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Judaism And The Rise Of Burka Women

2 Elul 5777 – August 23, 2017
If you start publishing pictures of Rebbetzin Kanievsky and Sarah Schenirer, who knows where you might end up!

President Trump’s Charlottesville Comments

25 Av 5777 – August 16, 2017
So it was preordained, so to speak, that whatever he said about as electrifying an issue as Charlottesville would be seized upon by resistance members and turned into grist for their mill.

Is The Torah Against Women’s Pictures?

Print media may publish modest pictures of men and women; they may not publish immodest pictures or pictures of modestly dressed people posed in a provocative manner. The underlying question remains, "Who defines standards of modesty? Who determines what is considered provocative?"

Invisible Women: Censorship By Some Orthodox Publications

11 Av 5777 – August 2, 2017
I think most people in society are able to look at modest pictures of women without it eliciting impure thoughts, said Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Temple Of The Heart

7 Av 5777 – July 30, 2017
The Temple is an affair of the heart--it's what is missing from our lives. Subconsciously we have begun more and more to feel this great void in our lives.

Israel’s Protection Money

5 Tammuz 5777 – June 29, 2017
If the protection money paid to Gaza--to the tune of 1billion NIS annually--does not prevent Jewish fatalities – which have increased 5x since the Oslo peace accords broke out and Israel retreated from Gaza – why does Israel continue to pay these huge sums of money to our sworn enemies?

The Saga Of Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

2 Sivan 5777 – May 26, 2017
Responsibility, taking acharayus for our actions, is something we could all start doing a bit more.

Israel Memorial Day: The Yeshiva That Pays The Price

4 Iyyar 5777 – April 29, 2017
More and more we are becoming aware of the fact that there is a gaping hole in our lives – the ability to connect to God with our emotions, something connected to the idea of prophecy.

Approach Marine Le Pen With Caution

25 Nisan 5777 – April 21, 2017
Depending on where you sit, a Le Pen victory would signal either the demise of fascism or its rebirth.

“Holier than Thou” Chumras – A Cause For Concern

10 Nisan 5777 – April 5, 2017
Our sages write that one of the reasons the second Beit Hamikdash was destroyed was because of blind hatred.

Jordan Protects A Killer Of Americans – Where’s The Outrage In Washington?

21 Adar 5777 – March 19, 2017
The U.S. gave Jordan $393 million in aid last year. Is that just a blank check? Or is it time, perhaps, to make some of that aid conditional on Jordan surrendering killers of Americans?

Kiruv Was His Calling

5 Adar 5777 – March 3, 2017
Torah was central to the life of Perry Fish (Z"L). His influence on some 20000 Shabbos guests that came through the warm and loving home he built with his wife Debby is inestimable-and will be missed

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