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August 30, 2014 / 4 Elul, 5774
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Prospects Of Peace In Gaza Strip Bleak

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

In his much-publicized latest telephonic conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  American President Barack Obama has reportedly “expressed concern about the risk of further escalation” in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Gaza Strip  and emphasized the need for “all sides to do everything they can to protect the lives of civilians and restore calm.”  Reports are that  Obama has proposed  ”  to facilitate a cessation of hostilities, including a return to the November 2012 ceasefire agreement.” French and Russian Presidents Francois Hollande and Vladimir Putin have made similar ceasefire pleas . Earlier, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had also urged Israel and Palestinian militants to exercise restraint, saying the Middle East could not afford “another full-blown war”.

One, however doubts if such well-meaning suggestions would lead to any positive outcome . Knowledgeable sources say the Palestinian militants’ charter is not for peace and non-violence . As for the Palestinian leadership , it has hardly been interested in a meaningful dialogue for a political solution in  the region. Ever since the Jewish state came into existence in 1948 the successive Israeli political leaderships have appreciated the value of political peace and social harmony and mooted various practical packages aimed at accomplishing the desired objectives . But the Palestinian leadership has invented one or the other reason to reject it . 

One expert observes  the Palestinian leaders have  “rejected several opportunities to establish a Palestinian state and develop Palestinian civil society.”   They fear that “accepting reconciliation would transform the Palestinians … from the world’s ultimate victim into an ordinary nation-state, terminating decades of unprecedented international indulgence;”  it would force them  “into responsibility, accountability and the daunting task of state building.”

Another expert says the Palestinian leaders often moot the partition of Jerusalem. They know it fully well that no Israeli government can ever accept it .  He says that Israel cannot agree to any such proposal for three essential reasons . First, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital holds a spiritual and religious significance to the Israelis.  Over two thirds of Israelis feel that Jerusalem should remain the united capital of Israel. They are opposed to the idea of Israel relinquishing its  control over the Temple Mount , their holiest place in the world.  

Second, Jerusalem  holds strategic importance in controlling the only highway from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River Valley, along which Israeli military forces can move with little interference from Arab communities. Jerusalem is the linchpin for erecting a security zone along the Jordan Rift that Israel insists on. If Israel wants to maintain a defensible border in the East, it needs to secure the east-west axis from the coast to the Jordan Valley, via an undivided Jerusalem.

And third, Israel’s Arab minority too has shown its preference for living under Israeli rule.  Many Arabs have moved to the Israeli side of the security barrier being built around Jerusalem. A large majority of Jerusalem’s Arabs oppose being subject to Palestinian rule. Jerusalem under Israel offers the quality of life of a modern Western city while only a few kilometers away, a Third World standard of living and religious intolerance are the norm.”  

The sources say the lack of seriousness for peace in the mind of the Palestinian leadership can be discerned also in its approach towards the culture of hatred and violence promoted by certain extremist elements on its  side.  The Palestinian political leadership has done little to rein in such violent extremist elements. It has rather continued to encourage the incitement of hatred and violence against Israel even though the latter has provided it a lot aid , including security and intelligence , to make the idea of a Palestinian state a reality.

Palestinian Authority leaders have hailed some terrorists as heroes and named public squares after them. They have designed their school curriculum to make children emulate such terrorists.  Recently, Palestinian Authority  President Mohammed Abbas has forged a unity pact with Hamas. The whole world knows it is an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood. It is a terror organization with a charter to kill all Jews.   Hamas members have made the life of Israelis living in the south miserable as they fire rockets at them.   
The sources add Israel has launched its current operation Protective Edge only after a surge in Hamas rocket fire amid a crackdown on their members (in the West Bank) suspected of having recently abducted and killed three Israeli teenagers . Israel’s targets in Gaza have been militant fighters and facilities alone. Civilian casualties, if any, in the operation have been a result of the Hamas recourse to employing human shield aimed at tarnishing the image of Israel.     line

Obama’s Narcissistic Delusions about Peace in the Mideast

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
First published in American Thinker: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/07/obamas_narcissistic_delusions_about_peace_in_the_mideast.html

Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl recently observed, “The Obama administration has developed a bad habit of founding its Middle East strategies on wishful thinking.”  “Wishful thinking” is kind.  Delusions of grandeur from the man who promised he had the power to make oceans recede, the authority to bring prosperity and equality to all, and the unique ability to cause peace the world over is more accurate. And so it is that Obama took to the pages of Ha’aretz, Israel’s equivalent of the New York Times (if not worse) in its left-leaning, progressive ideology and penned an article titled “Peace is the only path to true security for Israel and the Palestinians.”  In typical Obama style, he narcissistically begins his column talking about himself — his view of Israel from the window of Air Force One, his view of the situation as a father, and faux promises of his commitment to the security of Israel and its citizens. He continues with lies about the strength of the Israeli/U.S. relationship and his personal responsibility for making Israel safer than ever before. From there his delusions grow tenfold. 

