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Fighting terror : West Still Not Serious

Washington continues to overlook the deeds of Pakistan’s notorious Inter Service Intelligence

Needed: A Jewish Foreign Policy

By appeasing Abbas the past 2 decades, it's obvious Netanyahu doesn’t know how to negotiate with him

Instilling Hope from the Alon Shvut Intersection

“God guides our every step in this world. Let's make the most of these steps.”

Has the Time for the Redemption Arrived?

If we do things right, this year might even be the year of the final redemption!

Reciprocity: The formula to End Palestinian Terror

Arabs are allowed to live anywhere in Israel; Why are Jews murdered for living in Yesha&E.Jerusalem?


Now up in Heaven Reb Shlomo sings, With a chorus of angels for the Heavenly King...

Jewish Unity And The Eruv

An eruv is not merely an Orthodox mitzva; Conservative Judaism mandates an eruv for its adherents.

Abu Nabil And Me

To “How are you?” he always responded, “Hamdilila! Be’seder v’chetzi!” (Praise God! OK + a half!)

Why Israel Matters To Me

Today, I love Israel – with its warts and its beauty marks.

His Gift Will Last Long After Others Have Faded

"A Torah insight explains that though we think people fear darkness, in truth they fear the light.”

Tolerance at the Temple Mount

Will “progressives” and “liberals” rally to Rabbi Glick and advance the cause for Jewish rights?

iVoteIsrael: The Campaign of 2014

iVoteIsrael would like to congratulate all the Americans in Israel who voted in the 2014 US Elections for making their voice heard.

Backing Bangla Fight Against Terror

The Hasina government’s commendable crusade against Islamist terror has put its life at severe risk

Obama Officials’ Insults Are Vulgar, But Their Policies Are Far Worse

The WH&State Department deny reality. The '67 line is sacred; all beyond is illegal&to be forfeited

No Hero of Mine

What Rabin called a peace treaty, Arafat called a phased plan of destruction, screaming "JIHAD!"

Attack the Goose, Hold Sauce for the Gander

Two attacks on two elected Israeli officials in two days but what a difference in the response by police!

Israel’s Plague of Conspiracism

Conspiracism is a form of paranoid delusion taking over the entire lives&personalities of believers

Mother Rachel and the Birth of Natural Consciousness

Kabbalah teaches that mother Rachel symbolizes the Jewish People.

Avram and ISIS

Like Avram, we live in a real world with real limitations, facing genuinely challenging choices.

All Hail Ladonia!

It’s Time for Israel to Recognize the Royal Republic of Ladonia!

‘Chickens***-gate’: Obama Administration Proves it’s Got Nothing

The White House wanted to defame Netanyahu, undermine his reputation, impugn him & his policies

Extreme and Mainstream: Germany 1933; West Bank & Gaza 2014

Palestinian anti-Semitism in 2014 is more extreme and mainstream than German A/S in the 1930s.

What We Can Accomplish When We Choose To Make A Difference

Woven deeply through it all is the Jewish obligation to fight injustice.

Willful Blindness To Academic Anti-Semitism

Only in the inverted world of academia would Jewish professors denounce the AMCHA Initiative report.

Seizing The Moment

Many poskim were and are adamant about the responsibility of every individual to vote.

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