USAID to Cut all Gaza, PA Funding January 31

The cut in aid was apparently triggered by the fact that both the PLO and Hamas pay out salaries to terrorists in Israeli security prisons and to their families.

Zionist Group Asking Ambassador Friedman to Help Make Solomon’s Pools Accessible to Israelis

"Unfortunately, the site is located in an area under Palestinian control, which is why access to it is not free, as required from tourist, archaeology and tradition sites."

PA Extends to Israeli Arabs the Prohibition on Selling Land to Jews

"There is no other place in the world that has legislated a death sentence for the 'crime' of selling property to Jews."

Senior Hamas Official: Abbas Escalating Gaza Strip Riots to Undermine Netanyahu’s Election Chances

At this moment, it is still unclear when the third shipment of $15 million will be used to supplement salaries for government officials and employees in the Gaza Strip.

Terrorist Murderer of 2 Soldiers at Givat Assaf Captured

He spent the past few days preparing to carry out additional attacks.

Bus Driver Injured In Arab Shooting Attack

Egged Transport's drivers union has announced a strike Sunday morning, in protest of the shooting attack at the line 140 bus, in which the driver was injured.

PA Rebuilding Terrorists’ Homes Demolished by IDF

The Palestinian Authority considers the terrorists who murder women and children to be heroes.

Palestinian Authority Terrorist Bombs IDF Forces

In response, IDF soldiers opened fire at the attacker, who fled the scene.

Report: Palestinian Authority to Hand Over US Citizen Jailed for Selling Land to Jews

Israel also exerted a great deal of pressure on the Palestinian Authority to gain Akel’s release.

Baby’s Blanket Hides Deadly Arab Weapons in Judea

The weapons cache was artfully hidden in the colorful child’s blanket.

IDF Summarizes 2018 Terror in Judea, Samaria

A total of 16 Israeli citizens were murdered by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Judea and Samaria in 2018.

PA Issues Life Sentence to US Arab Who Sold Land to Jews

Akel should consider himself lucky. Land sales to Israelis are considered treason by the PA, and PA citizens who sell land to Israelis can be subject to the death penalty.

Report: Liberman Crusading to Block Joint Arab List from Knesset

Arabs began to celebrate from the moment of terrorist Jabareen's release, in Umm al-Fahm as well as in the Palestinian Authority.

Minister Regev at Amona: I Support Restoring Barriers and Checks on PA Arabs

Avihai Braun, head of the Amona residents' campaign, urged the government ministers to regulate the settlement's land.

Apartheid: PA Security Boasts of Preventing Sale of 750 Acres to Jews

44 PA Arabs have recently been arrested and accused of selling land to Jews.

Abbas: Netanyahu Gives Hamas Money, We Pay the Price

Also, on Friday, four rioters were killed in clashes with IDF forces at the Gaza border. At least 40 were injured.

Mattis and Israel – Not a Love Story

Thank you, General Mattis, you are an honorable man and we're so glad we didn't have to get into a fight with you over the boundaries of our homeland.

Nikki Haley: US Peace Plan Will Upset Israelis, Too

However, she added, “I assure you there is a lot for both sides to like.”

Jerusalem Chief Rabbi: Israel Obligated to Help Arabs Jailed for Selling Land to Jews

Rabbi Stern wrote that the obligation for freeing imprisoned Jews also applies to Arabs who were jailed for selling land to Jews.

A First: Anti-Israel NGO Faces Criminal Charges Filed by Pro-Zionist Group

Ad Kan said it intends to exhaust the legal process until the criminal conviction of the defendants.

Dozens of Marching Youths in Jerusalem Call for Assassination of Abbas

A few days ago, Derech Chaim launched a campaign calling for the assassination of Chairman Abbas over his funding of terrorism.

IDF: Only 16 Terrorist Homes Demolished Since 2015

This figure is exceptionally low, given the fact that 77 Israelis were killed in terror attacks during that period.

IDF Arrests Barghouti Clan Member, Behind Terror Activities

Also on Saturday, the terrorist who on Friday severely wounded an IDF soldier in a military post in Beit El surrendered to Israeli security forces.

IDF Demolishes Home of Killer of Duvdevan Soldier

Arab sources report that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has already ordered the home rebuilt.

Terrorist Batters IDF Soldier in the Head with a Stone Slab in Beit El

It should be noted that both the murders in Givat Asaf this week and Friday's attack in Beit El were committed by terrorists against IDF soldiers whose specific job was to protect against Arab terrorists.


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