Finance Ministry Mulls After-School Core Curriculum Classes for Haredi Children

44% of Haredi parent don't object to their children learning English, as long as it's after school hours.

Haredi Minister Changes Government’s ‘East Jerusalem’ Address: ‘There’s Only One Jerusalem’

Folks, the redeemer is just around the corner, hectically adjusting his hat and tie. God bless you, Minister Goldknopf!

Couple Organizing Haredi Settlement in Cyprus – Talmud Says It’s Part of Eretz Yisrael

Somebody should warn Haredi folks about Violent incidents, bag snatching, and pickpocketing in Cyprus.

Elka Rothman, Haredi Matriarch of 2,000 Offspring, Dies at 97

Jerusalemites used to say that Elka was the grandmother of half of Jerusalem.

Chief Sephardi Rabbi Attacks Reform, Conservative Jews for ‘Uprooting our Torah’

Rabbi Yosef said that observant Jews must object to anything related to the Reform.

Did Gafni Just Propose Integrating Haredi Yeshivas into the IDF?

Torah soldiers will earn the same as any other IDF recruit, NIS 2,463 ($720.26) per month.

UTJ Chairman Goldknopf: Expanding Jewish Settlements the Only Response to Arab Terrorism

While Shas leader Aryeh Deri is eager to do Bibi’s biddings, UTJ is no one’s errand boys.

MK Rothman: No Need for Special Law to Protect Separating Men & Women –...

"This is stipulated in the law explicitly, and not in Iran. Feel free to check at your leisure."

10,000 Would-Be Shtreimels Roam Ohio’s Countryside

Each shtreimel may be made of up to 30 sables, minks, martens, or foxes.

Hebrew U Research Shows Philip Morris Targets Most Israeli Ads at Haredi Consumers

Despite a partial ban on smoking ads in Israel, tobacco companies continue to spend big to attract new target audiences.

Meet Religious Zionist Simcha Rothman, Ben Gvir’s Moderate Ally

“We want to restore the system through evolution, not revolution.”

Latest Poll Shows Missing Right-Wing Bloc’s 61st Seat Mostly Disenchanted Haredim

Only 43% of Haredi respondents plan to vote for United Torah Judaism, a drop from the previous 47%.

Ben Gvir Removed from Kfar Chabad Celebrations So Netanyahu Won’t Be Seen with Him

We bless him and his partner Bezalel Smotrich to win enough mandates so Bibi would be forced to treat them with respect.

United Hatzalah Treats 576 Injuries in Uman over Rosh Hashanah

The injured Hasidim mainly sustained contusions, abrasions, broken bones, shortness of breath, and other moderate and minor injuries.

Beit Shemesh Religious Female Mayor Rejects Labor Minister Michaeli’s Transport Feminism

Like most salon revolutionaries, Michaeli probably wasn’t subject, at least not regularly, to the social evil against which she is rebelling.

New IDF Policy Targets Recruits Who Leave Haredi Life

Major Reber knows better than most people the stress and suffering endured by these men and women.

Litzman’s Successor at Agudah Welcomes Gantz as PM, Eyes Finance Ministry

Goldknopf ruled out any cooperation with Prime Minister Yair Lapid: "We don't go with Lapid, you know the beatings we got from him.”

Report: More Haredi Men Employed in ‘Non-Haredi’ Jobs

The proportion of Haredi men in typical Haredi world jobs decreased from 28% in 2012 to about 24% in 2019.

Israel Issues Travel Warning to Uman, Ukraine, Ahead of High Holidays

Some 50,000 Hasidim from Israel and the whole world come to Uman every year to visit Reb Nachman of Breslov's gravesite.

UTJ, Arabs, Left, Pass Bill Compelling Police to Document Using Water Cannons on Demonstrators

In 2018, four Haredi residents of Jerusalem petitioned the High Court of Justice against police use of the riot dispersal chemical Skunk.

Only 2.9% of Israeli Haredim Work in Hi-Tech But New Initiative Aims to Push...

34% of the Haredim who are interested in working in the field drop out of the preparatory programs.

Get Refuser Who Masqueraded as Haredi to Flee Israel Starts Serving 17 Months

After four years abroad, seeing as there no longer was a reason for him to stay away, he came home. And was arrested.

Revolution: Kahana Weighs Appointing Woman as Rabbinical Courts’ Director-General

This appointment will determine just how big Kahana's revolution is going to be.

Jerusalem Rabbinical Court Denies Housing to Get Refuser

Through efforts of Yad La’isha Legal Aid Center, court imposes rare housing sanctions on recalcitrant husband.

After 7 Years on the Run, 135 Days in Prison, Haredi Get Refuser Finally...

For 135 days R remained in jail and refused to release Orly, conditioning her freedom on impossible financial demands.

Ponevezh Rosh Yeshiva: Must Keep Abuse Cases Away from the Media

Naturally, Rabbi Edelstein's call requires a rabbinic and social system within the Haredi society that is willing and able to treat reports of abuse seriously.


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