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July 23, 2016 / 17 Tammuz, 5776

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UNESCO has a Curious Definition of “History”

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

{Originally posted to the author’s blog, Elder of Ziyon}

Times of Israel reports:

The UN cultural body’s World Heritage Committee is set to vote on a controversial draft resolution challenging Jewish historical ties to the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and calling of a return to the “historic status quo” on the holy site. A similar resolution was adopted by the organization’s executive board in April, a move that infuriated Israel.

A revised joint Palestinian-Jordanian draft resolution on “the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls” was submitted to the 21-member committee which is convening for its annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. The text calls for a return of the Temple Mount and the al-Aqsa Mosque to “the historic status quo,” a status that existed before the 1967 war.

The language of “historic status quo” is new and wasn’t in the April resolution.

The wording implies that the anomalous situation in Jerusalem during the 19 years between 1948 and 1967 was not anomalous at all, but was a “historic status quo.”

While this absurd draft resolution denies any Jewish connection to Judaism’s holiest site on the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, the use of the word “historic” to refer to before 1967 could easily be used to claim that any Jewish presence in the Old City is a violation of the 1948-1967 situation when Jordan ensured that the Old City was Jew-free.

The PLO and Jordan have an interestingly skewed definition of “historic.” After all, neither Jordan nor the Palestinian Arab people existed a hundred years ago, if you try to look for them in any contemporaneous newspaper articles or books.

The Palestinians use the word “Historic Palestine” to refer to the borders of British Mandate Palestine, an entity that existed for less than three decades. There are no maps of “historic Palestine” that include those borders prior to 1920.

By emphasizing the word “historic’ to refer to events that are a blink in the eye of history, the Palestinians and Jordanians are attempting to remove any Jewish connection to the only historic Jewish land.

After all, if events that happened in the 20th century are “historic,” then anything before than is prehistoric and irrelevant.

The intentional misuse of the word “historic” is an attempt to ethnically cleansethe Jewish people from history – and to inflate the value of the recently invented Jordanian and Palestinian Arab people.

Perhaps Israel should submit a new resolution to return Jerusalem to the historic status quo of how it was under King Solomon. At the very least it could expose how the Arabs are trying to hijack the very word.

Elder of Ziyon

History Repeats Itself

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

If an unlearned person were to wander into an operating room while a surgical team was amputating a patient’s leg, he would be aghast. What cruelty! What horrible people these doctors are! If he wandered into an operating room where a patient’s ailing heart was being removed from his body, the bystander would be even more appalled. What savagery! What hateful creatures these doctors are! Of course, the opposite is the case. The doctors are good people, acting compassionately to save the patient’s life. Because the physicians are people too, with feelings like everyone else, taking these drastic surgical measures is upsetting for them also, but they proceed with their wok, precisely out of their feelings of care for the patient, knowing that the surgery is necessary for the patient’s ultimate good.

So too, when I point out the inherent illness of the Diaspora. For a Jew to live in the Diaspora is like a fish living out of water. The fish can flop around for a time, but eventually it will die. The Diaspora was never meant to last. It is a punishment that is meant to end with the return of the Jews to Israel. The Talmud describes the Diaspora as darkness. The Prophet, Ezekiel, describes it as a valley of dried bones. In the Diaspora, wherever it may be, the Jewish People are dry, scattered bones. We have no national Jewish body. Rather we get whatever nourishment we can from foreign countries, but we are always a minority in someone else’s land. The Jewish People only has real life, and can only exist as an independent NATION, when we are living in our own Jewish land, the Holy Land, and not in a gentile country.

Many people have a hard time understanding this because the focus of their lives is on their own private existence. Basically, they live for themselves. If things are going well with them they are happy. The fact that 70% of the Jews in America are assimilating doesn’t bother them. In their home, things are fine. They have money, freedom to do what they want, they send their children to top colleges, what could be better? It’s a little like a person with a silent cancer spreading through his whole body. As long as his brain is still working, he thinks everything is as good as can be. The disease is destroying his body, but he believes everything is great. In the Diaspora, in every Diaspora, even in America, Joe Cohen or Miriam Schwartz may be doing just dandy, but the Jewish People are dying as a whole.

So I try to open people’s eyes to the real situation. True, it is like getting the blind to see. People like to cling to their delusions. In Spain, the Jews were the top of society until the Inquisition reminded them that they weren’t wanted. The Jews of Germany rubbed elbows with the elite of the Republic until Hitler rose to power. Rabbi Kook and Zeev Jabotinsky warned of the storm that was approaching, but the Jews held fast to their illusions. “You’re exaggerating!” they replied. “Jews have never had it better!” Rabbi Kook wrote passionate letters to the heads of European Jewry, but they refused to listen. Even as they were marched off to the gas chamber, many Jews thought that things would be all right.

