Aharonovitch Warns Option Ready for Ground Invasion of Gaza

Israeli officials are preparing for the option of a ground invasion of Gaza after further missile attacks.

Prime Minister’s Office Denies Israel Accepted Hostage Deal Worked Out in Paris

It is important to point out that Gaza's Hamas leader and Oct. 7 mastermind, Yahya Sinwar, was freed by Israel in a similar deal.

The Day After: IDF Cuts Gaza Strip in Half with 4-Mile-Long Road from the...

If you’ve been wondering about the Netanyahu cabinet’s plans for the day after, this should be a meaningful hint.

WATCH: What Happens to Humanitarian Aid After in Enters Gaza?

"These video clips are just the tip of the iceberg of examples of the types of corruption and cruelty that characterize the lives of residents under Hamas’ control."

Israeli Burger Chains Go Kosher l’Mehadrin to Support War Effort

The initiative includes some branches of McDonald's, Burger Ranch and Burgerim, the Jewish state's largest chains.

More IDF Soldiers Killed in Gaza, Hamas Commander of Northern Gaza Eliminated

The names of the soldiers were released after their families had been notified.

Hamas Fired Rockets From Gaza Humanitarian Zone

The rockets were launched near a UN facility. Did the UN notice?

PM Netanyahu Visits IDF Troops Inside Gaza

"We will continue until the end, until victory. Nothing will stop us ... we have the power, the strength, the will, and the determination to achieve all the war's goals, and we will."

Immoral Pope Francis Rebukes President Herzog over Israeli ‘Terrorism’

There’s no difference between Pope Francis I and Pope Pius XII. Let’s stop with the phone calls.

Jewish Kids Targeted by Antisemitic Gang in London

"He was elbowed in the cheek and he hit his head against the wall. They dislodged a tooth and shouted ‘Get out of the city, Jew!'”

V-15 Activists in Israel Copy Obama’s 2008 ‘Hope’ Campaign [video]

When you try to find out what exactly the leftists want, there is not much of an answer.

Likud Party Bars Netanyahu from Running as Chairman

The Prime Minister will appeal the decision by the party’s comptroller.

High Court Orders State to Explain Why the ‘Al Jazeera Law’ is Legal

The Court ordered the State of Israel to respond to a petition calling for repeal of the law.

40 Egyptian Ambulances Transport Gaza Wounded through Rafah Crossing

The total capacity of area hospitals on the Egyptian side is 350 beds.

Judea and Samaria Face New Reality of Aerial Terrorism

Air raid sirens wailed in communities from northern Samaria all the way down to the South Hebron Hills, along with many places in between.

Shabbat Table Set Up in Times Square to Honor Israeli Hostages

Pro-Israel groups on Friday morning set up a Shabbat table for the 200+ Israeli hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

Nadler Renews Call for IOC to Observe Moment of Silence

On Thursday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) joined Members of Congress in observing a moment of silence for the 11 Israeli Olympians and coaches murdered...

Homefront Command : What To Do in a Rocket Attack

Israel’s Homefront Command has revised its instructions to citizens living within rocket fire of Gaza, and publicized a video with English translation to broadcast important directives.

Reports: Gallant Abandoned Hope of Unseating Netanyahu, Will Leave Likud after the War

Should Gallant join Gantz’s growing opposition party in the next election, he could become a substantial vote magnet across party lines.

Biden Orders Israel to Accept Immediate Ceasefire in Phone Call with Bibi

The president also ordered Israel's prime minister to accept Hamas demands for a deal to release the hostages the terror group is still holding in Gaza.

Hezbollah Anti-Aircraft Missile Shoots Down Israeli Drone in Lebanon

As of 2021, it was estimated that Hezbollah possessed at least 130,000 rockets and missiles, including its deadly anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and precision-guided long-range missiles.

‘Settlers’ Committee Launches Idiotic Anti-EU Video [video]

The "Yesha" crowd once again embarrasses settlers in an attempt to help them.

Netanyahu: ‘UNHRC Legitimizes Hamas & ISIS; Nothing to Look For Here’

Israeli PM Netanyahu says the UN Human Rights Comission legitimizies murderous terrorist organizations such as Hamas and ISIS.

Biden: ‘My Hope is by Next Monday, We’ll Have a Ceasefire’

“My national security advisor tells me that we’re close,” the U.S. president said, per the pool report.


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