President Herzog’s Visit to Azerbaijan Raising Iran’s Paranoia

Naturally, the presence of high-ranking Israeli officials on their border arouses Iranians’ anger and suspicions.

Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Israel: Both Our Countries Are Worried About Iran

“If we are forced to and are dragged into war, Azerbaijan will defend itself.”

Azerbaijan Inaugurates Its Embassy in Tel Aviv

"A Shia Muslim country has now opened up an embassy in Tel Aviv and become a friend of Israel."

Designated Azerbaijani Ambassador Attends Khojaly Memorial Event in Rishon LeZion

“It’s good that, finally, we have an Azerbaijani embassy in Israel.”

Azerbaijan Ambassador Arrives in Israel

Baku supplies Israel with an estimated 40% of its oil.

I joined Azerbaijani Protestors in Vienna Against UN Incompetence

The crowd protested for four hours, despite the bitter cold and the snow.

Azerbaijan Assisting Turkey in Dealing with Massive Earthquake

A team of 370 Azerbaijanis reached the earthquake area to assist in the rescue operations.

Azerbaijan Closes Embassy in Iran Following Deadly Shooting

Diplomatic staff and family members were evacuated after a gunman killed the embassy’s head of security and wounded two others.

Experts: Attack on Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran an Attempt to Impede Azerbaijan’s Ties with...

Iran has recently been greatly disturbed by the opening of a new Azerbaijani Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Azerbaijan Security Chief Killed in Attack on Embassy in Iran

In the video you can see one of the guards attacking and struggling with the gunman.

Azerbaijan’s President Pushing for Territorial Justice to Open Corridor to Turkey

"Armenia used to be majority Azerbaijani. These people need to return to their homeland.”

Israeli MK’s Send Letter to their Counterparts in Azerbaijan on Embassy Opening

“We share a common and dangerous enemy - the Iranian tyranny that threatens to destroy both our nations."

Azerbaijan Appoints its First Ambassador to Israel

“Congratulations and good luck to the first Azerbaijani ambassador to Israel!” tweeted George Deek, Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani-Turkish Military Drills Put Iran in Panic Mode

It’s one more reason why Tehran is strengthening its relationship with Armenia, Azerbaijan’s sworn enemy.

The Case for an Independent South Azerbaijan

“Iran will be fragmented,” Dr. Kedar predicts. “It is only a matter of time – and casualties, unfortunately.”

It’s Happening, Azerbaijan to Open Embassy in Israel

Lapid said, "The decision to open an embassy reflects the depth of the relationship between our countries."

Azerbaijanis Vow to Protect Iran’s Repressed Azeri Minority

They cannot read or write in their mother tongue, since this is banned under the mullah’s regime.

Progress in Negotiations to Open Azerbaijani Embassy in Israel

Both Israel and Azerbaijan share an existential fear regarding Iran’s aggression.

Armenians Attack Azerbaijani Embassies

A similar attack was carried out earlier by Lebanese Armenians against the Azerbaijani embassy in Beirut.

Azerbaijan Accuses Armenia of Renewing Hostilities to Sabotage Its Oil Sales to the West

In 2020, Azerbaijan claimed that its pipeline had been targeted during the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Clashes Break Out along Azerbaijan’s Border with Armenia

“There are losses among the personnel of the armed forces of Armenia involved in the sabotage operations.”

See Azerbaijan through the Eyes of an Israeli Photographer

Zislin received an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards 2020 contest in Fine art, Landscapes and Architecture, and Cityscapes.

Shiite Vandals Storm Azerbaijan’s London Embassy

It should be noted that 85% of Azerbaijan’s population are Shia Muslims.

As Russian Peacekeepers Leave for Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan Resume Border Clashes

Since the war in Ukraine began, Russia has not been paying attention to events in Karabakh, which encourages flare-ups.

Former Minister Kara Invites Azerbaijan to Join Abraham Accords

Later this month, Kara will explore “how Israeli robots can offer a solution to Azerbaijan’s landmine problem.”

Iran’s Ambassador Threatens Israeli Counterpart in Azerbaijan

The threat came in response to a tweet by Deek with a photo of him reading a book on the history and culture of Tabriz.

Israel and Azerbaijan Sign Bilateral Aviation Deal

The agreement strengthen the political and strategic relations of Israel and Azerbaijan.


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