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God Is One With Us

The Torah notes that even when we are dispersed God will return us to Him.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Our understanding of what is and what is not possible creates imagined ceilings of opportunity for us.

A Clean Slate

The Chafetz Chaim answered that there are two forms of teshuvah; teshuvah m’ahava and teshuvah m’yirah.

It’s Your Choice

In Parshas Re’eh the Torah tells us about the bechira to adhere to the commandments of Hashem and refrain from sin. In Parshas Nitzavim, the Torah tells us that we have the choice to repent after we have sinned.

Nitzavim-Vayeilech: “Where’s the Happy Ending?”

As Moshe is about to die, why does God tell him about how the Israelites will ruin everything?

Nations of Stone

This week's parsha offers a new covenant; a covenant that speaks to national life unlike any other

Parshas Ki Savo: All Jews Are Righteous

All Jews are inherently righteous and that is why we all have a portion in the World to Come.

Lending With Interest

Since it is a Rabbinic prohibition we may follow the more lenient opinion.

Using Visualizations

How can the Torah expect me today, thousands of years after the mitzvahs were given, to view each mitzvah as if I’m fulfilling it for the first time?

A Bond That Cannot Be Broken

According to Ibn Ezra, the Torah was stressing through this covenant that hypocrisy was forbidden.

Feeling God’s Protection In All Circumstances

Simcha is total; sahs is God’s joy in protecting us even when we are most vulnerable.

Shabbos: A Day With Hashem: Hashem Loves Me

Not only do we accept You as our King, it is our greatest desire that the name of Your Kingdom be spread throughout the entire universe.

Committed To Rabbeinu Gershom

They ask, how can Rabbeinu Gershom forbid marrying more than one wife, when the Torah explicitly permits it in this parshah?

The Challenge Of Morality In The Face Of War

the test of moral integrity truly presents itself when one faces difficult situations.

The Greatness Of Man

A replica reminds a person of the original. Granted it is in miniature, and granted no one would mistake it for the original, but it carries, almost in caricature form, some semblance of the original.

No Mixing And Matching

The inability of creation to violate Hashem’s natural law extends to inanimate object such as heaven and earth.

When To Go To The High Court

First, how could a beis din of 23 judges present a guilty verdict in a capital punishment case? After all, only a majority of the 23 judges ruled in favor of his verdict.

The Role Of The Jewish King

Of paramount importance is that both the king and his people realize that while he is the leader, he is still a subject of God.

If I Were A Rich Man

When a person feels he can control the destiny of other people, he runs the risk of feeling self-important, significant, and mighty.

The Redemption Blueprint

If there is a mitzvas minuy dayanim in the Diaspora, then why is there a difference between Israel and the Diaspora in the number of judges and their distribution?

Parshat Re’eh

Eisenhower understood that motivated men will fight much harder and longer than unmotivated men.

The Way To Cling

Who does not want to get close to Hashem? Yet, how do we do that?

Shabbos Mevorchim Elul

Hashem recalls everything – nothing is hidden from His eyes.

The Origin Of Shechitah

According to Rabbi Yishmael one was not permitted to eat such an animal prior to entering Eretz Yisrael, while according to Rabbi Akiva one was permitted to eat animals if he would perform nechirah.

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