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President Rivlin Asking Boris Johnson to Send the Queen Over

10 Adar 5777 – March 8, 2017
It's doubtful the Royals would set foot on Jerusalem's soil any time soon, especially not on the anniversary of their country's promise to establish a homeland for the Jews.

British PM Stands Firm on Support for Israel as ‘Remarkable Country’

13 Kislev 5777 – December 12, 2016
British PM Theresa May expressed unmitigated support for the Jewish State in her address at a CFI luncheon.

Israel Marks the Partition Vote That Led to Rebirth of the Jewish State

29 Heshvan 5777 – November 29, 2016
The historic partition vote that led to the rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel would have also created another Arab state.

Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas’ Speech to UN General Assembly: FULL TEXT

20 Elul 5776 – September 22, 2016
The full text of the speech to the UN General Assembly by PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, delusions included.

The Jay Shapiro Show – The Balfour Declaration and Mahmoud Abbas [audio]

14 Av 5776 – August 18, 2016
By a strange quirk of history, Lord Balfour created both the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Mahmoud Abbas Hopes to Sue UK Over 100-yr-old Balfour Declaration

20 Tammuz 5776 – July 25, 2016
The Palestinian Authority leader has failed to govern his people to nationhood and now hopes to rip it by force from history 100 years old.

The Balfour Declaration and the Reaction of Rav Kook

3 Heshvan 5775 – October 27, 2014
Rav Kook offered recognition to the British but not thanks; the British merely fulfilled its destiny

‘Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts’: Israel and International Law

4 Shevat 5774 – January 5, 2014
A brief history of Israel’s legal right to the land under international law.

Pro-Israel New Yorkers Protest 92nd St Y’s anti-Israel Speaker

23 Sivan 5773 – June 1, 2013
Richard Allen of JCC Watch said, "There has been a pattern - first with [BDS activist] Roger Waters and now with Alice Walker. All of our efforts to speak with the 92nd Street Y administrators have been met with closed doors, closed ears and closed minds."

Ze’ev Jabotinsky: 70 Years Since The Passing Of An Exceptional Zionist

24 Av 5770 – August 4, 2010
A portrait of Ze'ev Jabotinsky may still adorn Likud conventions in Israel, but the ideas of this great Zionist leader - who passed away 70 years ago this week - are essentially forgotten and/or ignored.

Letters To The Editor

16 Shevat 5765 – January 26, 2005
Galut Mentality"In every generation one is obligated to see himself as if he has exited Egypt." (Passover Haggadah)When the Jews left Egypt and were...

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