YU LGBTQ Sue Administrators for Discrimination

The late Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, the profound spiritual leader of YU, was adamant in his opposition to designating the religious Jewish university as a non-sectarian institution in 1970.

YU Asking Supreme Court’s Help in Ditching LGBTQ Club

Without official recognition, the club is not entitled to funding from the school.

YU Pushing through Legal Process to Supreme Court Vindication on LGBTQ Club

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett wanted to grant YU the right to deny the gay students’ club.

Judge Declares YU ‘Non-Religious’; Forces It to Fully Support Gay Activities

YU responded to the lawsuit by citing its Torah Umadda mission which emphasizes Torah values.

Israel’s Defense Ministry Approves LGBTQ Pre-Military Academy

The IGY school was the only one approved by the Defense Ministry this year when normally two pre-military schools are approved each year.

Whiplash: Facebook Reverses Permanent Suspension of ‘Libs of TikTok’

Libs of TikTok gave exposure to the "gender-affirming" surgeries at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Alabama Schools Drop ADL Program for Mixing Combating Anti-Semitism with Critical Race Theory, ADL...

“As a child, as a Jewish child growing up in Mountain Brook, in the second grade when a girl told me she could not play with me because I killed Jesus,” Goldstein said.

Better to be a Jew Than Gay in Gaza, Says Gazan LGBTQ Man

Ahmed, a resident of Gaza said that “here in Gaza under Hamas rule, it is better for you to convert to Judaism and leave Islam and even better to be perceived as a spy for the Israeli Shin Bet and not declare your gay."

Candidate Carlina Rivera Walks Back ‘Religious Exemptions’ on LGBTQ She Promised Hamodia

I urge you, Jewish Press readers, come next Pesach, sell all your Chametz to Carlina Rivera. Your kitniyos, too.

Court Compels YU to Recognize Gay Club

All the way back in 1970, Rav Yosef Ber Soloveitchik called on Yeshiva University to reverse its “non-sectarian” trend.

Rabbis of Efrat Respond to Municipality’s LGBT Survey

We read with shock and astonishment the survey published in Efrat, which seeks to promote public legitimacy for offenses for which modesty is appropriate to them.

Gay, Jewish NY State Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Threatens Criminal Investigation of YU

Not to worry, folks, we’re likely not going to be treated to pictures of YU rabbis being hauled in cuffs into waiting police vans.

Mila Kunis Among 200 Stars Who Sign Letter Rejecting Cultural Boycott of Israel

“Instead of amplifying voices of coexistence trying to effect real change on the ground, those who support a boycott are only creating more division,” said Ari Ingel, director of Creative Community for Peace.

Yeshiva University’s LGBTQ Club Offers a Compromise – for Now

Four conservative justices dissented with the majority opinion, claiming New York was ignoring the religious rights of YU.

Students’ Attorney Accuses Yeshiva University of ‘Scorched Earth’ Legal Tactics

“Well-meaning politicians are kindly asked to learn the facts before attacking Jewish education,” responded a Becket Fund vice president.

AOC, Bowman, among 6 Democrats Attacking YU’s Religious Policy

And don't bother us with your religious sentiments, we don't need no stinking religious sentiments.

Gay PA Arab Asylum Seeker Beheaded in Hebron

The victim was identified as Ahmad Abu Murkiyeh, who according to Israeli media had lived in Israel for the past two years as an asylum seeker, as his life would be in danger if he returned to PA controlled areas.

Jerusalem Police Cowers before Hamas’ Threats, Cancels Israeli Flags Procession

The cancellation of the parade constitutes yet another capitulation before Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar, who has been able to terrorize Israeli officials without lifting a finger.

Yeshiva University Finds Workaround to Block LGBTQ Student Group

The university announced all of the school's undergraduate club activities had been placed on hold in light of the upcoming Jewish holidays.

Efrat Municipality Using Survey to Force LGBT Agenda

Residents in the religious town were shocked that their municipality wants to wave the LGBT flag from the rooftops.

Camp Ramah to Allow Kids to Bunk According to Gender Identity

Camp Ramah says it recognizes this may represent a “learning zone” for some of its families. But what is the message to the heterosexual children?


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