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January 20, 2017 / 22 Tevet, 5777

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Obama Admin, European Allies Make Secret Gift of Uranium to Iran

Monday, January 9th, 2017

The Obama administration and its five allies who signed the JCPOA nuclear deal with Iran in July 2015 have just secretly gifted 116 metric tons of natural uranium to Tehran as a “thank you” to the Islamic Republic for keeping its end of the deal by exporting the heavy water from its nuclear plants, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Two senior diplomatic sources were quoted as saying the six world powers (P5+1) who negotiated the nuclear deal approved the shipment of natural uranium to Iran, which says it will use the potential reactor fuel for “peaceful enrichment.”

Uranium can also be enriched to high levels that are appropriate for military use, up to and including use in a nuclear warhead, such as in a weapon of mass destruction.

The five world powers in the P5+1 who negotiated the deal with Iran together with the United States were led by Secretary of State John Kerry, under the direction of President Barack Obama. The deal was vehemently opposed by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Knesset.

Israel fears Iran will use the ten year duration of the agreement to ramp up its nuclear technology even further, and will transfer its nuclear weaponry to the terrorist entities it sponsors throughout the Middle East as a means carrying out its long-promised vow to annihilate the Jewish State.

Hana Levi Julian

Terrorist Attack Foiled Outside Vienna’s Main Synagogue

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

Authorities foiled a terrorist stabbing attack on the Sabbath at a synagogue in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Two Afghan citizens were arrested outside the synagogue, both caught with knives, according to a report by Arutz Sheva and international media.

The two men were allegedly approached by a security guard while sitting on a bench outside the Jewish house of worship.

The men claimed to be Jewish and told the guard they were waiting for the rabbi and other members of the congregation.

The security guard alerted police, who then searched the men and discovered the knives. According to the report, one of the men is known to police.

This is not the first time there has been an attempt at a terrorist attack on this synagogue — and in 1981, the attempt was successful.

Two people were murdered and 30 others wounded at a bar mitzvah celebration taking place in the synagogue on that day when Palestinian Authority Arabs attacked with machine guns and hand grenades.

Hana Levi Julian

Senate to Vote on Holocaust Restitution as Vienna Philharmonic Returns Looted Painting

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

The US Congress is about to pass the Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act of 2016, enabling heirs of Holocaust victims to recover art that was looted by the Nazis, The Art Newspaper reported. the House of Representatives approved the bill unanimously Dec. 7. Now the Senate needs to vote on it before the end of the last 2016 legislative session. It is expected the Senate be near-unanimously in favor of the new law.

The law allows the heirs six years to sue in US court from the day they become aware of the existence and location of the looted object. It will standardize the statutes of limitations on claims in all states.

Actress Helen Mirren testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee in June in favor of the bill, having starred in the film Woman in Gold, in the role of Maria Altmann, the heir of wealthy Austrian Jews whose property was stolen by the Nazis, including the famous Gustav Klimt painting of her aunt Adele Bloch-Bauer, Woman in Gold. Altman sued in the US and eventually recovered the work from the Vienna Belvedere Museum in 2006.

Meanwhile, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will return Port en Bessin (1883), a painting by French neo-impressionist Paul Signac, valued at half a million dollars, to the heirs of the former owner Marcel Koch. According to Österreichischer Rundfunk, the Austrian national public service broadcaster, the work was gifted to the orchestra in 1940 by the head of the secret police Roman Loos, in exchange for requested performances.

“The restitution of the picture is a great concern to us,” director of the Vienna Philharmonic Clemens Hellsberg told ORF. “For years we have strived to examine the past of the Vienna Philharmonic, and we are taking responsibility to make up for historical injustice.”


Israel Atomic Energy Commission Praises ‘Contributions’ of Shimon Peres, Mourns His Death

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) Director Ze’ev Senir said in a statement Wednesday that he and the commission’s employees and retirees mourn the passing of former President, Prime Minister and Defense Minister Shimon Peres.

“His work has been interwoven with the work of the IAEC since its founding,” Senir said. S”himon Peres substantially contributed to the establishment of the Negev Nuclear Research Center and the foundation of Israel’s nuclear policy as a significant contribution in ensuring the national strength of the State of Israel,” Senir continued. “His legacy will accompany the work of the IAEC in the future as well. May his memory be blessed.”

The IAEC this week opened a specially-dedicated pavilion on Tuesday to present Israel’s work in the field of nuclear applications. Entitled ‘Rays of Hope,’ the pavilion opened at the 60th International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference of the United Nations, in Vienna.

It’s the first time that Israel has made an international presentation in the area of nuclear science, specifically in the fields of medical treatment, agriculture and security.

At the conference, Senir told those gathered the former president had passed away at the age of 93, calling him “a man of peace, a man of vision, a man of inspiration, and of great spirit.”