  • “Our commitment to Israel’s security also extends to our engagement throughout the Middle East.” This is beautiful coming from the president who, from the very beginning of his term, promised to withdraw from the region and pivot to Asia. Back to reality, the last time Israel saw itself confronting the real possibility of war on at least four fronts was probably 1973. Under Obama’s “leadership,” Iraq has now become a terrorist safe-haven with one third of the country in the hands of ISIS which has also taken hold in Syria and threatens Jordan. Iran is on the verge of nuclear weapons capability. The only thing that Obama’s engagement in the area has achieved is the empowerment of Palestinians to start a third intifada. 
  • “Under American leadership, the international community successfully removed the last of Bashar al-Assad’s declared chemical weapons from Syria.” The emphasis is mine making this statement simply laughable. As he continues claiming that this “reduces the ability of a brutal dictator to use weapons of mass destruction to threaten not just the Syrian people but Syria’s neighbors,” I imagine the 150-200,000 murdered Syrians turning over in their mass graves. Obama goes on to promise to continue working with “our partners in Europe and the Arab world to support the moderate opposition and to press for a political solution.” He just fails to disclose that three years of leading from behind has decimated any moderate opposition that could have prevented the expansion of ISIS from a minor al Qaeda offshoot to an international jihadist threat and that we are well beyond a political solution to the mess he helped to create.
  • “We are also working to ensure that Iran does not ever possess a nuclear weapon.” Any respectable bookie would put the odds of success on this at 1,000,000 –1.  He finishes that paragraph with a promise that every option remains on the table. I imagine the mullahs getting a nice chuckle out of that one; the Israelis, not so much.
  • Finally we get to the crux of Obama’s sales pitch as he states, “We have always been clear-eyed that resolving the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians would take enormous effort and require difficult decisions by the parties… peace is necessary, just, and possible.” This from the man who lied his way into the White House, forced ObamaCare down the throats of 300 million who do not want it, used the IRS to attack those he views as “dissidents,” and lied about a video causing the Benghazi attack. The only time Obama has been clear-eyed is when he uses Visine after a get-together with the Choom Gang.
  • But it is this line that is one of the most offensive: “Reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians would also help turn the tide of international sentiment and sideline violent extremists….” Where does one begin to address such distorted and historically inaccurate assertions? The international community has demonized Israel for decades. What is clear is that under Obama, it is America’s previously unequivocal support that has eroded and is no longer something that Israel can rely upon. As far as his accusation that it is solely within Israel’s power to “sideline” jihadists by simply making peace with the Palestinians, he not only ignores that they too are “violent extremists.” He makes the offensive assertion that Israel is responsible for the success of Islamic fundamentalists. That is simply absurd. But it is sadly not new. Members of his administration have been tying the peace process to the problems in the region since coming to power.
  • “Palestinian children have hopes and dreams for their future and deserve to live with the dignity that can only come with a state of their own.” Alas, Palestinians were given Gaza and they turned it into Hamasistan. They teach their children to hate and kill Israelis from birth through suicide bombing. What planet is he living on to make these ridiculous pronouncements? Is there no one in the White House who understands that Palestinians will achieve dignity only when they start respecting the gift of life, not the promise of virgins in death?
  • “And, in President Abbas, Israel has a counterpart committed to a two-state solution and security cooperation with Israel.” Tell that to the families of the three Israeli teens who were just kidnapped and murdered. Abbas, the guy who formed a unity government with the Hamas terrorist organization is committed to a lot of things. But like Arafat before him, it is not peace.
  • And what would an Obama comment on the situation be without the requisite “All parties must exercise restraint…” The moral equivalency argument is reprehensible.