Unfortunately, the old adage is true. History repeats itself. People who think that it can’t happen in America are deluding themselves. There is already a silent Holocaust devastating 70% of American Jewry, leading the Jewish People into the gas chamber of intermarriage. The esteemed Torah giant, Rabbi Yaacov Emden wrote before the Holocaust:

“When it seems to us, in our present peaceful existence outside of the Land of Israel, that we have found another Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem, this to me is the most poignant, deepest, most obvious and direct cause of all of the awful, frightening, monstrous, and unimaginable destructions that we have experienced in the Diaspora” (Siddur Beit Yaacov, Introduction, pg.13).

The universally revered Torah Sage, the “Ohr Samaoch,” Rabbi Meir Simcha HaKohen from Dvinsk, writes in his classic treatise, the “Meshech Chochmah,” that “if a Jew thinks that Berlin is Jerusalem, then a raging stormwind will uproot him by his trunk, a tempest will arise and spread its roaring waves and swallow and destroy, and rage forth without pity” (Meshech Chochmah, pg.191).

I love the Jewish People. That’s why I write what I write. It is the people who keep quiet and hide the truth who are the enemies of the Jews, not me. The leaders of the Jewish communities in the Diaspora who, being deluded themselves, close their eyes to the cancer of the Diaspora, enjoying their positions of leadership and honor, enjoying the moment, while ignoring the storm clouds ahead. Unfortunately, their vision is tragically shortsighted. History repeats itself. What happened in Spain and Germany will, in one way or another, transpire in America, and France, and England, as well. The exile isn’t meant to last forever. Why wait for its painful end? You can save yourselves now. At least for the sake of your children. If you truly love them, you can still rescue them now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. It is far wiser to learn from history then to deny and ignore it!



Tzvi Fishman

Rare Cache of Silver Coins From Hasmonean Period Found in Modi’in

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

More proof that Jews lived and prospered in the Land of Israel long before the so-called “Palestinian Arabs” ever walked this piece of real estate…

During the time of the Hasmoneans, a Jewish family of means owned an estate in Modi’in which had an olive grove and a press with which to produce olive oil, as well as vineyards and wine presses for the production of wine. And the family patriarch was a coin collector.

He was clearly a man of means: but something must have happened, and the family was forced to flee. Just before quitting their estate, he hid his coins between the massive stones in a wall, hoping to retrieve them later. But it was not to be, and it is only now, millennia later, his fellow Jews have discovered the treasure, and are learning his story.

* * *

The hoard of silver coins dating to the Hasmonean period (126 BCE) was exposed in April, in an archaeological excavation the Israel Antiquities Authority is currently conducting near Modi‘in, with the participation of local youth. The excavation is being carried out prior to the construction of a new neighborhood, at the initiative of the Modi‘in-Maccabim-Re‘ut municipality. The treasure was hidden in a rock crevice, up against a wall of an impressive agricultural estate that was discovered during the excavation there.

 IAA archaeologist Shahar Krispin during the discovery of the silver coin hoard that was found in the estate house in Modi'in.

IAA archaeologist Shahar Krispin during the discovery of the silver coin hoard that was found in the estate house in Modi’in.

Avraham Tendler, director of the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, said “This is a rare cache of silver coins from the Hasmonean period comprised of shekels and half-shekels (tetradrachms and didrachms) that were minted in the city of Tyre and bear the images of the king, Antiochus VII and his brother Demetrius II.

“The cache that we found is compelling evidence that one of the members of the estate who had saved his income for months needed to leave the house for some unknown reason. He buried his money in the hope of coming back and collecting it, but was apparently unfortunate and never returned.

“It is exciting to think that the coin hoard was waiting here 2,140 years until we exposed it,” Tendler said.

“The cache, which consists of 16 coins, contains one or two coins from every year between 135–126 BCE, and a total of nine consecutive years are represented, explained Dr. Donald Tzvi Ariel, head of the Coin Department at the Israel Antiquities Authority.

“It seems that some thought went into collecting the coins, and it is possible that the person who buried the cache was a coin collector. He acted in just the same way as stamp and coin collectors manage collections today.”

“The findings from our excavation show that it was a Jewish family that established an agricultural estate on this hill during the Hasmonean period,” Tendler added.

Aerial photograph of the Hasmonean estate house in Modi'in.

