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The Struggle

28 Kislev 5775 – December 19, 2014
The travail of Yosef was undoubtedly the greatest trauma of Yaakov’s life, which certainly knew its share of hardships.

Parshas Miketz: The Death Of A Dream

Yosef, in interpreting the first set of dreams, performed in a manner that was clearly miraculous to all.

Combating The Influences

Chazal teach us that we need to be “sur may’rah v’asei tov,”avoid bad and do good.

The Great Chase

When we celebrate the completion of learning a section of Torah, we recite the Hadran.

Daf Yomi

Fetal Immersion? ‘The Fetus Is A Limb Of Its Mother’ (Yevamos 78a)

Joseph and the Brotherhood of Man

Yosef proves he is a true leader; He is continually and fully engaged in the task of running Egypt

Fulfilling The Mitzvah Of Procreation

When the inability cannot be clearly attributed to either spouse, the halacha is the subject of debate among the Rishonim.

Our Most Powerful But Unused Weapon

Those who reject our beliefs know in their souls Jewish power stems from our faith and our prayers.

Stolen Silver

He stepped outside, and, to his dismay, the menorah was missing. It had been stolen.

Why Are We Called Yehudim?

Though we Jews have deep obligations to all people our obligation to our fellow Jew is unique.

Gila’s Miracle Baby

In a way that decision was the first in a series of miracles with which Hashem blessed us.

Q & A: Arabs Circumcise At 13 (Part IV)

Question: If Abraham was commanded to circumcise his descendants on the eighth day, why do Arabs – who claim to descend from Abraham through Yishmael – wait until their children are 13 to circumcise them? I am aware that this is a matter of little consequence to our people. Nevertheless, this inconsistency is one that piques my curiosity. M. Goldman (Via E-mail)

Aleph Beta: Miketz: Reversing the Sale of Joseph‏

Exploring the connection between Pharaoh's dreams and the story of Joseph being sold into slavery.

Hashem Fights Our Wars

Our right to exist and our form of self-government were decided by the ruling parties.

Where And Why We Light

It is clear that Tosafos maintains that only someone who lives in a house must light Chanukah candles.

A Chanukah Party

If Chanukah was simply a commemoration of the miracle of the oil and Menorah, we would be hard pressed to see the connection between the reading from Parshas Nesiim and Chanukah.

Parshas Miketz

26 Kislev 5775 – December 17, 2014

Chanukah Miracles: The Candle Which Didn’t Light

25 Kislev 5775 – December 16, 2014
"Can you hear what the dead are whispering? Leave Galut, escape to Eretz Israel-Lech lecha!"

‘House of David’ Rock on Exhibit at NY Metropolitan Museum of Art

The ‘homely’ ancient rock, discovered in 1993, adds evidence of King David’s existence.

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