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The Irrelevance of the People

But a rally has no effect on the terrorists themselves. In truth, it validates what they have done.

The Hidden Inner Compass

The midwifes rejecting Pharoah's command is the first recorded incident of civil disobedience

Our Guiding Light

You know that you are strangers in a foreign land. You recognize that you stem from a different culture.

Parshas Shemos: Focusing On The Forest Of Judaism

In reality, there is no such thing as an unimportant detail, an unimportant mitzvah.

Just For Raising A Hand

Why is it necessary to perform an aveirah punishable by lashes in order to be deemed a legal rashah and be pasul l’eidus m’d’Oraisa?

Your Mission; Choose To Accept It

You are up to the task of being the emissary of Hashem, if you choose to. However, the choice is yours.

Your Middos Are Killing You

How did their hatred toward the Jews make their own lives disgusting? It’s the Jews they hated, not themselves.

Where There Is No Humanity, Assert Yours

"He looked this way and that way" means Moses looked within to see whether he was Egyptian or Jewish

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Shemot

God wants man to maximize benefit from Creation only in ways that don’t compromise spiritual health

Aleph Beta: Shmot: Does God Really “Love” Us?‏

Rabbi Fohrman explores a midrash about God's names in this week's parsha

Shabbos: A Day with Hashem: In the Aftermath of the Har Nof Tragedy

“This is why I spoke about Shabbos,” he said. “I felt that if Hashem put this into my head right when I woke up, it was because this is what He wanted me to tell the world!”

Blessings On Your Head

Each individual has a unique set of qualities and skills. Some have more abilities and some less.

Gedolim Had It Easy

When Hashem made man, He created two worlds – this world and the World to Come. Each has its purpose.

Yosef’s Objection

Why was Yaakov not afraid that granting Yosef’s sons the status of shevatim would cause jealousy among his children?

Aleph Beta: Vayechi: A Tap On The Shoulder‏

Rabbi Fohrman addresses the question, "Do we ever feel God's tap on our shoulder?"

Grandparents Are Special

When Yaakov asks "Who are these?" he's means “Do my grandchildren identify as Egyptians or Jews?”

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Vayechi

Yaakov's blessings to his sons stand as a solution to their particular issues with relationships

Vayigash‏: Yosef and the Suffering of Egypt

Slavery was universal; So, why was Egypt targeted in this object lesson?

Must One Honor His Grandfather?

Rav Akiva Eiger is assuming that the logic of the halacha that both the son and his mother are obligated to honor his father and therefore he must honor his fathers wishes first, is a mathematical equation.

The Buck Stops Here

The first requirement is a king must admit when he is wrong.

What’s Your Currency?

Because we see these events as world changing, as moments in history, they become part of us forever.

Aleph Beta: Vayigash: Understanding Pharaoh’s Dream‏

Rabbi Fohrman explores the question of how God communicates with us today.

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Vayigash

What did Yehudah say that was so effective that it convinced Yosef to make himself known?

‘Incongruous Lights’

To many of our brethren Chanukah has lost its meaning.

Parshat Mikeitz

This ability to remain calm under pressure and continue to see the situation clearly is a hallmark of Yehuda’s leadership.

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