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The Middle East ‘Off-The-Road Map’

11 Tammuz 5763 – July 11, 2003
To the terrorists, peace agreements and land treaties and photo-ops on the White House lawn mean one thing -- weakness on the part of the other party.

How Good A Job Are Our Yeshivas Really Doing?

Nothing mentioned here is intended as halacha; I'm not authorized to make such determinations.

Confidence-Building Measures

Why, what an excellent set of confidence-building concessions, I thought happily as the TV screen suddenly went black. I yawned as I rubbed my sleepy eyes.

Same Old Stuff?

By any standard, the moment of truth for the "road map" has arrived.

Letters To The Editor

Hatred's RootsLeon Wieseltier's commentary on anti-Semitism ('The Village Is Not Burning,' June 6) is erudite and elegant. Simpler, I suggest anti-Semitism's bared roots are...

Hide Your Wallet When You See A ‘Caring Leftist’

I have long believed that the one time the Left is even more dangerous than when it is pursuing "peace" is when it suddenly gets all caring-pooh about the underprivileged.

The Times Just Doesn't Give Up

On its front page Sunday, The New York Times carried a box headlined, "Some Expect Hamas To Resume Talking," with the following text:

From The Jayson Blair School Of Journalism

With the Jayson Blair scandal occupying center stage for weeks and the resignations of two top honchos at the New York Times over Blair's admitted manufacturing of the news and plagiarism, one would have thought that the journalistic world would stay away from anything that would remind readers of the affair.

Deconstructing Sharon

9 Tammuz 5763 – July 9, 2003
Discriminating readers of The New York Times grew accustomed in the late 1990's to the error-prone (as well as transparently biased) reports filed with mind-numbing regularity by the paper's former Jerusalem bureau chief Deborah Sontag.

The Village Is Not Burning: A Realist’s Appraisal Of Anti-Semitism Today

5 Tammuz 5763 – July 4, 2003
I do not believe that the United States is just another address for Jews on the run, just a safer haven.

Focusing On The Here And Now In An Israel Under Siege

"I'm glad you're carrying a gun," I replied. Clearly I was living more in Israel by then. But after a moment I said, "I think. I don't know you real well, do I?"

It’s Our Choice: Lessons From The Book Of Ruth

Why do we read this sad tale of Ruth, and why don't we think of the Book of Ruth as a sad story?

A Rose Is A Rose…

Does anyone actually believe that Hamas or any other of the other terrorist entities waiting in line to be rewarded for their bloodbaths against the Jews will be satisfied once the Jews leave the 'occupied territories'?

Remedial Map-Reading For The New York Times

Challenged to correct the false settlement-dismantling assertion, the Times instead dissembled. On May 21, Weisman wrote: "The peace plan calls implicitly for settlements to be dismantled as part of a final settlement, its drafters say."

Magic Moment: Shavuot At The Kotel, 1967

Every Jew who ventured to the Western Wall on that unforgettable day represented the living realization of his ancestors' dreams.

Letters To The Editor

Road Map To JordanOriginally, today's "Palestinians" were nomadic, itinerant laborers who were imported into the Jordan River region by the Ottoman Turks in the...

Slippery Slope To Oslo

As the "road map" process inches forward, there are eerie reminders of the failures of the Oslo "peace process."

Double Standard?

Some time ago, a veteran, prominently Orthodox Jewish, New York State civil servant was alleged to have misused the reimbursement process in connection with living expenses for his Albany stays.

Newsday And Abuse In The Jewish Community

As we noted several weeks ago, despite the continuing coverage of claims of abuse in our yeshivas, attesting to the significance we attach to the problem, we nonetheless expressed our serious reservations about how the issue was treated in The Jewish Week.

Operation Iraqi Freedom And Weapons Of Mass Destruction

It seems de rigueur these days to claim that President Bush prevaricated when he took us to war against Iraq.

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