Watch: Ukrainians Attack Arriving Breslov Chassidim in Uman

Last week marked the 79th anniversary of the murder of more than 23 thousand Jews in Ukraine.

Watch: Biden Threatens End to Nord Stream 2, Warns Americans to Leave Ukraine Over...

It is estimated by both US and European officials that up to 140,000 Russian troops are now massed along Ukraine's borders, preparing for a possible invasion.

US: Iran’s Sale of Suicide Drones to Russia Violates UN Resolution

Report: Iran plans to send Fateh 110 ballistic missiles to Russia as well.

Global Cyber Attack Disabled Radiation Monitoring System at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Many Jews who later immigrated to Israel from Ukraine bear the scars of surgery to remove their thyroid in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster.

Russia Warns UNGA Members Against Voting for Suspension from UNHRC

“Russia blatantly and openly threatening countries who vote to suspend them ... is only further evidence that Russia needs to be suspended immediately from UNHRC."

Ukraine ‘Strongly Condemns’ Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Denial, following Israeli Rebuke

There were Ukrainian Nazi collaborators, and then there were Ukrainian freedom fighters the Soviets dubbed as Nazi collaborators.

Wagner Leader Gets Asylum in Belarus, Kremlin Mulling Redeployment in Ukraine

President Zelenskyy announced that Putin had escaped from the Kremlin to a secret hiding place in St. Petersburg.

‘Peace Only Possible When All Parties Believe They’re Losing’

“I think peace is only possible, when none of the parties to the conflict think they can win. "

Hatzalah Saves Ukrainian Refugee in Serious Condition after a Month without Medication

The man reached the border with his family and was being carried on a stretcher.

The Russians Are Coming: Putin Orders Troops into Rogue Districts in Eastern Ukraine

Moscow Times reported Tuesday morning that Russian financial markets opened "in deep red territory" in response to intense sanction fears.

Israeli-American Journalist Held Hostage in Ukraine

An Israeli-American journalist has been kidnapped in eastern Ukraine and is being held hostage by separatists there.

Lavrov: Worst Antisemites are Jews, Hitler Had Jewish Blood

But was Hitler the descendant of Jews? A Nazi official named Hans Frank was the source of the rumor.

Antisemitic Graffiti Calling to Kill Jews in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

The entire Jewish community of Uzhgorod was deported to Auschwitz in 1944.

US Announces More Military Aid to Ukraine

"This authorization is the Biden Administration's 33rd drawdown of equipment from DoD inventories for Ukraine since August 2021."

Ukraine Votes to Send Israel to Hague Criminal Court, Upset Israel Rejects Ukrainian Asylum...

This month there has been an increase in the daily entry of Ukrainians to Israel, which today stands at 217.

Ukraine Threatens to Bar Israelis from Uman for High Holy Days, Again

In July 2022, Korniychuk made a similar announcement, once again threatening that Ukraine would bar visits to Uman for the Jewish High Holy Days.

Ukraine Elects Jewish President Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelensky’s mother Rima is Jewish, a fact that he acknowledges but does not emphasize in media interviews.

Million Dollar Scam Exposed in Sale of Flights to Uman

The two suspects, from the Haredi towns of Beitar Ilit and Beit Shemesh, are owners of the Europnim travel agency, through which they sold the allegedly forged tickets.

Russian Film Production Forced to Leave Israel Due to Sanctions

The banks in Russia are unable to transfer money to banks in Israel, and the producers can’t shoot the film without cash flow.

Israel Welcomes Ukraine’s Decision to Open Diplomatic Office in Jerusalem

Ukraine is the latest country to establish a diplomatic presence in Israel’s capital.

Germany ‘Agrees’ to Allow Poland to Send Leopard II Tanks to Ukraine

Berlin’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told reporters Germany has “not been asked so far” but said, “If we were asked, we would not stand in the way.”

Zelensky Appeals to US Jews, Condemns Bennett’s Restraint

Zelensky’s wife is not Jewish, and his children were reportedly baptized in the Greek Orthodox tradition.

Refugees from Ukrainian Orphanage Arrive Safe in Israel

A total of 300 refugees were on the flights that arrived Sunday, including 100 children from a Chabad-run orphanage.

Israel Mum on Role in Brokering Ukraine-Russia Talks

Zelensky's office said "the politicians" agreed the Ukrainian delegation would meet its Russian counterpart without preconditions at the Ukraine-Belarus border.

Republican Congressman Says Israel’s Refusal to Support Ukraine Could Undermine Relations with US

Kinzinger’s unrestrained comments reflect the arrogance behind the colossal American failures in the Middle East in the past 20 years.

My Life in Moldova from Dentistry School to Treating Ukrainian Refugees

I never imagined I would be putting my school-days' connections to use in this way, but we do whatever is in our power to help.

Shaked’s 5,000 Entry Permits to Run Out Soon Leaving Ukrainian Relatives of Israelis in...

"I'm afraid that by Saturday night, when the policy goes into effect, the quota will be full and no one will be admitted.”

KKL-JNF on Sunday Will Take in More than 100 Children Fleeing Ukraine War

Alumim is not an orphanage, but a home filled with warmth that inspires Jewish children to succeed and achieve the very best life has to offer.


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