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An Open Letter to Rep. Jan Schakowsky, From Constituent, Rabbi Philip Lefkowitz

Your contention that Netanyahu wants a US-Iran war to benefit Israel is a canard of anti-Semites

Digesting the Elephant: Bibi’s Speech

Bibi’s efforts are to dissuade America from pursuing "A Deal with the Devil": Iran

Purim Fest 5775

Until recent times, every powerful nation that has ever ruled the world has been fundamentally anti-Semitic.

“Never Mind” Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

Schakowsky in her mendacious and clumsy way lends her Jewishness to give legitimacy to Obama on Iran

Netanyahu: Weak, Reckless or Just Smart?

To maintain a working relationship with Obama, Bibi has swallowed many insults, offenses, his pride

New Israel Fund Received More than $1 Million from US State Department

MK Yoni Chetboun said the NIF was committed to “erasing the Jewish identity from the Jewish State”

EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE: Husband Of New Israel Fund Director Supports Boycotts Against Israel

Alon Liel is one of the leading organizers of boycotts against Israel.

House Rep. Dropped from Charity Banquet Following Bibi Walkout

Schakowsky’s Bibi boycott wasn't well received by many in the pro-Israel community, or her district

What Netanyahu Failed to Say

Bibi's speech praised Kerry and Obama, grovelling, which won't lessen their hatred of him or Israel

Netanyahu Must Develop A Strong Spine

While PM, Bibi has allowed Israel to be treated like dirt on the world stage, especially by Obama

From Blood Libel to Tree Libel: JNF Responds to NYTimes OpEd

Nicholas Kristof's uncritical repetition of BDS diatribes against Israel and JNF raises red flags.

AIPAC Policy Conference: It’s All About the Bipartisanship

Attendees at this year’s AIPAC conference experienced a more intensive push toward bipartisanship

Freedom Under Attack

Values at the very heart of the UN are threatened by extremist ideologies targeting our way of life

Iran, Anti-Semitism, And Parallels From The Past

Anti-Semitism today focuses on Israel and the quest to delegitimize it.

The Very Embodiment Of Torah: A Talmid Remembers Rav Moshe Feinstein

There were no airs about him. Rav Moshe was affectionately known as the Gaon of Normalcy.

In a Persian Market – Bibi’s speech

Obama has an apparent inability to understand Islam in particular and Mid-East culture in general

The Power of Prayer

In honor of Prime Minister Netanyahu's successful speech before Congress.

What Would Spock Have to Say About Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran?

Mr. Spock conveys a message with painfully stark relevance to our world today, especially in the context of PM Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

New Israel Fund Does Not Belong in the Jewish Community

Enough is enough. The Jewish community has a big tent, but the NIF should have no place in it.

To Vote Or Not To Vote

I vote for the right and get left-wing policy. Every. Frigging. Time.

Combatting the Haman of Today

The Holocaust was the latest attempt of Amalek to destroy the special bond that we enjoy with God.

Purim Satire : Obama Ends Threats of Terrorism and War

UN inspectors were flabbergasted when Iran allowed them full unfettered access to All nuclear sites

The “Esther Moment” and Why There is Nothing “Random” About This Day

Obama's real problem is that he knows Netanyahu has more credibility on the Iran issue than he does.

Purim Memories1953: Moscow and Budapest

Stalin's plan for the Soviet's “final solution of the Jewish question” was totally assimilating them

Netanyahu’s Speech: What’s REALLY Going On

Many Jews oppose the speech fearing it will further erode relations between Israel & US. I disagree.

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