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Our (next) National Mission

We must engage in ideological war: Our ideas must cross their borders, infiltrating their societies.

Addressing the Sinai: First Step for Israeli/ Moderate Arab Alliance

Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan all have much to gain in fortifying Gaza's borders.

The Nazis Are Coming, The Nazis Are Coming

The average Israeli is remarkably stupid and thick-headed when it comes to the sanctity of freedom of speech.

Israel and the Art of the Showdown

Israel needs to bring about a showdown with its detractors, despite the reluctance of its leadership

Activism through Torah

Rav Ginsburgh, dean of Od Yosef Chai, has come out publicly against any form of price tag vandalism

Israel’s Defiant Economic growth

Assuming that Israel's economic growth depends on the conclusion of peace accords is inaccurate.

Let’s Recognize the Right to Self-Determination

What is the appropriate Israeli response when European countries recognize the "State of Palestine"?

One Mother’s Response to Terror

My son is seventeen; he didn't want to talk about what happened, or give any details of the Rosh Yeshiva's words of chizuk.

What Does Ferguson Have to Do With Israel?

All involved in the Ferguson debate should learn the laws pertinent to non-Jews: the Noahide Laws.

The PR Maven Who Helped Rescue The Bergson Group From Obscurity

Prominent Jewish leaders acknowledged that their predecessors had mistreated the Bergson Group.

The Implications Of De-Judaizing Jerusalem

Abbas has been adding new layers of rhetoric to his tactical campaign to de-Judaize Jerusalem

Jews Have A Long Memory

The Jew’s crime is his presence.

Unpaid Consultants To Palestinian Terror

Hamas’s love for death tried to have as many Palestinian civilians killed as possible

Rabbis Need To Show Moral Courage On Abuse Issues

Unfortunately, at present, the rabbinate does not play a positive role in preventing abuse.

The Ferguson Incident as a Metaphor for Israel

Cries of justice for Michael Brown drowned out any call for justice for Police Officer Daryl Wilson.

Who Is Setting the West Bank on Fire?

Unrest in YESHA and J'm helps Abbas and Abdullah defuse anger, gain politically and appear moderates

Everyone is a Shliach

A "Shliach" means to do acts with complete devotion and dedication in order to help bring Moshiach.

Who’s to Blame for the Terrorist Attacks in Jerusalem?

The pogroms in Chevron took place eighty five years ago, in 1929; the Holocaust began seventy-five years ago in 1939; the joint attack of...

Alternatives for Punishing Dead Terrorists

Perhaps attacking a terrorist's legacy broadly and publicly would dissuade others from terrorism?

What Can I Rectify?

R' Aryeh yelled "Run, I'll fight!" Using a chair against terrorists to buy time so others could flee

What The Media Didn’t Tell Us About Dalia

The "Media" didn’t want us to know what a kind, giving, loving young woman Dalia was.

The Temple Mount: Are Jews Allowed To Enter?

Maimonides himself walked and prayed in the permissible areas when he visited Eretz Yisrael in 1165

Staying Home On Election Day Is Too Expensive

Having a strong community presence at the polls shows our elected officials we care about the issues

Cousin Aryeh

I joined the large crowd but this time it was more personal; my cousin Aryeh was one of the victims.

Be Silent Not For Slaughter

Tuesday, Yom Shlishi, a doubly good day in the Torah, Esav's hands tried to silence Yaakov's voice.

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