S&P Demotes Israel’s Rating from A-Plus to AA-Minus Citing Prolonged War, Iranian Attack

S&P predicts that Israel’s 2024 economic growth will not be above 0.5%, compared with 2% in 2023.

US Schools’ Policy Turning More Punitive as Pro-Hamas Movement Persists

Thanks to a tough lady from North Carolina named Virginia Foxx, the tide in academia may finally be turning.

Six Months Later, Couple Who Survived Nova Massacre Has a Baby

Already a couple of months pregnant, Astar was mobilized by the horrors around her, as every maternal instinct kicked in.

Hamas Embedded Rocket Launchers In Aid Distribution Area

The launchers, located next to an aid distribution center and a shelter tent, had been used to fire rockets at Israel.

IDF Spokesperson to Civilians: Don’t Panic

"There is no need to buy generators, store food and withdraw money from ATMs," said Hagari.

Former Labor Justice Minister Ramon Attacks Gallant’s Veto on Israeli Military Government in Gaza

It may be time for PM Netanyahu to fire his defense minister who routinely sides with the security establishment and the Gantz and Eisenkot duo.

Watch: Chotam’s ‘Say Shema Israel’ Appeals to Every Jew

“There are those for whom this awakening is a threat,” say Chotam activists.

Surviving the Sorrow, Reaching for Light

Throughout the weekend a world of music helped put some distance, however fleeting, from the pain.

Report: IDF Imposes Kill Zones in Combat Areas Because, You Know, War

Should some lawyer in the Tel Aviv headquarters of the IDF decide to make the rules of engagement more stringent, IDF casualties would soar, God forbid.

Haredi Battalion Rushed to Gaza during Basic Training Finally Graduated

The Haredi fighters’ war began on the day of Simchat Torah, October 7.

Feeling Unsafe, Nova Survivors Leave UK after Encounter with Manchester Antisemitic Cops

“If this is how the cops treat civilians, I don't want to be here." Mind you, this guy stood up to the murderous Hamas hordes.

Nova Concert Survivors Bullied by UK Cops So They Won’t Repeat What They’re Doing...

"Survivors of the October 7 terrorist attack on the Re’im Music Festival were discriminated against by UK Border Force."

Senior Democratic Pollster Mark Mellman Says Biden Has Nothing to Fear from his Pro-Israel...

Mellman is very critical of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for his attacks on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Saying Shema: Global Hour of Jewish Unity at Western Wall Plaza

“This is the time to come together to share your voice in a global initiative to save the hostages who have been held in captivity for 166 days."

New Report: 1,100% Increase in Anti-Zionist Activity by UC Faculty Since October 7

"Anti-Zionist faculty have played a pivotal role in creating a hostile environment for Jewish members of the UC campus community."

Antisemitic Hate Crimes Skyrocket in NYC Since Start of Oct. 7 War Against Israel

"By the year's end hate crimes against Jews increased by 14 percent. That's an additional 39 incidents that were reported. . . In 2024, 51% of all hate crimes against the Jews."

IDF Spokesman Encourages Lebanese Fearing Hezbollah to Contact Mossad

Israel set March 15 as the deadline to reach a political settlement with Lebanon.

In Madness News: Security Apparatus Wants to Arm Gazans

It took the Allies more than a year to de-Nazify Germany; Israeli security officials think they can do it in Gaza in weeks.

Ra’am Chairman Abbas: Lapid-Bennett Govt Would Have Collapsed under Hamas Attack

“I wouldn't have thought that the government would have been able to last."

No Fireworks for Independence Day Due to War

The families of the hostages have asked that some of the 12 torches to be lit . . . be placed in areas that were hardest hit during the Oct. 7 massacre.

Hezbollah Challenging Iron Dome, Tuesday they Reached a Peak

Hezbollah is constantly trying to bypass the Air Force's detection systems.

Families of Fallen Soldiers Dedicate IDF Base Synagogue to Loved Ones

The synagogue, at the Lamed-Hey base in Gush Etzion, was also dedicated in memory of Ari Fuld, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist in 2018.

Russian UN Envoy: Rehire UNRWA Rapists/Murderers

"We note that these staff members were immediately dismissed before any investigation was conducted, based solely on Israel's allegations."

Chief Rabbi: Soldiers in Gaza to Read Megillah Saturday Night

It has been quite a while since Jews required halachic rulings regarding their stay in Gaza.

As War Protracts, Knesset Raises Age of Exemption from Reserve Duty

For some specialized professional, the exemption age was raised from 49 to 50.

Investigation Explodes Myth that Israel Targets Journalists

Media reports claiming vast numbers of journalists have died in the Gaza conflict are based on nothing more than Hamas propaganda, report reveals.

Tuesday Hamas Said No Way to Biden’s Monday Promise of a Sunday Ceasefire

This might be a good time to knock on Yahya Sinwar’s door asking for a cup of flour.


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