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Eight Crucial Things You Need to Know About the Amona Case

6 Shevat 5777 – February 1, 2017
The two Arab claimants own only a sliver – about half an acre altogether, out of the 125 acres of the Amona territory – less than .5%.

Eight Crucial Things You Need to Know About the Amona Case

20 Heshvan 5777 – November 20, 2016
The two Arab claimants own only a sliver – about half an acre altogether, out of the 125 acres of the Amona territory – less than .5%.

Plan In The Works to Transfer Residents of Amona To Alternative Location

25 Tammuz 5776 – July 31, 2016
Amona residents appear to be opposed to any compromise even at the expense of being evacuated by force.

Tears From 2 Security Officers, Refusals to Expel Sa-Nur Families

14 Av 5775 – July 30, 2015
At least 2 Border Guard officers refused early Thursday to expel families from the ruins of Sa-Nur.

The Soldiers Always Let Us Pass

11 Av 5775 – July 27, 2015
We asked the soldiers, what will you tell your children you did during the Disengagement?

Most General Staff Were Opposed Unilateral Disengagement from Gaza

9 Av 5775 – July 24, 2015
Naveh said that then PM Ariel Sharon did not consult with the IDF senior officers about the Disengagement.

Returning Home for a Visit

7 Av 5775 – July 22, 2015
On Tuesday, Israelis who used to live in the northern Shomron town of Sa-Nur returned to see what was left of their former home. The...

10 Buses for 10 Years: Remembering Gush Katif

22 Tammuz 5775 – July 9, 2015
This interactive trip, marking the tenth anniversary of the expulsion from Gush Katif, will take ten busloads of visitors to several of the new Gush Katif communities, to show solidarity with them.

Aryeh Deri – Shas Will Expel Jews From Their Homes [video]

20 Adar 5775 – March 11, 2015
As the infamous quote says, "We established what you are, now we're just haggling over the price."

Another Ambush in Jerusalem as Media Ignores ‘Silent Intifada’

21 Tishri 5775 – October 15, 2014
Ambush victim’s solution to Arab rioting: “Put them in Gaza.”

The Top 5 Ways You Can Help Gush Katif Expellees!

5 Tishri 5775 – September 28, 2014
As we're thinking ahead and making our New Year resolutions, here are 5 easy ways to help the Zionist pioneering citizens formerly of Gush Katif rebuild their lives destroyed in the 2005 Disengagement Plan.

Israelis Living Near Gaza Border Seek Assistance to Move; Will Disengagement Supporters Help?

30 Av 5774 – August 26, 2014
Israelis in Gaza border communities need to get out; who will help them?

Lieberman: Kill Hamas Leaders if Soldiers’ Body Parts not Returned

18 Av 5774 – August 13, 2014
Lieberman comes up with his third solution in less than a month what to do with Gaza. The question is what to do with Lieberman.

The Disengagement made Gaza More Dangerous

29 Tammuz 5774 – July 27, 2014
A reader claimed the Disengagement from Gaza was good, because it reduced the number of murdered Israelis. Examining the numbers tells a different story...

It’s Time to Go Home

29 Tammuz 5774 – July 26, 2014
JoeSettler points out that most Gazans want to leave, and most Jews want to go back home to Gush Katif. How about a solution that actually resolves the conflict?

JobKatif: Strength for Those in Need

24 Tammuz 5774 – July 21, 2014
It has been 9 years since Israel’s Disengagement. JobKatif continues to bring relief to the unemployed and underemployed families From Gush Katif through vocational training, employment placement, counseling and coaching.

The Formula for Holding On to the Land

16 Iyyar 5774 – May 15, 2014
Israeli leadership doesn’t look to God for help, it gave away Gaza because of political predictions and calculations.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy Dies at Age 72

10 Adar II 5774 – March 12, 2014
Retired Supreme Court Edmund Levy, who headed a three-man committee that debunked allegations that Israel is an “occupier,” died Tuesday night at the age...

Gush Katif Expellees Looking Forward to Permanent Homes

26 Adar I 5774 – February 25, 2014
The Gush Katif Committee has worked for several months with Housing minister Uri Ariel, and the Tnufa administration headed by Yisrael Melachi, to develop...

Former Ambassador for Israel Again Ambassador for a Smaller Israel

13 Shevat 5774 – January 14, 2014
Michael Oren thinks if the U.S. can't force Israel to give up land for nothing, Israel should do it on its own.

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