Women of the Wall: Warring Against Torah

Each month, we are forced to endure orchestrated, deliberate stunts from the angry shrill feminists of the “Women of the Wall” who seek to alter traditional religious customs of prayer at the Kotel

We Know Not What They Speak : Evangelical Wordplay Part 1

Despite denials, by partnering with evangelical leaders and organizations, a number of today's Jewish scholars, community leaders and activists are collaborating with missionaries.

The New Peace Movements Exposed

The new peaceniks delusion: Jewish Israelis should abandon our “white, western, identify” and identify with a greater “Semitic” sense of self and this will lead to peace with our murderous neighbors

Liberal Orthodoxy’s Homosexual Dilemma

In Tel Aviv, homosexuality is not only tolerated, but celebrated lavishly & flamboyantly each year.

A Critique of Pure Hasbara Part II: Illusions of Peace

I don’t trust the UAE and what we know about the deal is bad enough. Perhaps many are celebrating the deal because they have cabin fever and are drooling about the prospects of another hedonistic resort.

A Critique of Pure Hasbara

The hasbara mafia requires token gentiles to defend and define us. Some with the most unscrupulous backgrounds.

Jew Hunting Season

The tragedy of Duma is it will epitomize a terrible period in Jewish history of internecine conflict

Zaidy Made Us Laugh

Men such as my grandfather are the equivalent of foundation stone. The world exists because of such people. When they are gone, our job is to appreciate their legacy and to share some of their essence

Saving Israel

We should be outraged that Jewish deaths are accepted, tolerated, and ignored, by the government

Unworthy of Confrontation

The Rav may be gone but his Torah is eternal, and the challenges of Confrontation are greater than ever. His words resonate through the works he left behind. And the message needs to be thundered down upon our collective heads. Because our age lacks wisdom and courage.

Hellenism Today

Each generation has its new Hellenists. Where are today's Maccabees

Monsters Exist: Judaism’s Cognizance of Evil

We need more of the teachings of torat Moshe Rabbeinu, and less of the arrogance of Moshe Dayan; More of the glory of King David and less of David Ben Gurion’s 'Ghandi-esque' restraint.

The Lynching of Elor Azaria

Even if Elor Azaria is pardoned, the shame of the verdict, of the Bolshevik investigation and kangaroo court which tarred and feathered him from day one, these will never be erased.

Ethics NOT Ethnicity

Jews have historical connections to the land which predate any contemporary people on earth. Of that there is no doubt, but our sole claim to the land is solely that it was given to us by G-d.

Mistreating Men/Trusting Man: Impediments To True Repentance

Problem: When man’s obsession with matters between man and G-d replaces normal relations with others

The Cult of Uman

he time of the Uman pilgrimage is upon us, and we dare not ignore the opportunity to highlight the danger.

The Flame Must Burn!

The only way to redeem Hanukah & resurrect its message is to destroy the false narrative of Hanukah

Operation Entebbe: When Jewish Life Meant Something

Operation Entebbe is much more than social media propaganda celebrating things Israel did long ago

Amalek Revisited

Amalek is not some antiquated notion of a long gone brutal enemy. Amalek exists today, as the Torah states, Amalek exists in every generation. The pressing question is evident: Who is Amalek?

Listen to Them Howl!

Not asking the world for the right to defend ourselves; such a right is obvious to anyone with a spine.

Rabbi Meir Kahane: My Rebbe (That I Never Met)

Rabbi Kahane loved Jews with an authentic, tough love compelling him to speak of unpleasant truths.

We Are Still NOT Indigenous: A Counter-Response

I reject flawed efforts to defend our right to our Promised Land, just because hasbara types mistakenly feel that it is a good secular argument to reach the world.

Pathetic Police

When will Israel finally wake up and admit today's enemy is Amalek and deal with them conclusively?

The REAL Lynching

If Benjamin Netanyahu doesn't like civil unrest, let him do his job and protect Jewish lives.

The Murder of Chaya Zisel Braun, HY’D

The photo of precious Chaya Zissel bundled up for the grave is an image that will never leave me.

Chanukah: A Celebration of Zealotry

Zealousness has its place and time in Judaism; Thank G-d for heroic actions of the Maccabees!

The Jordanian Menace

As Arabs murder and maim Jews, Jordan's leaders bark the blood libel of “Israeli aggression.”

A Minyan of the Dead

A ceasefire not only gives Hamas a victory, it will destroy the morale of the IDF and the country.


Israel has some wild places left; places to reflect and think, to get lost, to try to find ourselves

Purim 2016: Lessons Lost

A soldier who kills a terrorist is a Jewish hero, a person to be celebrated and emulated. A Maccabe!


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