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A Family’s Torah Scroll For The U.S. Military

29 Tishri 5775 – October 22, 2014
The Torah scroll which my family donated will ride aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

The Sons of Noach

28 Tishri 5775 – October 21, 2014
Myth #1: It is easy to be a B'nai Noach. It is extraordinarily hard to be a B'nai Noach.

Getting a Pass on Hating Israel: Muslim Privilege

The question of anti-Semitism in Europe today is truly tied to the issue of immigration.

European Narrative Versus Facts

Polls indicate that the Palestinians are much more against a two state solution than the Israelis.

Global Benefit of Better Arming the Kurds

27 Tishri 5775 – October 20, 2014
Turkey and Iran the 2 regional powers surrounding the ISIS conflict gain from a partial ISIS victory


Emigration from Israel is at an all-time low, far lower than immigration to Israel from Europe.

Eyal/Gilad/Naftali/Klinghoffer: The New Blood Libel

Leon Klinghoffer's daughters: "‘Klinghoffer’ is justified as ‘a work of art’...This is an outrage.”

The Hospital That Doesn’t Exist

Do you seriously think that as you kidnap our children we should medically treat and help yours?

Collective Guilt / Collective Punishment

26 Tishri 5775 – October 19, 2014
Sometimes collective action against the heinous acts of the majority is not enough. The world should not only support the blockade of Gaza; it must enforce the dismantling of Hamas.

Significance of Jordan Regarding ISIS

The Arab Spring has challenged Jordan with the task of gradual reform with regard to its monarchy.

A Nation in Freefall

Israeli hasbara too can be described at best as pathetic, at worst non existent.

Journalists Just Can’t Get It Right On Israel-Arab Conflict

21 Tishri 5775 – October 15, 2014
Journalists see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as morality play: Israel=evil; Palestine=innocent

The Boy In The Picture

Warsaw Ghetto: At its height, the Nazis walled in some 500,000 Jews within the1.3 square mile area.

Jewish Lessons I Learned From The NYPD

21 Tishri 5775 – October 14, 2014
While police officers face dangers every day on the job, Jews also face danger in their daily lives.

Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, And The Jews

Carter developed a fondness for Arafat believing “they were both ordained to be peacemakers by God”

On the “Recognition” of the “State” of “Palestine”

Why is "Palestine" worthier of "statehood recognition" than ISIS, another terrorist gang seeking it?

Why Jews Should Stay In Israel

Living is Israel is costlier than in other countries but how will your kids grow up in the diaspora?

Starving ISIS from the North and South

20 Tishri 5775 – October 13, 2014
The U.S. has been flirting with Assad, and Iran for assistance against ISIS.

Freeze Palestinian Settlements in Israel!

19 Tishri 5775 – October 12, 2014
The Knesset should pass a law redefining the Israeli Arabs as Palestinian or Jordanian Citizens.

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