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“Gam zu l’tova” and the Knesset

The silver lining with early elections is the chance to change the current dysfunctional government.

Time To Rethink Holocaust Remembrance Day?

The Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland informed the host he could not say “Israel or Jewish state”

Kosher Certification for Maccabees

It's fascinating how sources attain the status "traditional," or its equivalent level of kashrus.

The New Russian Agenda: How Would Reagan Respond?

The West needs to ensure Russia understands that aggression comes at a significant cost.

‘My Son Is Not A Learner’: Time for Changes in the Yeshiva Educational System

What benefit is a learning experience that leaves kids confused,disillusioned&harms self confidence?

NYC Cop Killer Motivated by Radical Islam

Girlfriend and double cop-killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley apparently was influenced by Islamic extremism.

The Menorah Revolution: Activism Through Light

A revolution is taking place between good and evil; light and darkness. Make the light activism!

The Countdown to the Next Gaza Conflict Has Begun

Hamas recently stated publicly that a new explosion of violence against Israel is imminent.

Yes, Israel should officially designate herself a Jewish State

We can never allow Israel in the name of democracy to turn herself into an Arab or bi-nationalstate

ISIS on The Borders of Israel

The Jordanian public is a fertile ground of anger that could be easily exploited by ISIS.

The Jewish Approach to Fame

How can "Fame" help bring Moshiach?

“Har Habayit Biyadeinu!” – It Really Is Up To Us

Har HaBayit is still Biyadein; Through our actions, its fate is in our hands

Chanukah: The Inner Dimension

What does the way we count the days of Chanukah come to teach us about living in the present?

Chanukah and Our Current Darkness

Israel projects global material illumination not always the light of "morality" meant by the Navi

Letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan, from Shimon Peres, International Man of...

"Mr. Prime Minister, declare a unilateral ceasefire! Remember, Blessed is the peacemaker!"



Proposed UNSC Resolution‏

If the UN Grants national recognition to Palestine, why stop there? Tibet, Chechnya, Basque...

Focusing On Truth After The Tragedy In Har Nof

Am Yisrael is one family, filled with excruciating pain&sorrow for losing the 4 kedoshim of Har Nof

The Wisdom Of The Dreidel: Comfort in an Impossible World

What is its message of the dreidel?” The complexity and hidden nature of history and miracles.

The Message Of The Menorah

The 7 branches of the menorah represent the 7 pillars of secular wisdom, knowledge, and science.

Netanyahu Trap is Sprung

Israelis now know Arab terrorism isn't caused by Israeli occupation but by ending Israeli occupation

Letter To A Young Jew: How To Respond To the Rise Of Anti-Semitic Hatred

Anti-Semitism is a social toxin that destroys the things that people most cherish and enjoy.

The US-Chanukah-Israel connection

Amb. Cooper highlighted the impact of the Chanukah/Maccabee spirit on America's Founding Fathers

A Sociological Mirror Called Chanukah

Israel and the strengthening of the Jewish people in faith and numbers has brought a growing light

Chanukah Miracles: The Candle Which Didn’t Light

"Can you hear what the dead are whispering? Leave Galut, escape to Eretz Israel-Lech lecha!"

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