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The Forgotten Middle East Refugees

23 Nisan 5763 – April 25, 2003
Who created the circumstances that brought about the displacement and the suffering that continues for all these years? And who keeps these fires burning without respite?

Arab Terror’s Nazi Origins

The Mufti attempted to implement the Nazi "Pejani Plan" which called for the extermination of the Christian Serbs and which the Nazis eventually abandoned.

Democrats, Then And Now: A Primer In Hypocrisy

Today I weep for my country. No more is the image of America one of strong, yet benevolent peacekeeper....

Israel?s Leftists Kindled Arab Fire

The main motivating force behind the American left has always been anti-Americanism,
and this has never been so apparent as during the current war against terrorism. While this is well
recognized, what is far less commonly known is that Israel has its own analogue to these people.
The Israeli left is as anti-Israel and anti-Jewish as the American left is anti-American.

Moshiach Bin Laden

17 Nisan 5763 – April 18, 2003
Abraham was a man who loved and feared G-d and had the character trait of self-sacrifice.

The Jewish List Of The World's Shortest Books

9 Nisan 5763 – April 11, 2003
I suppose everyone has seen lists of the ?World's Shortest Books.? Since I think we Jews
could use our own special list, I have, as a public service and in the spirit of Purim, prepared the
first annual Official Jewish List of the World's Shortest Books.

Settlements Not The Root Problem

25 Adar II 5763 – March 28, 2003
The real reason why peace has not been achieved between Israel and the Palestinians is that many Palestinians - and other Arabs - still prefer that Israel not exist as a Jewish state in the Middle East.

Useful Idiots On Parade

These negative traits were precisely what Lenin counted on when he described those whom he could manipulate to commit mass murder and spread totalitarianism as 'useful idiots.'

McPaper’s Blind Spot On Anti-Israel Terrorism

Let me count the ways that USA Today euphemized terrorists and their terrorist missions and organizations in a single story:

Anti-War Protesters? Grand Marching Song

We are progressive, caring, socially advanced, egalitarian and freedom-loving
progressives. We really care about people. We think peace is wonderful and war is evil. We are
marching to prevent the American imperialists from mistreating Iraqis. We oppose American
hegemony. We think George W. Bush is a mad cowboy. We love Palestinians and want them to
be free.

Who Wants To Be An Anti-Semite?

18 Adar II 5763 – March 21, 2003
The show has an interesting premise. People have to hide their hatred of Jews by disguising their actions as something else.

Land For Peace: The French Solution

So France is now leading the Solidarity with Saddam movement in Europe. This, of
course, is on top of France's long history of supporting Islamist fascism and Palestinian terrorism.

The Theology Of Political Correctness In 52 Easy Steps

10 Adar II 5763 – March 14, 2003
Interested in practicing the theology of political correctness? The very same practiced by
the PC Cult religion? Well, the theology of political correctness is based largely on going into
denial. So we have assembled a list of points in the PC Denial catechism that you will need to
practice if you truly wish to convert to being a PC progressive. Here is a list of the most
important principles of PC theology. Try to remember them all so that you can be caring and
open-hearted faster than you can say "race, gender, class" (the PC Trinity):

The ‘Lebanon Model’ And The Left’s Palkal Mindset

26 Adar I 5763 – February 28, 2003
There's a joke that used to be funny before September 11 ruined it. A man jumps off theroof of the World Trade Center in...

Amram Mitzna’s Inauguration Address (Composed for him by Steven Plaut)

20 Adar I 5763 – February 22, 2003
Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for electing me prime minister of Israel. As you know, I ran on a platform of peace and it is now my intention of keeping my promises to you and my backers and financiers from around the world -- and I shall be fulfilling what I have pledged to do.

The Hebrew Press’s Jihad Against Sharon

12 Adar I 5763 – February 14, 2003
The hegemony over the Hebrew press in Israel by the far Left has always been a threat to Israeli democracy. The Left utilizes its near-monopoly over the press to promote its extremist and defeatist agenda in a naked manner. The Oslo debacle would never have occurred without Israel's far Left exercising near-totalitarian control over the Hebrew press and electronic media.

Why Have Jewish Pride?

5 Adar I 5763 – February 7, 2003
Why are you proud to be Jewish? It's a simple question, but for many of us the answer is elusive.

Bush Critics Face More Unpleasant Surprises

While the very idea of a Palestinian state was once enough to bring Israel's American friends to the barricades and create enormous pressure on Washington, that is no longer the case.

You Give Us 22 Minutes, We Give You Political Propaganda: Sister Camille, WINS And...

28 Shevat 5763 – January 30, 2003
A state of their own, for a people who overwhelmingly approve of, and educate their children to become, suicide bombers.

Would A President Lieberman Be Good For The Jews?

Basically, what happened was that while everyone thought Lieberman would make Al Gore and the Clintonite Democrats kosher, it was Gore and the Dems who were making Lieberman non-kosher.

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