Shin Bet, IDF Capture Hamas Mastermind of 2014 Kidnap-Murder of 3 Yeshiva Boys in...

The murder of the three boys ignited Operation Protective Edge, the deadly war launched by Israel against Hamas in response.

Smotrich: ‘There are Two Million Nazis in Judea and Samaria’

Polls show that most Arabs in Judea and Samaria support the Oct. 7 massacre. That's insane.

Livni Cancels Rotation Deal with Herzog

Some polls indicated that if the rotation deal were canceled the Zionist Union could get 2 more seats.

Eshkol Rocket Attack Was ‘False Alarm’

Israel officials say a report that Gaza terrorists fired a Grad missile at the Eshkol Regional Council district was a 'false alarm.'

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor at Rally: Kick UNRWA Out of Israel

When UNRWA leaves Jerusalem, the municipality could take over the services currently provided by the UN agency.

Israeli Anti-Bibi Media turn Four Election Polls into one Lie

Israel TV and radio turned a one-seat improvement for Herzog-Livni into a major victory.

Tuesday Hamas Said No Way to Biden’s Monday Promise of a Sunday Ceasefire

This might be a good time to knock on Yahya Sinwar’s door asking for a cup of flour.

Post-Ceasefire, Outraged Citizens Take to Streets

Outraged residents of the beleaguered cities of Sderot, Ashkelon, and Kiryat Malachi took to the streets, decrying the government's decision to enter into a ceasefire with Hamas.

Palestinian Authority Favors Terrorists Over Heart Patients

If the PA would decide to cancel its terror rewards for just one month it could give the NIS 65 million to the hospital to help sick patients.

Watch: Bring Them Home – with Rabbi Berel Wein

Rabbi Berel Wein, Founder and director of the Destiny Foundation talks about on Aliyah, Israel and Torah on Bring Them Home.

Islamic Jihad Commander Killed in Northern Gaza

One of the commanders of the Islamic Jihad military wing was killed Tuesday night in an IAF air strike in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun.

Israeli Social Lender to Offer $100 Million War Relief to 250,000 Israelis in Need

Ogen is offering interest-free loans of up to 60,000 NIS to individuals and families experiencing financial hardships as a result of the war.

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey Offers Active Shooter Training

“There has been a marked rise in Jewish programming across the country and we want to make sure everyone is consciously planning for safety and security at these events."

Israel, US Strike Iranian Proxies in Syria

A Pentagon official told reporters that US aircraft struck a weapons warehouse belonging to the IRGC in eastern Syria.

IDF Attacks Syrian Military Posts Used by Hezbollah

"We will not allow the entrenchment of Hezbollah on the Syrian front."

Second Person has Died from Tuesday’s Attack on Eshkol

One of the seriously wounded people from the Hamas rocket attack on the Eshkol region has died...

Security Conference Paints Gaza ‘Day After’ Scenario With Israel Firmly in Control

Israel must have security control in Gaza and a firm hand in civilian affairs there too, according to conference participants.

Escalation: Combat Drone Fired Directly from Iran Hits Israeli-Linked Tanker Off India’s Coast

This is the first such known attack so far away from the Red Sea since the start of the war against Israel launched by Iranian-backed Hamas on October 7th.

IDF Transfers Incubators to Gaza’s Shifa Hospital from Israel

"The IDF is willing to work with any reliable mediating party to ensure the transfer of the incubators."

Historic Photo: IDF’s Golani Brigade Captures Hamas Parliament Building

The IDF's elite Golani combat fighters posed Monday with Israeli and Golani Brigade flags in the Hamas-run Legislative Council building in Gaza City after having captured the site.

Hamas Man Wanted to Sell IDF Soldier’s Head for $10,000

David Tahar described the recovery of his son's head as a miracle.

Understand Israeli Elections – Here’s a Primer, Part 1

With nearly a dozen viable parties, the president choosing the one who pulls together the pieces, Israeli elections are complicated.

Israeli Forces Destroy Hamas Monument in Gaza Glorifying Terror

The monument depicted a fist coming out of an APC and three dogtags, one of which bore the name and ID number of the late Oron Shaul, an IDF soldier killed in the APC incident.

Netanyahu on The Day After: IDF Remain to Secure Gaza, Palestinian Authority Cannot be...

Netanyahu: The Palestinian Authority "had Gaza. So what happened? They were slaughtered and thrown out within months by Hamas."

Thousands of Israeli Haredi Men Ask to Join IDF War Effort

At least 120 of the applicants have been approved and are set to begin training on Monday; other applications will be reviewed and the men drafted as volunteers.

Israel Has Been Rocket Free For…

Curious as to how long Israel has been rocket free? This site will tell you...

IDF to Begin ‘Dramatically’ Intensifying Attacks on Gaza

"We will enter for an operational mission . . . and we will keep in our minds the memory of the pictures and images and the dead from Saturday two weeks ago."

Obama’s Greatest Foreign Policy Error

Obama's greatest Foreign Policy error was the same one that had been made by Bush and by numerous past administrations. The error was that the problem was not Islam, but Islamic violence. It was Obama however who took that error to its logical conclusion by pursuing a foreign policy meant to part Islamists from their violent tendencies by allowing them to win without the need for terrorism.


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