Ahmadinejad Running to Replace Fallen President Raisi

He refused to call Israel by name, calling it the “Zionist regime” instead.

Iranian Official Condemns Nikki Haley’s Writing on Shells Intended for Hamas

"As Nikki Haley tours occupied Palestinian territories and inscribes messages on bombs belonging to the Zionist regime, that same regime has cut off internet access in Rafah."

Celebrations Around the World and in Iran, Ding Dong the Witch Is Gone

Iranians around the world are celebrating the death of Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash on Sunday. Following the official confirmation of Raisi’s...

Israeli Rampage Supersonic Missiles Destroyed Isfahan Base Air Defense

Israel’s F-35s are able to fire the Rampage away from Iran’s border, over the horizon.

Israel’s Defense Systems Will Be Stretched by Iranian Drone and Missile Attacks

Iran must be defeated with an all-out attack that would paralyze its civic life, its industry, and its oil economy. There is no other way.

Navy Secretary: It Cost a Fortune to Intercept Iranian Ballistic Missiles Aimed at Israel

“We are now closely approaching a billion dollars in expenditures of munitions,” Del Toro told the appropriations committee.

Republicans and Democrats Unite Behind Israel after Iranian Attack

"Democratic Majority for Israel and the Republican Jewish Coalition rarely see eye to eye."

Iran’s Jewish MP Hails the Attack that Exposed ‘Israel’s Many Weaknesses’

“Israel spent about $1.5 billion to fend off Iran's attack, while our drones and missiles cost much less.”

Yaalon’s Bedouin Political Partner Gets 1 Year for Spying for Iran

Al-Qia'an’s communications with Haider continued until his detention.

With 99% of Missiles Repelled, IRGC Chief Says Attack on Israel ‘More Successful than...

How many hours after being threatened by Major General Salami can you be threatened by Major General Cheese?

Israel Demands Security Council Condemnation of Iran’s Attack

"I expect the Council to use every means to take concrete action against Iran,” Ambassador Erdan tweeted.

Iran’s Inflation Hits 50% as Coin Sinks to 660,000-rial to the Dollar

Food prices are soaring, and Iranians are exchanging their money for gold.

With WSJ Predicting War with Iran Imminent, US Embassy in Jerusalem Sends Out a...

An adviser to Iran's Revolutionary Guard revealed that the force has presented several options to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei regarding potential strikes on Israeli targets...

IDF Spokesperson to Civilians: Don’t Panic

"There is no need to buy generators, store food and withdraw money from ATMs," said Hagari.

Russia Urging West to Join UNSC Condemnation of Israel’s Killing Top Iranian Terrorists

"This is another opportunity to test the real intentions of our Western colleagues."

Azerbaijan Buys Israeli Advanced High-Altitude System to Detect Iranian, Armenian Missiles and Aircraft

It can maintain continuous surveillance for several days and is capable of tracking up to 500 targets with a detection range of over 250 km.

Eureka! Blinken in Wake of Iran’s Lethal Attack: The Middle East Is ‘Incredibly Volatile’

A volley of Tomahawks would interject a sense of reality into this charade. 

Its Economy Damaged by Houthi Attacks, China Leans on Iran to Stop them

This may be a good time to bid on really cheap Iranian crude.

Iranian FM Threatens Biden: Don’t Tie your Destiny to Netanyahu

"The full-scale cooperation of Biden and the White House with thugs like Netanyahu in Israel is the root of insecurity in the region."

Biden Pulling Back US Navy’s Largest Carrier from the Middle East

Along with the carrier, the group includes the cruiser Normandy, and the destroyers Ramage, Carney, Roosevelt, and Thomas Hudner.

Mousavi’s Assassination Marks a Shift in Israel’s Tolerance of Iran’s Warmongering

Israel's cautious approach may have been discarded with the assassination and the multi-front war may be around the corner.

Iran Protests Russian-Arab Resolution Denying Its Sovereignty over 3 Gulf Islands

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday summoned the Russian embassy in Tehran’s charge d’affaires to protest “Russia’s repeated support for claims on Iran’s trio Persian...

Disappointed Arab World Ridicules Nasrallah’s ‘What Me Worry’ Speech

Needless to say, most Arabs reacted with disappointment mixed with ridicule to Nasrallah's show of belligerent standoffishness.

Iran Claims It Merged Drone with 4.5-mile Range Heat Seeking Missile

The new weapon, primitive and limited as it may be, can be extremely effective if it succeeds in hovering above civilian centers deep inside Israel.

Abu Ali Express: Hezbollah, Iran, Have Natural Enemies – Israel Should Align with Them

"They too are waiting for the day when Hezbollah can be exterminated."

Iran Boasts of Its Attack in Lebanon that Killed 241 US Soldiers

Someone should include this interview in President Joe Biden’s next briefing on removing sanctions from Iran.

US Promises Saudi-Israeli Peace which Netanyahu Is Eager for and Iran Tries to Sabotage

To be exact, bin Farhan did not mention a Palestinian State or the two-state solution.

Head of Institute for Policy and Strategy: Iranian Threat Intensifying, Nasrallah Ready for Aggression

The Arabs perceive President Biden’s refusal to meet with PM Netanyahu as an Israeli weakness.

New IDF Chief, Senior Staff Debate Attack on Iran, Multi-Front War

A year of intensive training is required to reach excellence in preparedness for an attack on Iran.

Microsoft: Iran Accelerating Its Worldwide Cyber Attacks

The future threat of increasingly destructive Iranian cyberattacks remains against Israel and the United States.


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