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IDF Shoots Santa, He Was Naughty

Arabs hope that by dressing up as popular character, they can riot violently and avoid any consequences.

You’re Not my Regular CNN!

It's not every day that one sees a CNN report about Israel that one can say is fair and balanced.

Am I the Enemy? Mark Halawa’s Incredible Story

The incredible story of an Muslim from Kuwait who discovers he's a Jew!

The Truth About Jerusalem

If any violence occurs, it's obviously all Donald Trump's fault. Right?

President Trump Hosts his First Chanukah Reception in the White House

President Trump talks Jerusalem, Israel, Jews, America and Chanukah.

Bennett to BBC: Jerusalem Was Israel’s Capital Long before England Existed

Education Minister Naftali Bennett educates BBC host on history, geography, and creative solutions to replace the failed 1994 Oslo accords.

Beyond Deception Strategy

Trailer: Exposing BDS and showing the reality of Israeli society.

Watch Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu: He ‘Never Imagined He’d Say This . . ....

Netanyahu says the current Iranian regime is doomed, and "so are those who threaten to destroy the Jewish State. They'll go down for the count."

The Etzion Brigade

Watch a platoon from the Etzion Battalion in action.

Ari Fuld Smacks Down Yariv Oppenheimer

Ari Fuld confronts Yariv Oppenheimer on current events issues, and delivers one knockout blow after another.

Sea-Based Iron Dome Intercepts Incoming Missiles

Watch a seaborne version of the Iron Dome system take out incoming missiles during a test.

Commendations for Kiryat Arba CTU

Members of the Kiryat Arba CTU received commendations from the IDF.

Hookah Man of Huwara Meets Video Man from Yitzhar

We'd like to see Tubi produce one of these a week – he has a great talent for reaching out and listening to the other side, a very rare commodity these days.

The Truth about Thanksgiving

Ben Shapiro and Michael Medved discuss the origins of Thanksgiving.

Bank of Israel Governor Shopping in Shuk with New Bills

Bank of Israel Governor Karnit Flug went shopping in the shuk with the new bills, which she (almost) literally printed herself.

Nahal Haredi Paratroopers Prepare for First Landing

Rabbis say haredi paratroopers integrate grueling training sessions with uncompromising adherence to a haredi lifestyle.

Gershon Bar Kochba on Jewish Heroism in Those Days and Now

How did a small group of Maccabees defeat the huge Seleucid Greeks army?

The Best-Dressed Kosher Hot Dog in America

Nachum Segal emcess the Abeles & Heymann "Best-Dressed Kosher Hot Dog" contest at KosherFest.

Watch: Ari Interviews Hillel Int’l CEO Eric D. Fingerhut About Princeton’s Hillel Mess

Hillel's Eric Fingerhut explains to Ari that the director of Hillel at Princeton made a mistake and she apologized.

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