Hamas, Fatah, Pledge on their Honor to Guarantee Success of Upcoming Elections

The legislative elections are planned for May 22, presidential for July 31, and Palestinian National Council elections for August 31.

Prison Service Cuts Fatah Terrorists’ Cable TV to 10 Channels, Hamas to 5

Im Tirtzu said it was "shameful that terrorists receive lavish benefits that are being paid for by the Israeli taxpayer."

PA Paid Over NIS 500 Million in Salaries to Terrorists in 2020, 3.25% of...

The PA pays terrorists in a roundabout way so that there's explicit no reference to the salaries at all in their budget.

PA Reassures Biden Administration Hamas Accepts Israel’s Right to Exist in 67 Borders

At best, Hamas is prepared for a long-term truce with the Zionist enemy, which is much less than what Hussein al-Sheikh described – recognition of a Jewish state within the 67 borders.

Human Rights Watch Attacks Aussie FM for Saying There’s No ‘State of Palestine’ So...

Payne's argument—matching similar arguments made by the US and Israel—is that since the Palestinian Authority never received statehood, it cannot be a party to the ICC.

Court Rejects PA Arab’s Lawsuit Demanding Reparations for IDF-Inflicted Mental Damage

The court noted that a previous demonstration in which the plaintiff participated "ended violently and four people were arrested, including the plaintiff."

After 16 Years Abbas Declares Elections Risking Hamas Takeover

The only major power on the planet Abbas can rely on to resuscitate the old and tired concept of a Palestinian State is… the Democratic party.

PA Prime Minister Shtayyeh Compares Jesus to Suicide Bombers

Shtayyeh said that Jesus taught Palestinians “Martyrdom-death,” comparing him to suicide bombers.

PA Hiring Released Terrorists to Circumvent Israel’s Anti-Terrorism Law

As a workaround, the terrorists will be required to come into an office to receive their "pay to slay" funds. A new bank is also being set up to sidestep the anti-terror restrictions.

122 Arab Academics, Journalists, Intellectuals, Reject Holocaust Alliance’s Definition of Anti-Semitism

Strictly speaking, every time an Arab or another Israel-hater compares the Jewish State to the South African apartheid regime, they express anti-Semitism.

Abbas Returning to Good Boy Tactics in Anticipation of Biden Presidency

This is what the Palestinian Authority can expect from the Biden-Harris administration.

Haaretz: PA’s Resuming Security Coordination with Israel an Admission of Failure

"In 1988, the Palestinians cried with excitement, today they cry with subservience," Haaretz quipped, not bothering to conceal its desire for angrier, more violent Palestinians.

IPU Demands Israel Release Barghouti, Convicted of 26 Charges of Murder, Attempted Murder

The IPU said in a statement that it is "deeply concerned" that, after being incarcerated for 16 years, Barghouti has "no horizon for an early release."

Exclusive: Reason for Ron Lauder’s Visit to Palestinian Authority Revealed

Lauder was allegedly sent on Trump's behalf, after learning that Joe Biden is opening lines of communications with Abbas.

Poll Shows PA, Gaza Arabs Feel Betrayed by Gulf States, Prefer Hamas’ Haniyeh over...

The survey indicates great worries about the future in case of the continued severing of relations with Israel.

Israel Hayom Started WW3 between Ambassador Friedman and Ramallah and They’re Very Sorry

This was a big oops. Because, as IH itself put it, Mohammed Dahlan is a bitter political rival of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

PA Threatening to Leave the Arab League as UAE, Israel, Groom Mohammed Dahlan to...

And that may be the true benefit of the Abraham Accord, and why President Donald Trump who pushed for it may deserve the Nobel Peace prize for real.

Arabs Rejoice, Burn Down Outpost, following Police Expulsion of Jewish Residents on Shabbat Night

About an hour after the start of Shabbat, large IDF and Border Patrol forces arrived at the new settlement, handcuffed the people and began dragged the families and their guests into military vehicles.

Palestinian Authority Suffering Severe Loss of Clout in Arab World

A scan of Monday's Arab press shows a general loss of interest in the Israel-UAE peace, and certainly no mention of the PA's rage.

Knesset Defense Committee Demands High Court Review of Terrorist’s Home Demolition Nullification

MK Sa'ar called the ruling "miserable, wrong and painful," and said “it must not remain intact."

UAE Religious Figure Praises Netanya, Condemns Ramallah

Needless to say, the good doctor's tweets were received with torrents of anger and rejection by countless Arab Twitter users, and love and appreciation by Israelis.

Boomerang: In 2019 Report, State Dept. Erased 95% of Arab Terror Attacks on Jews

"Instead of admitting the truth and apologizing ... the State Department continues to claim innocence, insisting it is being objective."

Palestinian Authority Banks Refuse to Accept Salaries for Terrorists

New anti-terror legislation ... made performance of any bank transaction connected to the payment of rewards for acts of terrorism, a criminal offense.

‘Blood’ Fountains in Petah Tikva’s Trump Square

It was a protest exhibit against the coming application of Israeli law in the Jewish settlements of Judea and Samaria.

Arson, Insurgency, Firebombs and 4 Injured Jews in ‘Normal’ Judea & Samaria Week

On Thursday night, a commuter was attacked with a cinder block while standing in a traffic jam due to roadwork on Route 60.

PA: Confessed Killer of Golani Soldier Denies the Charges

The entire Abu Bakr family was detained after the murder, since the cinder block had been thrown down from the roof of the Abu Bakr home.

Arab Looters Use Pandemic Lull in Law Enforcement to Rob Ancient Treasures

COGAT's enforcement activity was cut to only 30% in the wake of the pandemic, and as a result, grave robbers and treasure hunters have been roaming unmolested throughout the ancient sites of Judea and Samaria.

Sharp Drop in PA Terrorist Incidents Due to Coronavirus Curfew

Over the last 7 days, only 4 terrorist stone-throwing incidents have been recorded, compared with dozens of such events in normal times.


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