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Abu Mazen Now On Notice

27 Sivan 5763 – June 27, 2003
Even as the so-called road map is now formally upon us, it is hardly necessary for The Jewish Press to once again go on record in opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

No Liberal Media Bias? Just Substitute Bush For Clinton

25 Sivan 5763 – June 25, 2003
Brian Ross of ABC News reported last week that the FBI was poised to capture Osama bin Laden back in 1998, but the plan was quashed by then-Attorney General Janet Reno.

See No Evil: How Professors, Politicians and the Press Coddled Jihadist Sami Al-Arian

21 Sivan 5763 – June 20, 2003
The day after the segment aired scores of angry e-mail and phone messages flooded USF's administrative offices most demanding Al-Arian's immediate ouster.

Builders And Destroyers

While Israel struggled with the tasks of building a modern state and absorbing Jewish refugees - those who survived the horrors of Europe and those who fled oppression in Arab countries - Arab terrorist organizations were refining and expanding their operations.

It’s Thomas Friedman’s World – We Just Live In It

Thomas Friedman is a sucker because he believes that he never makes mistakes.

Blair Replaces Raines At Helm Of New York Times

Studies also show that people like the adventure of finding the newspaper somewhere in the front lawn, the hedgerow or the storm-water culvert.

Nine Blind Mice, See How They Run

Their wildly incoherent attacks on Bush over the war on Iraq provide one example after another of wishful thinking and blurred vision.

Thomas Friedman Has It All Wrong On Middle East Peace

Clearly we are deeply opposed to the division of Jerusalem and the participation of the quartet in any peace process.

Is Taxpayer Support For Religious Schools Constitutionally Required?

In its last term, the United States Supreme Court narrowly upheld the constitutionality of publicly financed tuition vouchers for parochial school education. In effect the court said that if a public authority decided to include parochial schools in a program of general application, theFirst Amendment's requirement of separation between church and state did not prohibit it.

Letters To The Editor

Gesture Of BrotherhoodIn honor of last month's Holocaust Remembrance Day and in exceeding gratitude and love for the contributions Jewish people have given humanity,...

The Times Is Still At It

In its May 14 and May 18 editions, The New York Times demonstrated that its pro-Arab/anti-Israel bias continues to drive its treatment of the Middle East.

Terror Still The Palestinian Weapon Of Choice

The brazenness of Abu Mazen is startling. He will not, he is widely reported to have said, doanything to stop Hamas and the other terrorist groups unless Israel accepts the "road map" - with its requirement of an immediate cessation of Israeli anti-terror activity in the West Bank and Gaza - as is and begins to implement its provisions.

Rav Tuvia Goldstein, zt”l

The Jewish Press joins Klal Yisroel in mourning the passing of Rav Tuvia Goldstein, zt"l, long one of the most senior and respected Torah personalities on the world scene and revered as the Z'kan (dean) HaRoshei Yeshivos in America.

Times Goes From Bad To Worse

18 Sivan 5763 – June 18, 2003
In the grand tradition of Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Burns and Allen, Mondale and Ferraro and others too numerous to mention, we now have the Pinch and Howell show at The New York Times, formerly the nation's paper of record but now mere comedic grist for Letterman, Leno and a few hundred struggling comics performing at dives from Trenton to Tacoma.

Commitment By Example: A Very Special Bat Mitzvah Celebration

14 Sivan 5763 – June 13, 2003
Guests at the bat mitzvah were briefed on the project as they entered the reception area and were then encouraged to write letters during the course of the reception.

Mugged By The Jewish Thought Police

I wrote about how the self-haters disgusted me. And about the horror I felt at Jews such as Richard Dreyfuss,

UN Wants Dessert, But It Didn’t Eat Its Peas

Let us hope that we have learned our lesson once and for all.

Criminalizing Our Religious Beliefs

When Bob Jones University in Virginia discriminated against blacks for religious reasons, the Supreme Court ruled that the school had forfeited its tax exemption.

Left Still Wrong After All These Years: An Interview With Mona Charen

I never thought that our moral legitimacy arises from getting authority from the United Nations to begin with.

Fifty-Five And Counting: Israel’s Uncertain Birthday

Israel celebrated its 55th birthday last week. The good news is that five years ago it did not look like it was going to make it to 55. The bad news is that 60 is still in doubt, 65 even more so.

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