The Truth About Benghazi Makes a Difference (Video)

It makes a difference that we have people in government who can show why and what happened in Benghazi, in Cairo and across the region.

A Tale of Two Funerals in New York

Like many traditional bigots, the mayor now found Orthodox Jews to be a convenient minority to scapegoat for his own failures while butching up and playing the tough guy. It was classic anti-Semitism.

What We Lost in This Election

Now that we have lost the election of 2012, where our champion, a third-rate imitation of Ronald Reagan, without either his charm or his principles, who believed in absolutely nothing except being the best salesman he could be; let's pause to reflect on all the things we lost out on through his defeat. When we lose something, a relationship or a job, the grief comes from what we thought we had and what we imagined it was, not from what it truly was. Perspective means getting a true sense of what we had and what we never had to begin with. So let's look at what we might have had with President Mitt Romney.

One Hundred Wars

The media would rather spend its time lamenting Israel's fall to the far right by covering the rise of a party that says the twenty year old peace process has failed.

Celebs Backed BLM Fund That Bailed Out a BLM Assassin

Celebrities eagerly organized donations to free race rioters and criminals, but are unwilling to accept responsibility when the BLM fund they backed releases an assassin. The creator of "Hamilton," rappers, actors, and TV stars all donated.

Liberating our Jerusalem

Confronting the forgotten history of Muslim occupation of Israel.

The Google Cult’s Sex Abuse and Mandatory Abortions

“I was fired from my team… because I raised the alarm about a cult within Google.”

Experts Say: “Don’t Trust Experts”

Between 2000 and 2018, the number of people with doctorates more than doubled.

The End of Competition

The progressive consolidation imagines that organization can contain the messier side of man.

As Panic Plagues Media, Dems and Never-Trumpers, ‘The Donald’ Calls Putin’s Bluff

Putin pretends to be a loose cannon, but Trump can actually pull it off.  Trump understands that Putin is bluffing and therefore he can be bluffed, which is why we wouldn't be dealing with this whole mess if 2020 had turned out differently.

The First Plane Out of Benghazi

In another time and place, a place called America, an attack on an American diplomatic mission would have been considered an act of war.

Blinken Warns Jewish State Not to Allow Prayer

Secretary of State falsely equated “violence in the West Bank, perpetrated by both Palestinians and Israeli settlers.”

Anti-Semitic Democrats Blame Orthodox Jews for the Coronavirus

Cuomo and De Blasio blame the Jews to distract from their failures and crimes.

Three Ways that Obama Caused the Syrian Disaster

Syria is just the culmination of a series of bad decisions guided by a single disastrous philosophy.

The Big Apple Goes to the Rats

Environmentalists banned rat poison, now New Yorkers are dying of rat urine.

If Cuomo Goes Down, So Should Whitmer, Newsom, Murphy, and Wolf

Tens of thousands of grandfathers and grandmothers are dead. The Democrats killed them. The Biden administration is covering it up and protecting the perpetrators from facing justice.

Soros General Demands Purge of Military

While Democrats go after dead Confederate generals, we ought to look at living Soros generals.

Hating Jews is Becoming a Leftist Purity Test

The Jewish groups that failed to fight campus anti-Semitism are about to live under it.

With Democracy for All and Freedom for None

Without the individual, the ballot box is only a tool for collectivist impulses and identities.

How to Win the Demographic and Culture Wars

Can American traditionalists quadruple their numbers in 40 years?

She Cheered BLM Rage. Biden Picked Her as a Federal Prosecutor.

And I quote, “I’ll call the police on you and make an allegation, and we’ll see how that works with you.”

The Shadow of the Gun

Schools across the country are banning not the gun, but the idea of the gun.

Keeping Up with the Times–in Death

How the NY Times Covered the Deaths of Stalin and Queen Elizabeth’s

Zelensky’s Holocaust Denial Should Be a Red Line for Jews

A combination of Holocaust minimization and exploitation, which quickly becomes inversion with the Ukrainians as the new Jews and the Jews as the apathetic people ignoring genocide.
Israel Uncensored: Biden Administration Making all the Wrong Moves

Biden’s Long History of Betrayals in Afghanistan

Biden: "If we're surging troops anywhere, it should be in Afghanistan"

Dems Can’t Decide if Trump Faked Virus Or Is Gasping for Breath

Once again the social media Democrats are fundamentally split between 'Gaspgate' and 'Hoaxgate.' A chunk of the media and its social media base keeps suggesting that President Trump is much sicker than he let on. Another insists that he faked the whole thing.


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