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Aleph Beta: Vayakhel-Pekudei: God In Space, God In Time

Rabbi Fohrman considers what it mean to bring God into this world through space and through time.

Focus On The Important Stuff

Examples of the group of fundamental commandments are Sabbath, prayer and Jewish education.

What One May Not Learn On Shabbos

Even if a certain halacha appears in the same Gemara as another, the Rambam is known to place it in the section that he felt it belonged.

The Link Between Shabbat And The Mishkan

Perhaps the greatest manifestation of human creativity in the Torah is the building of the Mishkan

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Vayakehel/Pikudei

Torah is written with a human bent; As the Talmud says, "The Torah speaks in the language of men."

Shabbos: A Day With Hashem – True Rest

Even though it sometimes seems as if we have been abandoned, nothing could be further from the truth.

Parshat Ki Tisa

The moment Moshe Rabbeinu was deemed by the mixed multitude to be an inept leader, it was Yosef who filled the void in people’s hearts.

Aleph Beta: Ki Tisa: A Closer Look At Kiddush‏

Over and over, the text tells us about "keeping" Shabbat, about holiness, and a covenant - but why?

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Ki Tissa

Aharon’s guilt with the golden calf is not clear-cut. What if Moshe were in his brother’s place?

Please Open The Door

When Hashem told Moshe of the option to destroy the people and make him and his descendants into a great nation, Hashem was telling Moshe that it is up to him.

Are Women Obligated to Daven Musaf?

Why would the exemption of women from donating the half shekel exempt them from davening Musaf?

Purim And The Joy Of Life

This concept should be very relevant to us as we, too, should be happy beyond description.

Purim: Concealing and Revealing

Does Hashem ever go away and not pay attention to us?

Jewish Spirituality

In other words, the Torah is an expression of the Way that we must follow in order to live a divine-like life and to bond in the highest way possible with God or Being Itself.

There Is Shatnez In The Kohen’s Garment

The Chasam Sofer answers that one of only prohibited from wearing a garment that contains shatnez if he does so while wearing the garment for pleasure purposes.

A Diamond With A Flaw

The avodah (service) of the kohen gadol is vital and highly sensitive; the world’s very existence depends on it.

Mitzvas Megillah

This was a spontaneous act of rest after the miracle of vanquishing their respective foes. The following year they celebrated on the same days as a minhag.

The Soft Call Of The Priestly Bells

In holy places it's important to maintain a level of silence permitting people to dialogue with God

Aleph Beta: Tetzaveh: Angels In the Tabernacle Part II‏

How the 3 partitions of the mishkan each relate to a layer of creation, aiding our connection to God

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Tetzaveh

What about the Temple service required God to intervene commanding Aaron what he needed to wear?

Torat Hakehillah

An open miracle occurred before our very eyes… the scheduled demonstration turned into a resounding celebration.

Aleph Beta: Terumah: Angels In the Tabernacle?‏

The keruvim, or cherubs, appear in the tabernacle in three different places. What is their meaning?

Balancing Bitachon And Hishtadlus

While it may appear that man is in charge, Hashem orchestrates every activity on the planet

The Homeless Solution

Man feels vulnerable, exposed, even when he considers himself a great being.

Building The Third Beis Hamikdash

The Aruch Laner asks: How can Rashi say that the third Beis Hamikdash will descend as fire from heaven when every Jew prays several times a day for the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash?

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