Aerial photograph of the Hasmonean estate house in Modi’in.

“The family members planted olive trees and vineyards on the neighboring hills and grew grain in valleys. An industrial area that includes an olive press and storehouses where the olive oil was kept is currently being uncovered next to the estate.

“Dozens of rock-hewn winepresses that reflect the importance of viticulture and the wine industry in the area were exposed in the cultivation plots next to the estate. The estate house was built of massive walls in order to provide security from the attacks of marauding bandits.”

Hana Levi Julian

Is the Israeli Government Empowering Islam’s Disregard for History?

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

{Originally posted to the Israel Rising website}

“Israel is not the problem on the Temple Mount; Israel is the solution,”Bibi Netanyahu said back in October 2015. “We’re keeping the status quo, we’re the only ones who will do it, and we will continue to do this in a responsible, serious manner.”

Over six months after those tense fall and winter months, when it looked like all was about to unravel under an increasing terror wave from Palestinian radicals, the spring seemed to bring an odd calmness.  Even the Temple Mount, the supposed heart of the conflict saw a growing amount of Jews being allowed up.

To many, the Prime Minister’s approach seemed to have worked and yet we see, like always what the real reason is for the reprieve in Palestinian violence in connection to Jerusalem.

With the help of Regavim and other activists, a situation came to light concerning the Muslim Waqf’s intention to alter the status quo by harming the walls of the Temple Mount in order to facilitate increased access for Muslim worshipers in time for Ramadan in June. The site in question is on the Mount’s South side and would irrevocably damage a declared antiquities site.

In March 2016 the Israel Antiquities Authority  filed a lawsuit against the Muslim Waqf in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court that petitioned the court  to give a permanent injunction prohibiting the continued work of the illegal site and restitution.  The injunction was in fact granted, yet one day later the Prime Minister’s office intervened and the injunction was lifted.

This is Bibi’s style.  He talks tough and behind the scenes gives the Palestinian Arabs some gifts in order to remain calm. This particular gift is set to be explosive and would be the first time since the Waqf dug up ancient artifacts on the Temple Mount that they would be allowed to completely alter the status quo.

In early May the Antiquities Authority sent a message to the court insisting the government appeared set on settling the matter through discussion with the Waqf.  In fact, the political echelon admitted that they wanted time to have a dialogue and asked for an extension that would lead until July.

“In the meantime, and during the period in which you are active on the political level and try to finish the matter through dialogue with the Waqf, the  illegal construction at the archaeological site continues, in violation of the order to stop work against them with total disregard for their obligations according to the law and instead attempt to talk with them,” lawyers for the Antiquities Authority charged in  written statement. “The construction works are expected to be completed at the archaeological site with the start of Ramadan in about two weeks. The experience of our client says that as soon as work on the toilets will begin, it will be difficult for future enforcement actions.”

This week right wing NGO Regavim issued the following the statement: “This week, we issued an urgent letter to the prime minister, the mayor of Jerusalem and Minister Regev that the (IAA) is under her wing. We are also preparing a petition on the matter to the Supreme Court. This destruction of Jewish History can not continue on the Temple Mount.”

The question of status quo is constantly pushed to frame actions by Jews on the Temple Mount as encroachment, while actions by Muslims and their supporters are merely restoring that which the Jewish presence altered.  The real question for the government is at what cost do we incur by letting the Muslim Waqf radically change our holiest site in exchange for some quiet. Giving up on the Temple Mount sets the stage for the rest of Jerusalem and so forth. The government would be wise to admit to itself and to the public that the farce of a “status quo” is just that, a lie and if the Waqf cannot uphold its part of the agreement, we no longer need to as well.

David Mark

A Soldier’s Mother: Her Future is My History

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

{Guest post by Alexandra Markus. Reprinted with permission from Paula Stern’s blog, A Soldier’s Mother}

Paula Stern: I saw this post and as I read it, I realized that for the most part, it’s what I would have written in the days and weeks before I moved to Israel almost 24 years ago. In a very real way, her future is my history. I was older than she is now; I had already given birth to three children, well on my way to the five God has granted me, but the thoughts…they are hers…but mine too.

My children are the children she dreams of having – and I pray that she will be as blessed because truly, as she writes, that is my life. My children walk this land with pride; they do not live in fear.

Read this, if you ever wondered why I came to live here in this land; read this if you were wondering why so many are coming today. Read this and be proud of this young woman, as I am…and I think deep down, I’m hoping to gain another kid (if she’ll let me)…so many boys, it’s probably time to adopt another girl, isn’t it?