“He was one of Israel’s founding fathers, serving our people up to his last days, respected all over the world, and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. All his life he fostered science, technology and innovation for the benefit of mankind.”

Hana Levi Julian

Israeli Nuclear Technology On Display at 60th IAEA Conference in Vienna

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

The Israel Atomic Energy Commission has opened a specially-dedicated pavilion to present Israel’s work in the field of nuclear applications. The pavilion, entitled ‘Rays of Hope,’ opened on Tuesday (Sept. 27, 2016) in Vienna at the 60th International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference. This is the first time that Israel has made an international presentation in this area.

The Israeli pavilion highlights innovative research capabilities and their uses in various nuclear-related fields for educational, scientific and agricultural purposes, as well for the production of clean energy.

IAEC Director Brig,-Gen. Zeev Senir said at the launching of the exhibit: “The Israeli developments in the nuclear field have led to ‘Rays of Hope’ and have inspired many people. In nuclear science we are exporting essential know-how and equipment for medical treatment, agriculture, security and safety around the world. Our future in the Middle East must include cooperation and joint responsibility for the welfare of its residents. In the spirit of the IAEA, I call on our neighbors to join us and turn this vision into reality.”

The Israeli pavilion features the following content:

* Health: Radiotherapy, personalized radiotherapy, and quality improvements in nuclear medicine.

* Agriculture: Regional cooperation in pest extermination and fly eradication.

* Presentation of the Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva, which was established in cooperation with the IAEC and which has received over 300,000 visitors to date.

* Presentation of the Soreq Nuclear Research Center:

— SARAF particle accelerator for the production of radioisotopes and nuclear physics research;

— Space laboratory, which is the durability of components under ionizing radiation to benefit the launching of satellites;

— The Sarafim program for outstanding high school physics students, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

* Radiation detectors for various applications in the nuclear industry, medical imaging and systems that neutralize ionizing radiation, which were developed by Rotem Industries.

Hana Levi Julian

Iran Negotiating Sale of Heavy Water to Russia, Enriched Uranium May Be Included

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Iran may sell to Russia some 40 ton of heavy water, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on Tuesday, TASS reported. “We are currently in negotiations with Russia on the sale of 40 tons of heavy water, there are also other buyers ready to purchase it from us,” the minister said.

Araghchi noted that the negotiations are still going on, adding, “I don’t known when [the agreement will be reached], these are commercial negotiations, they continue.”

According to Araghchi, the Iranians have recently sold 32 tons of heavy water to the US. “The deal has been finalized, the money has already been transferred to the accounts of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization,” he said.

In January, Iran removed the core of its Arak heavy water nuclear reactor and filled it with cement as required under a nuclear deal reached between Iran and six world powers, TASS reported. Like the US, Russia is eager to purchase Iran’s excess heavy water and enriched uranium, Alexei Karpov, the Russian deputy permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, told reporters on Tuesday.

“We’ll be ready, as a possible option, to continue such work on enriched uranium in the future, if Iran requests,” he said. “As for heavy water, we are also ready to assist Iran in this issue by buying the needed amount of this material.”

Heavy water is a form of water that contains a larger than normal amount of the hydrogen isotope deuterium, rather than the common hydrogen-1 isotope that makes up most of the hydrogen in normal water. Deuterium oxide is used in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy when the solvent of interest is water and the nuclide of interest is hydrogen.

Iran produced deuterated solvents in early 2011 for the first time at its plant for production of heavy water at Khondab near Arak.

David Israel

Anti-Semitism in Austria ‘Highest in Years’

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

A Jewish organization in Vienna says anti-Semitism in Austria is at its highest level in years.

The group representing the Jewish community is an NGO (non-governmental organization) called the Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde, or IKG.

Data presented to the IKG by a second group, the Forum Against Anti-Semitism (Forum gegen Antisemitismus) indicates last year there were 465 incidents involving anti-Semitism, as compared to 255 such incidents in 2014 – an 82 percent rise.

In 2015, nearly half of the incidents involved Islamic anti-Semitism online (205 cases), according to IKG President Oskar Deutsch. There were 85 anti-Semitic incidents online in 2014.

Around 15,000 Jews live in Austria.

“There is an increasing concern in our community that – if the proportion of Muslims in Austria continues to rise due to immigration, due to the refugees – this could become problematic for us,” IKG secretary-general Raimund Fastenbauer told the European Jewish Press.

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has urged the European Union and its member states to increase efforts to combat widespread anti-Semitic cyber hate.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz reacted to the report by affirming, “Jewish life must be protected in Austria. It is the duty of the state to make Jewish people in Austria feel secure; that is for us as Austria a great responsibility.”

However, Sebastian did not outline any concrete plan to address the issue, nor did he offer any suggestion to the Jewish community on how to mitigate the threat.

Hana Levi Julian

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