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Forces Of The Upper World

Hashem placed this world at man’s disposal. In a real sense, man is the steward of Creation.

Do Unto Others As…

Perhaps Hillel based his opinion on the original conversion that took place at Mount Sinai and described in Mishpatim.

Too Guilty

The Ohr Hachayim rules that one may not manipulate the system; rather he must state his opinion as he see the ruling in the case; not as he would like the outcome of the verdict to become.

Looking At The Commandments Horizontally

A 3rd option: No demarcation between bein adam laMakom & bein adam lechaveiro; they're complementary

Aleph Beta: Mishpatim: Did Our History Become Laws?

Be Forewarned: Rabbi Fohrman on our forefathers and foremothers forming the law.

Redeeming Relevance: Mishpatim

"Hamas" means "violent," via undue human pressure on a process not meant to be controlled by humans

Speaking To Beis Yaakov

Matan Torah is when, as Rashi puts it, Heavens and Heavens of Heavens came down to earth, when Hashem revealed himself “panim el panim, face to face” to forge an intimate connection with His chosen people, and through them the entire world.

Shabbos: A Day With Hashem It’s A Done Deal!

How is it possible to finish all my work in six days?

A Father’s Responsibilities

He suggests that the general admonition only dictates that a father may not actively enable his son to perform an aveirah.

Jewish History As A Vehicle Toward Belief

The truth is that a mitzvah may not be the result of belief but rather the means to come to believe.

The Many Voices Of Hashem

Halachah is not bound to one geographical location. It is obligatory all over the world.

Aleph Beta: Yitro: Seeing Ten Commandments In the Burning Bush

Connecting the Ten Commandments to the story of Moses and the Burning Bush.

The Neshamah And The Ape

He is fully aware that who he will be for eternity is in his hands.

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Yitro

Shemot relates the transition from the story of one family-Yaakov’s-to the story of a nation-Israel

Parshas Beshalach: The Price Of A Whistle

People often think that all they are missing is "just a little more" and then they can be truly happy.

A Double-Edged Staff

The Midrash is teaching a fundamental message of what it means to be a religious person.

Partnership Between Heaven And Earth

"Where is God?" asked the Kotzker Rebbe "God is not everywhere but only where you let Him enter"

For The Miracles That Occur Daily

When a miracle occurs that transcends nature, Hashem has broken the laws of nature to create the miracle.

When David Killed An Amalekite Boy

Rather than submit to this fate and suffer torture and humiliation, Shaul decided to fall on his sword.

The Reason And The Cause

How can the Da’as Zekeinim say this was Hashem’s plan to allow them to become the Torah Nation? We know it was actually a punishment.

Aleph Beta: Beshalach: Fruit Trees In the Sea?

A strange midrash of fruit trees surrounding the Nation of Israel as they walked to freedom

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Beshalach

Leading by example must be visible, regarding where, when and how-like Nachshon entering the Red Sea

The Essence of Tradition

Rabbi Yaakov Nagen, a Ram at Yeshivat Otniel, notes that the verse is suggesting that retelling the story of the Exodus is so important that Hashem is performing ever-greater miracles specifically so that parents can tell their stories to future generations.

AlephBeta: Bo: God’s Justice in Action

Before performing the 10th plague God makes a fundamental argument about the ultimate nature of justice.

A Slave To Fashion

How is it possible that the clothing was more valuable to them than gold or silver?

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