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Iran ‘Angry’ Over Russia Not Activating S-300 Defense Systems in Syria

Still, Russia (halfheartedly) warned Israel to stop its “arbitrary” airstrikes in Syria, saying that they should be “ruled out.”

Syrian Army Told Hezbollah, Iranian Forces in Southern Syria to Conceal Identity

The forces were instructed to wear Syrian army uniforms, remove non-Syrian army flags and markings, not speak Farsi near Syrian citizens or foreign forces, refrain from using smartphone apps in Farsi, and present themselves as Syrian army officers or experts.

Israel Warns UN Security Council Iran Opening Front in Judea, Samaria; Spending $7 Billion...

"With the help of Hamas ... and the head of the Palestinian branch of the Iranian Quds Force, Iran is trying to turn Judea and Samaria into a fourth military front against Israel."

Ballistic Missile Interceptor Arrow 3 Test Succeeds

The experiment was carried out against the background of renewed tensions in Israel's north.

Netanyahu: ‘No Country Should Stand Aside While Its Destruction is Being Planned or Advanced’

"The most potent force of militant Islam is the Iranian regime. It is devouring one nation after the other."

Iran Central Bank Chief: Japan Importing Iran Oil Again

While issuing the "toughest ever" sanctions against Iran, the US also granted exemptions to eight countries, including India, to import Iran oil.

Israel Bombs Iranian Targets in Syria – Again – Then Shuts Down Hermon Ski...

Israelis living in the Golan Heights, however, were told to continue their usual routine, unless they received further instructions from Home Front Command.

Netanyahu Reveling in Iran, PA, Fury as He Drops in on Chad President to...

"I can tell you that it is very disturbing and even infuriating to Iran and the Palestinians."

Netanyahu: Iran’s Failed Satellite Launch is a Missile Test in Disguise

Iran was lying to the world and disguising its ballistic missile development project as a failed satellite program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged. Speaking at...

Iran’s Launched Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit

Iran pointed out that the carrier rocket had successfully passed the first and second stages of the launch and only failed to pass the third.

Iranian Official: Nasrallah Did Not Suffer Heart Attack’

“Iran has sent three doctors to Beirut, one of whom resides in Europe, to follow up on his health condition.”

Atomic Energy Chief: Iran Starting to Develop 20%-Enriched Nuclear Fuel

“If we have to go back and withdraw from the nuclear deal, we certainly do not go back to where we were before.”

Eizenkot Confirms ‘Thousands’ of Israeli Air Strikes in Syria

In 2018 alone, Eizenkot said Israel had dropped 2,000 bombs on Iranian targets in near-daily attacks.

Netanyahu: We Have Prevented War in the North and Will Continue to Prevent It

"I think everyone understands that a very serious threat was averted here."

White House Asked Pentagon for Military Options Against Iran

The request came after 3 mortar shells landed near the US Embassy in Baghdad.

Iran Irate over Poles Hosting Meeting on Its ‘Destabilizing Influence’

The meeting will "bring together dozens of countries from Asia, Africa, Western Hemisphere countries, Europe and the Middle East of.

While You Were in Shul: Israel Attacked Iranian Warehouse in Damascus

This was the first Israeli airstrike on the Damascus area in 2019. The last time the IAF hit the same area was on December 25, 2018.

Pompeo Announces February International Summit on Iran

“Countries will all come together to focus on Middle East stability and peace and freedom and security ... in this region, and that includes an important element of making sure that Iran is not a destabilizing influence,” said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

US Military Begins to Withdraw Equipment from Syria

Pompeo also announced The United States will host an international summit next month to promote stability and freedom in the Middle East.

France Joins US, Warns Iran to Immediately Stop Work on Ballistic Missiles

"France recalls that the Iranian missile program is not conformity with UN Security Council Resolution 2231."

Pompeo in Cairo: Trump Will ‘Expel Every Iranian Boot’ from Syria

"In falsely seeing ourselves as a force for what ails the Middle East, we were timid about asserting ourselves when the times — and our partners — demanded it," Pompeo said.

Israel Applauds EU for Imposing Sanctions Against Iranian Intel Unit

This is the first time the world body has imposed sanctions on Iran since lifting penalties three years ago, following the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Former Minister Gonen Segev Convicted of Spying for Iran

The former minister tried to link his Iranian operators with Israelis with whom he was in contact so that the Iranian agents could dig out information from his victims.

US May Keep Troops in Syria

An anonymous official also insisted that the US will continue to be “very supportive” of Israeli airstrikes against Iran in Syria.


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