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Sharit Shekur’s car crashed against the safety railing, June 9, 2023. She was killed while trying to escape her assassins.

Sharit Ahmed Shekur, an 18-year-old Druze woman from the village of Kisra-Sumei in Western Galilee, was murdered on June 9, 2023. On Sunday morning, an indictment for murder was filed against her brother, Saeed Ahmed, 29, a resident of Kisra, for ordering her assassination, and against Hisham Mereihai and Shadi Abu Saraya, both 39, residents of Shfaram, who are accused of being hired to commit the murder.


Sharit’s body was found lying on the road at the entrance to Yarka village, next to a bullet-riddled car. Sharit received threats in the past by her brothers, who were consequently sentenced to prison for this. An examination of the scene revealed that Sharit’s car was hit from behind by another vehicle. She lost control and hit the safety railing. The killers opened fire on her car, and Sharit tried to escape on foot. The killers caught up with her and shot her outside her car. They fired about 11 bullets altogether and escaped in a car which they later set on fire, and continued driving in another vehicle that was waiting for them.

About a month before the murder, Sharit complained to police that she was afraid her brother would hurt her and wanted to move away from her village. She was transferred to a shelter in the south of the country but refused to enter, and eventually agreed with her sister that she would return to the north. Close to the time of the murder, Sharit sent a message to a friend that her brother Saeed asked her to meet him in a car dealership in Yarka, to get her a new car.

The police relied on Sharit’s last recording that she sent to her friend, in which she said: “My brother just arrived, I got dressed, I’m so excited, I’m ready, there he is following me with his car. We are going to change our two vehicles, don’t know why. He is a sugar brother.”


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