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Defending David Gordon

We talked about the responsibility that comes with the pen, its potential to influence and inspire.

Miracle in Gaza: Power Plant the Guardian Declared “Destroyed” Comes Back to Life

Amnesty International:The crippling of the power station was “collective punishment of Palestinians”

Anti-Missionary Conference

Originally scheduled to be held elsewhere, the hotel canceled, pressured by local missionary groups

ISIS Promptly Outflanks Obama’s New Strategy, Neutralizes Syrian Opposition

It’s likely that some of the rebel factions, including US clients, have indeed made pacts with ISIS

New York’s Annual Muslim Day Parade Targets Israel, Egyptian President

Imam Tafsirli of the Harlem Islamic center: "You cannot be a Muslim without believing in Jesus"

“PUMP” to Kick Oil Addiction

If simple fuel choice were implemented, the power of petroleum and those who sell it would cease.

The Gift of The Islamic State

Value of IS: It enables people to see the place to which all other Islamist fascism is headed.

Obama’s Speech: ISIS IS NOT Islamic?? What World Does He Live In?

President Obama: "ISIL is not Islamic. No religion condones the killing of innocents"

The Cult of Uman

he time of the Uman pilgrimage is upon us, and we dare not ignore the opportunity to highlight the danger.

Don’t Let Apathy Become Abuse

Healing requires that the victim be validated for being harmed and the guilty assume responsibility.

What’s In A Name?

During the war, not once was Hashem’s name mentioned to the nation by Israel’s PM or gov't officials

9/11: The Day the West was Defeated.

Trapped in a false notion of power, America will lose the battle in the same way Israel now loses.

9/11 Yanked the Veil From my Eyes: Evil Exists; We Must Stop It

It's a cliché, but nonetheless true that 9/11 changed my life. There is evil in the world. Our grandparents were right.

It’s the Democracy, Stupid

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research Poll Aug 2014: 61% of Palestinians favor Hamas.

Islamist Terrorism: Practice, Not Preach, Zero Tolerance

Islamist terror threatens contemporary enlightened humanity’s shared fundamental rights and values.

“Mayor Nir Barkat Fired Me for Doing My Job”

Jerusalem requires a delicate touch; As everyone knows, Jerusalem is a delicate mix of culture and religion.

I Remember When

I REMEMBER WHEN I first started working at the Jewish Press 18 years ago, Arnie who was in charge of the newsroom, took me under his wing...

Jerusalem Intifada Reaches French Hill

Another round of intifada violence wracked the city of Jerusalem Sunday night, destroying a gas station and wounding two motorists.

The Facts on the Gvaot Declaration Case

Neither Arabs nor Israelis live on this land; it's been classified as state land since before 1948unter:

Journalism’s World of Extremes: Celebrity Pictures and Killings

The problem of course is that their morality is immoral, the most immoral.

BBC News Report on Land and ‘Settlements’ Again Hampers Audience Understanding

To be accurately described as expropriation, the property in question has to have an owner.

Religious Freedom, Metzitzah B’Peh, And Circumcision

The higher the standard of review, the less likely it is the law will be constitutional.

Some Lessons From The War With Hamas

The real enemy of Israel is not Arab fascism but Jewish leftism.

What’s Your Name?

There are three Jewish crowns: the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood, and the crown of kingship.

No ‘Us’ Or ‘Them’ When It Comes To Jews In Israel

Israeli authorities and leaders view themselves as responsible for every Jew, everywhere,

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