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May 31, 2016 / 23 Iyar, 5776

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Foiled: Overnight Terrorist Infiltration into Yitzhar

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Around 4:40 AM, Wednesday morning, the IDF noted an infiltration attempt into the community of Yitzhar in the Shomron, according to a TPS/Tazput report. Residents were told to stay indoors.

Emergency security forces were called out, and a chase began after a female terrorist who was trying to sneak into the town as everyone slept.

The terrorist was captured as she was trying to escape from the approaching troops that were surrounding her in a field, and she was lightly injured in the process.

The 15-year-old terrorist, armed with a knife and a firebomb, was from the nearby village.

There were no injuries to the residents or security forces.

YItzhar security vehicle

YItzhar security vehicle

Jewish Press News Briefs

Yitzhar Residents Chase Stone Throwers Into Arab School

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

On Sunday morning, Arab stone throwers began throwing stones at a Jewish-owned vehicle on the road near Yitzhar. Residents came out and began chasing the Arab terrorists, according to a TPS report.

The terrorists ran into a school in the Arab village of Burin to hide.

Jewish Press News Briefs

State Issues Administrative Detention, Expulsion from Judea and Samaria Orders Against Jewish Activists

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

(JNi.media) During the night and early Sunday morning, police and the Shin Bet have issued a large number of administrative distancing orders against young Jews, both adults and minors, expelling them from Judea and Samaria, and in some cases Jerusalem, and even from contacting their friends, on the ground that they endanger public safety and are the source of potential disturbances.

A Shin Bet official stated that “given the recent terrorist attacks [by Jews], including some that caused the loss of life, the General Security Service in recent days recommended issuing restraining [distancing] orders against 10 activists.”

But, according to settlers, as many as 16 administrative expulsion decrees have been issued against Jewish right-wing activists, over the past two weeks, as well as three administrative detentions, and the wave of warrants is not yet over.

“The system is under unprecedented pressure and is using illegal means against the residents who are engaged in settling the land,” the Honenu legal aid society said in a statement. “We are witnessing a dramatic rise in the volume and severity of administrative orders, which seriously violates the rights of the recipients of these orders.”

On Saturday night, two young men, one of Ramat Hasharon, the other of Ma’ale Adumim, received administrative detention orders, which included a ban from Judea and Samaria and the prohibition of contacting some of their friends.

During the night, police raided the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva and the Givat Kumi Uri neighborhood in the Yitzhar outpost, and handed out administrative nighttime house arrest orders to two boys from the towns of Bat Ayin and Alon Shvut, for a period of six months. In addition, the two have been forbidden to stay in Judea and Samaria anywhere but inside their parents’ homes, while one of them has also been banned from Jerusalem. Both boys were forbidden to make contact with some of their friends.

On Sunday morning, police handed out administrative restraining orders to a resident of Ge’ulat Zion in the Shilo cluster—married with children, as well as two minors living in Yad Binyamin and Amona.

A young resident of Kiryat Arba on Sunday was handed a warrant prohibiting him from entering anywhere in Judea and Samaria outside his own home. The man, 21, told the website Kol Hazman that he intends to appeal the order through his attorney, Itamar Ben-Gvir, of the legal aid society Honenu.

Some legendary “Hilltop Youths” have told the same website that “the orders will not break us.”

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir said “the defense minister is conducting himself like an elephant in a china shop. With his actions, he sends the message to young people that there is no democracy, and, in effect, encouraging them to break the law, because there are no legal indictments and due process.”


Ya’alon Removes Police Siege of Ode Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Shomron

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has withdrawn Border Police from the Ode Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the community of Yitzhar in northern Samaria after a one-year siege of the institution that has been accused of inciting “price tag’ actions against Arabs.

Ya’alon initially shut down the yeshiva last summer, but despite the screaming headlines that the government had “defeated” the youth, the closure was during the three-week period after the Fast of the 10th of Av when yeshivas go on vacation.

He allowed the yeshiva to re-open, under Border Police guard, the day after all yeshivas re-opened their doors again on the beginning of the month of Elul, one month before Rosh Hashanah.

After a year’s opportunity for the Border Police to learn some Torah and return to repentance, the Defense Minister decided earlier this week not to extend the order that placed Border Police in the Yeshiva study hall.

One the one hand, the security forces now are denied a chance to learn Torah.

On the other hand, the yeshiva stated:

We are happy that the defense establishment climbed down the tree, but it is a pity that the Defense Minister has not apologized for the unprecedented theft of the yeshiva and desecration of more than year.

We wish him and all of those involved in this criminal act to repent. The continued harassment of the yeshivas, including budget cuts, is an attempt to gag us but will not succeed.

The Yitzhar yeshiva added it intends sue the government for damage caused by Border Police the past year.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

Terror Attack Foiled Near Yitzhar

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

An Arab terrorist tried to stab hitchhikers near the Little Yitzhar Junction on Thursday afternoon.

The Arab approached a group of Israeli hitchhikers asking them for water.

