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Netanyahu at Buenos Aires Economic Event: ‘The Future Belongs to Those Who Innovate’

"Israel produces more milk per cow than any other cow in the world. You think it would be a French cow, Dutch cow, an American cow? No. It's an Israeli cow, because it's a computerized cow, every moo is computerized."

Remembering the Victims of September 11, 2001

Nearly three thousand people died in the multi-site attack, which involved 19 Al Qaeda hijackers on four commercial passenger airlines.

The Second (Lego) Temple of Jerusalem

The lego model disassembles to show hidden and secret chambers under the Temple!

Take a Look at Israel’s Future Military Hardware

The Carmel armored transport vehicle is the smaller, faster armored vehicle that can be operated by two soldiers instead of four.

Watch: US Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt Spends Wednesday Touring Israel-Gaza Border

The Kerem Shalom Crossing "shows how [Israel] is trying to help the people of Gaza under very challenging and trying circumstances," said US peace envoy Jason Greenblatt.

A Look at Eilat’s Counter Terrorist Unit

Israel's best counter-terrorist officers are stationed in Eilat ready to handle any surprises in a moment's notice.

Conan O’Brien in Tel Aviv

We have some ideas of places he can visit in Israel if he wants a real experience.

Conan without Borders: Israel

Conan heads to Israel this September.

Some Very Fine People on Both Sides

A protester protected an Israeli-flag wearing protester from the other protesters.

Shocking Video: Mother Teaching Children Terror on the Temple Mount

Watch a Muslim mother teach her children to shoot policemen on the Temple Mount.

Muslim Threw Concrete Block onto Israeli Police from Jerusalem Hospital Rooftop

The violent Muslim rioters were using the hospital as a sanctuary against arrest.

Talk17 – Understanding the Gap Between the Media and the Facts

Brian of London speaks out on the mechanisms of the anti-Israel bias in the media.


Over the past few months, Shahak Shapira reported 300 hate tweets. Twitter failed to delete most of them, so he sprayed them in front of the Twitter office.

Ben Shapiro on Why the Left Hates Israel

Ben Shapiro explains Why The Left Hates Israel.

Hashem or the Hashemites [video]

Yishai Fleisher's amazing speech at the Walk Around the Walls on Tisha B'Av.

Pizza Man vs. Terrorist

Security camera footage of the pizza man taking out a terrorist in Petach Tikva.

If I Can’t Bring My Machine Gun into the Mosque, There’s no Point in...

Daniel from HonestReporting sets the record straight on media cover of recent terror attacks.

Tisha B’Av: Time to Wake Up, Make the Dream a Reality

The video is the fifth in the “Children are Ready” series which has already accumulated over 1 million views on the Temple Institute’s YouTube page.

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