Obama goes on to talk about the possibility of peace, the political will necessary to make it occur, and the willingness for both sides to take risks. He fails to mention all of the concessions Israel has made and ignores that the Palestinians made none. He bemoans the refusal to compromise or cooperate but ignores Israel’s 10-month hiatus on building in the disputed territories and the Palestinians’ refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

President Peres Meets with Esther Pollard Prior to His US Trip

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

JERUSALEM – President Shimon Peres met this morning (Jun. 22) with Esther Pollard, wife of incarcerated Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, and the heads of the Knesset Caucus to Free Jonathan Pollard, MK’s Nachman Shai Ayelet Shaked, at the President’s residence in Jerusalem.
The meeting took place a day before Peres is scheduled to depart for his final foreign visit, to the United States, where he will meet with President Obama and deliver a speech at Congress. Esther Pollard, began by thanking President Peres and said, “I am grateful to you, Mr. President, for receiving us so close to your departure to the United States. Jonathan’s health has deteriorated and his situation is serious. I hope that now, after 30 years, your request for his release will be heard.”

Coordinator of the campaign to free Jonathan Pollard, Efi Lahav, said: “We know that you, Mr. President, have made significant efforts during your term in office and now we believe in your ability to persuade the President of the United States. We believe your upcoming visit to the US is the most serious opportunity yet to release Jonathan Pollard.”

President Peres said he would raise the request based upon humanitarian grounds with President Obama and with the senior leadership of the United States, “It is a national responsibility to work to free Pollard, I will speak to the President of the United States on behalf of the people of Israel. I intend to do this during my meetings in Congress and at the White House.”

MK Ayelet Shaked said, “You have done a lot on behalf of the State of Israel and the people of Israel both in Israel and abroad; I believe that only you can use your influence on the American leadership to bring Jonathan home.” MK Nachman Shai added: “There is a national consensus, which crosses party divides in the Knesset, of Jews and Arabs who agree that Jonathan Pollard must be released. I believe that if the President of the United States hears from you that the issue is important to you and to the people of Israel there will be progress.”

NRG reports that U.S. officials said in recent days to staff members of the campaign to free Pollard that after Pollard’s release was previously placed on the table by the US Government within the framework of a political deal tied in with the peace negotiations, it has been proven that there is no real reason to prevent Pollard’s release. They said that currently a political deal is not at hand, so it is now a question of a humanitarian gesture on the part of President Obama.

Israeli citizens recently launched a petition requesting that Peres return for the US with Jonathan pollard. “At this time, when the diplomatic process is not on the agenda, we ask that you become our advocate and that you bring to bear the full weight of your influence in the U.S. so that justice and compassion may prevail and Jonathan will be released without any further delay,” the petition reads. “We believe that there would be nothing more noble and just, than to use this unique opportunity to save a life.”

No Surprise: US Will Work with Hamas Government

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

The US will continue to fund and work with the Palestinian Authority, despite the inclusion of the Hamas terrorist group in the government.

In the agreement between Fatah and Hamas, Hamas gets to keep its army and military independence. The model is very similar to the one that the Hezbollah terrorist group uses to control most of Lebanon.

While some people were surprised by the US decision, regular readers of JewishPress.com saw this one coming a mile away.

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said that President Obama has no intention of cutting off US aid to the Hamas-Fatah government. The Hamas-Fatah government receives half a billion dollars a year.

The US will pretend that Hamas is not an active and controlling partner in the Palestinian Authority, and that the unity government is a technocratic one.

Psaki said, “Based on what we know now, we will work with this government.”

Based on what we know now, Obama has no problem selling Israel down the river either.

Netanyahu – US Forced Construction Freeze

Friday, May 30th, 2014

In a meeting this week between Prime Minister Netanyahu and twenty settlement leaders, Netanyahu said that it was the US’s demand to freeze settlements that prevented the meeting of the Department of Planning in the Civil Administration.

Netanyahu said he was the one who gave the order for the department to not meet, but didn’t anticipate the extensive damage that came about as a result, where, even to put up a light post, much less build a needed nursery school, became impossible.

Netanyahu told the leaders that Obama had demanded of him that not even one house be built.

Brilliant Animation Explaining the Dangers of a Nuclear Iran

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett’s staff put together a brilliant video clip explaining the dangers of a nuclear Iran and how the U.S. Obama’s negotiations won’t help.

Please watch and share, thanks.

PS I hope that crew is now working on a clip of similar quality showing the dangers to the State of Israel if a Palestinian sic State would be established here in the Holy Land.

Visit Shiloh Musings.  / Batya Medad

Everyone is with David HaNachlawi

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

OK. Obviously this is photoshopped, but a senior IDF officer has said the IDF is facing a “Tsunami” of anger and responses from IDF soldiers who are showing support to David HaNachlawi and posting thousand upon thousands of support photos on Facebook and the internet.

IDF soldiers are tired of having their hands tied in the face of Arab provocations and attacks, and worse, not having the backing of the IDF’s senior staff, who are terrified of the media.

Who knows. Maybe this will change something.

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