When one of the Israelis went over to give him a bottle of water, the terrorist pulled out his knife.

One of the hitchhikers at the hitchhiking post then pulled out his gun and fired a warning shot in the air.

The terrorist dropped the knife and ran away into the nearby village of Burin.

TPS / Tazpit News Agency

IDF Kills 1 Terrorist, Wounds Another in Samaria

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Israeli paratroopers shot and killed a Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist Saturday night after he hurled a deadly firebomb at an Israeli motorist traveling in Samaria.

After a brief manhunt the forces shot and captured the second terrorist who also had been targeting Israeli motorists on the same road; he suffered a leg wound. That attacker was hurling firebombs at passing vehicles as well.

The IDF force set out to hunt down the third terrorist as well, who also was attacking passing Israeli vehicles on the road, located near the Jewish community of Yitzhar.

The IDF emphasized to media in its statement that the soldiers were operating according to the rules of engagement.

“I want to bless the soldiers who responded appropriately to the terrorist this evening,” praised Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika. “Unfortunately we already know the awful results that can occur from rocks and firebombs hurled in the name of terror. Still, we must strengthen the soldiers who deal day to day with the enemy and, as we have seen tonight, not hesitate to respond.

“It is crucial that every terrorist know that the moment he intends to throw a rock or a firebomb at an Israeli soldier or an Israeli citizens, his fate is in his own hands.”

Israeli vehicles that travel between the Jewish community of Kedumim and the PA Arab village of Burin are at extremely high risk because the road has become tantamount to a rock-throwing and firebomb field for Arab terrorists in the area.

Since a young girl was critically injured in a terror attack on the road more than a month ago, however, Israeli security forces are taking the matter more seriously and have begun to intensify their protection of motorists in the area. The child and her father were both burned – the little girl nearly died – when their car was struck by a firebomb hurled by Arab road terrorists.

Hana Levi Julian

Activism through Torah

Monday, December 1st, 2014

I used to write about interesting topics like technology or science fiction. As with now, the intent was to relate these interesting topics to the Torah. But at some time point all these nice and interesting topics seemed to lack luster. And primarily based on reader feedback, I’ve attempted to engage more in tikkun olam, endeavoring to fix reality instead of talk about it.

The transition began when I started writing articles after the passing of internet activist Aaron Swartz close to two years ago. At that time I began to think of writing as a form of activism, what I called then “content activism.” It took another close to three months to internalize these thoughts further with a piece called, “The Mystical Meanings of the Anonymous Hacking Attacks.” It was an uncomfortable piece to write… a piece which intended to deride and discredit Anonymous while encouraging those noble-spirited within the group to leave. But it was also my most popular article at the time.

But this present article is about more than writing the uncomfortable. As I’ve discussed recently, while this is a prerequisite when writing essay-style pieces, the focus now is on the result; on effecting real change. I began to realize that what I originally called “content activism” is better named “Torah activism.”

Torah activism means going beyond the theory and building a practical system that can be implemented. For instance, I don’t know if anyone picked up on this, but the underlying message behind the Anonymous article was that the best way to counter the April 7th OpIsrael campaign was to invest ourselves in our own holy “OpIsrael.” As mentioned in the article, April 7th that year corresponded to 28 Nissan in the Hebrew calendar, the day when 22 years previously the Lubavitcher Rebbe had put the responsibility of bringing the Redemption into our hands.

Malchut Yisrael – Jewish Leadership

In synagogue on Shabbat a friend was talking to someone about a concept called Malchut Yisrael, establishing true Jewish leadership in Israel. He kept on emphasizing that beyond theory and debate, the most fundamental activity that we all need to occupy ourselves with is action—to do something today to establish a true Torah-based leadership. He quoted from Maimonides in the Laws of Kings and Wars section of Mishneh Torah that: “In the future, the Messianic king will arise and renew the Davidic dynasty, restoring it to its initial sovereignty. He will build the Temple and gather the dispersed of Israel.”

Initially we might think that we need to wait. Wait until Mashiach comes and let him do all these things. But the sages teach us that there is no king without a people. Right now we need to concern ourselves with doing all we can do to begin the process. This is what my friend was explaining. That Malchut Yisrael, building a Torah-based Jewish leadership begins from our actions today; specifically, the actions and campaigns that we initiate according to the holy Torah.

According to the calculations of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi and other Torah sages, the appointed time for the Redemption is 5775, the year that we are presently in. While the sages warn against making calculations, nonetheless, many great sages throughout Jewish history have occupied themselves with this. And while we don’t rely on these calculations, from the fact that a calculation of the final date of redemption exists for this year, this should arouse us to make every deed we do count.

With this is mind we can now suggest something most profound, something which also accords with my synagogue encounter. If the Redemption is imminent, this also means that we need to change the way we approach Torah learning. Instead of viewing Torah study as explorations of thought, Torah writings, discourses and discussions should now be considered actions. That today making reality a dwelling place for God means approaching Torah study as activism.

Yonatan Gordon

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