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The Yarmulke

Jews cover the head not as ID but because wearing it makes concrete to ourselves our devotion to God

Remembering The Master Historian Sir Martin Gilbert

Martin Gilbert was knighted in 1995 for “services to British history and international relations”

Abraham Lincoln and Jewish Thought: A Union Made in Heaven

Lincoln proved a great friend to the small US Jewish population by granting them generous benefits

How to Fix the Israeli Economy in Five Steps

Israel's political system prevents bold economic reforms. Economist Gilad Alper offers 5 grand moves

Tax Tips: Choosing the Right Accountant

The question is, how do you choose the right accountant? Knowing the right answer can save serious $

US-Israel Ties: The Mutually Beneficial, Two-Way Street

In recent years, the US-Israel relation has been transformed into a mutually-beneficial 2 way-street

Netanyahu Purges the Bias out of the Israel Prize Committees

The Israel Prize, the nation's premier prize, is awarded in a range of areas for various disciplines

Palestinian Authority Studied Details of Each Terrorist Act Before Issuing Salaries

Abbas scrutinized details of each case details of each terrorist act before awarding $ and honors

Saudi Historian Claims Women Should Not Drive Cars Unless They Want To Get Raped

A Saudi woman's like a queen without a chauffeur, driven around by Saudi men whenever she commands

The 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: My Visit

"and then the smell, 70 years later, offending the olfactory, an unwanted gift to remind the future"

Want to Make a Statement Against Extremism? Start Supporting Your Local Jewish Press

The Turkish Jewish weekly Salom has for 7 decades put out a highly professional&relevant newspaper

Why is Obama Teaching History ?

History shows that successive US administrations haven't been committed to freedoms internationally

The Cost That Was Of The Blizzard That Wasn’t

Estimates for the shutdown: Time magazine $500 million-$1 billion; Moody’s a mere $200 million

Getting Anti-Semitism Wrong At The United Nations

UN Amb Prosor: Anti-Semitism “can even be found in the halls of UN disguised as umanitarian concern”

Obama Isn’t Serious About Stopping Iranian Nukes

For 6 years Obama's made concessions to Iran without preventing it from becoming a nuclear power

When anti-Islamist Muslims Speak They’re Ignored by the White House

Instead of engaging progressive Muslims and supporting their call for reform Obama ignores them

Just What Does the Israeli Labor Party Stand For?

The "brand new" Israeli Labor Party has revealed its brand new political platform and brand new agenda and we thought we would sum it...

What are YOU Doing About Shemita?

My absolute preference is supporting Jewish farmers! I invest effort&expense in Otzar Bet Din goods

Your Wife Never Let Herself Go

In his attempt to renew a husband's lust for his wife, Shmuley degrades women to mindless machines.

William Schabas’ Resignation Letter Reveals His (and UNHRC’s) Character

The UNHRC chose Schabas because of his well-known attitudes towards Israel, not in spite of them!

A Nuclear Iran Threatening Vital US Interests

A nuclear Iran compounds the clear&present lethal threat Iran poses to critical US&Western interests

Tu B’Shvat and Climate Chaos

Saving a life is a fundamental Torah principle, saving nature is protecting the basis of existence

Why I Went Public About The Ban On Mentioning Israel At Ireland’s Holocaust Memorial...

It is offensive that in commemorating the Holocaust mentioning Israel was deemed inappropriate.

Truth or Dare?!

Many questions, all with thee same, single answer

Israel Education: Learning To Love The Land

At some point we need to stop simply defending and promoting Israel and start living in Israel

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