Guest post by Alexandra Markus:

People wonder why I want to live in Israel and be Israeli.

I want to be Israeli because I want my children to be Israeli.

I want them to not have pennies thrown at them at school.

Or to watch their friends wince amidst the cries of “dirty Jew!” as they get pinned to the ground, beaten and tortured.

I want them to be Israeli so that they don’t feel like they have to hide, to live in the cloistered ghettos of Hampstead and Cote-St-Luc, hiding from anti-Semitism and shielding their children to the best of their abilities from a life of prejudice.

I want my children to be Israeli so that they can run and play freely, raised by many mothers and fathers, where they can just go over to someone’s house for shabbat and feel looked after with love and belonging.

So that they can study math and science at a higher level than they do in Europe and North America, while still learning of their people’s ancient traditions.

I want them to be Israeli so that they could bathe in the environment of “anything is possible,” of “if you can dream it, you can do it” that made ‘Start-Up nation’ possible.

I want them to be Israeli so that they can serve in the IDF proudly and nobody will question me for letting them gain resilience as they put their lives in danger to defend Am Israel.

I don’t want my kids raised around Jews who are afraid or ashamed of their homeland, who are raised on media where anti-Semitism/antiZionism is accepted and validated.

I don’t want them to have their national loyalty questioned when I hang an Israeli flag over my window.

Finally, I don’t want them to feel like they have to vote for politicians based solely on their Israel policy, rather than their domestic portfolio and foreign policy, because they feel like they have no choice.

I want to raise my Israeli children in Israel because I want them to be absolutely sure where “home” is.

Guest Author

Protesters: Tel-Aviv U ‘Nakba Day’ an Anti-Israel event Aiming to Rewrite History

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Dozens of Arab and radical-left students have been holding a ceremony in commemoration of the “Nakba,” a day that marks the Arab failure to destroy the nascent Jewish state in 1948.

Dozens of Im Tirtzu activists together with activists from other Zionist movements arrived and protested the very fact of such an event being held at Tel-Aviv University. During the ceremony Im Tirtzu activists waved Israeli flags and distributed “Nakba Nonsense” booklets, which expose the truth surrounding the distorted narrative of the Nakba.

Im Tirtzu activists brought a 15-foot tall inflatable Pinocchio doll designed to emphasize the lie of the Nakba that the radical-left has attempted to instill in the public consciousness.

Im Tirtzu’s CEO, Matan Peleg, said at the protest that “the goal of these radical-left organizations is to create an atmosphere of guilt within Israeli society about Israel’s victory in the War of Independence; this in order to undermine from within the very existence of the State of Israel. In the face of such an hypocritical anti-Israel event that aims to rewrite history, and which ultimately calls for the destruction of Israel, we must display Israeli pride and faith in the righteousness of our cause.”

Peleg added, “We cannot afford the luxury of allowing this anti-Israel propaganda to go unchallenged. It is already widespread throughout the world, and is embedded within Israel backed by foreign political funds. We will continue to fight against this phenomenon with all the means at our disposal, without fear, and with a sense of great responsibility.”

David Israel

UN Mid-East Envoy Not Thrilled with Netanyahu’s Free History Lesson Offer

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

The UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov, on Saturday angrily refused an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend his lecture to the world organization on Jewish history. The PM’s offer came in response to a UNESCO resolution that ignored completely the Jewish history of key spots in the Old City of Jerusalem, most notably the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. According to UNESCO, both sites have always been Arab, and only Arab.

“I was shocked to hear that UNESCO adopted a decision denying any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, our holiest site,” Netanyahu said in a statement, adding, “It is hard to believe that anyone, let alone an organization tasked with preserving history, could deny this link, which spans thousands of years.”

As a measure of correcting “this historical ignorance,” the prime minister, whose late father was a prominent professor of history, offered to host a special lecture on Jewish history for all UN personnel in Israel.

Mladenov appeared deeply offended by the PM’s suggestion that his staff were uneducated. “If someone wants to issue invitations they should be sent to Paris and addressed to the ambassadors of the member-states of UNESCO there,” he said in a statement. “UN staff in Jerusalem know the history of the region, its people and religions all too well.”

It should be noted that after Israeli officials had hit the ceiling in reaction to the insulting UNESCO resolution, the organization’s chief Irina Bokova issued a statement acknowledging that “Jerusalem is a Holy Land of the three monotheistic religions, a place of dialogue for all Jewish, Christian and Muslim people.”

Perhaps Netanyahu could ask Bokova to give that free lecture.


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