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September 18, 2014 / 23 Elul, 5774
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400 Killed in Terror in 5 Days and Obama Says ‘World More Stable’

Obama was not joking at the UN. He actually said, “The world is a more stable place today than it was five years ago.” Does he watch TV? Does he know that Islamic terrorists killed 400 people in five days?
Obama says the world is more stable than five years ago. What movie is he watching?

Obama says the world is more stable than five years ago. What movie is he watching?

Islamic terrorists killed 70 plus people in Kenya, 78 Christians in Pakistan, 142 people in Somalia and about 100 in Iraq the past four days, but President Barack Obama told the United Nations Tuesday, ”The world is a more stable place than it was five years ago.”

The President quickly added that, sure, there are “problems” in Kenya, Pakistan, Iraq and other countries, but so what?

“Al Qaeda does not have the capacity to carry out another 9/11,” he explained. That may or may not be true, but it reflects the egocentric attitude of the American government, which takes responsibility for safeguarding the world even though it lost its authority years ago.

Al Qaeda still is a “problem” for other governments, President Obama admitted. but there are bigger problems, such as Israel trying to exist.

President Obama outlined where the United States stands on world conflicts. Syria must not be allowed to have chemical weapons, he said, without batting an eyelash over the fiasco of his hastily climbing down the ladder of a confused foreign policy.

But more important, he said there are two great issues that can be solved to make peace for the world: Iranian’s nuclear aim and the “occupation.”

He repeated the term “occupation” several times to make it clear that the United States backs the Palestinian Authority while saying it really is just bringing Israel and the Palestinian Authority to the so-called negotiating table to thrash it out by themselves.

When he insisted that Israel’s security is dependent on the creation of a Palestinian Authority country within Israel’s current borders, President Obama did not mention that two Palestinian Authority terrorists murdered two IDF soldiers the past four days. Maybe the numbers are not high enough to be considered terror.

He obviously and sincerely believes that if Israel simply would duplicate its idiocy in 2005, when it expelled all Jewish civilians and withdrew the IDF from Gaza, the Palestinian Authority will have no reason to attack Israelis.

President Shimon Peres is almost the only person in the world still trying to figure out why Hamas attacks with missiles and rockets after the expulsion eight years ago. President Peres may soon have company because Obama assumes that PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas would never do such a thing if Israel pulls out Judea and Samaria.

Just in case Obama thought he could fool all of the people all the time, he added that the United States “is not taking sides” in Egypt, after having ushered out Mubarak, ushering in the Muslim Brotherhood and then ushering it out a year later.

It was not one of Obama’s greatest speeches. He tried to bury the Islamic terrorist attacks the past few days as footnotes so they would not get in the way of his view that the world is such a more stable place today.

For the record,  more than 130 people have been murdered in Iraq the past four days, 96 in two suicide bombings on Saturday in a Shi’ite neighborhood in Baghdad. Dozens more were killed in terrorist attacks at funerals, including 14 on Monday.

Thousands of people have  been killed in terrorist attacks the past few months, 12 years after the Bush administration declared “victory” to make Iraq safe for democracy. Speaking of democracy, the suicide bombings on Saturday came as Kurds in an autonomous northern region voted in local legislative elections.

Al Qaeda is increasing its attacks in Iraq, where Sunni rebels are terrorizing the Shi’ite government – one group of terrorists against another. Terrorists in Iraq on Tuesday launched an attack against police and military sites with car bombs, rockets and machine guns in western Iraq, killing at least nine policemen.

In Pakistan on Sunday, Islamic terrorists killed at least 78 Christians and wounded more than 100 others in a suicide attack on a church.

Meanwhile, terrorists in Nigeria dressed up as soldiers and gunned down at least 142 people on a highway and burned homes on Sunday.

The terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi is not over. After four days, Kenyan authorities continue to say they have secured the mall and there are not more hostages, but fighting continues.

Local officials told the Associated Press that the morgue is preparing for the arrival of a large number of bodies, meaning that the official death toll of 68 is likely to reach three figures.

But all of the above are parenthetical incidents in President Obama’s view.

So long as he can continue to believe Iran and can talk against the “occupation,” the world will be a more stable place. If he can hold out for another three years, then the whole ball of wax can blow up in the face of the next president.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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84 Responses to “400 Killed in Terror in 5 Days and Obama Says ‘World More Stable’”

  1. Jamie Nachinson says:


  2. jgray1 says:

    at least jimmy carter got dementia after he was out of office.

  3. Frank Pomeranz says:

    This fits Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize world view, but whatever he says is polar opposite from reality…

  4. This fits Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize world view, but whatever he says is polar opposite from reality…

  5. David Ricklis says:

    I cannot listen to this man… now reading his words are on the list of what I need to avoid!

  6. Bruce Bevitz says:

    It did't work for Harold McMillan, and it certainly will not work for Barack Obama. The man is confusion in search of idiocy. When will the United Stated stop placating these monsters, and finally call a spade a spade? The man has the intelligence of an Ostrich, and the temerity of one of the three stooges (your choice) without the ability to make me laugh.

  7. Chaiya Eitan says:

    The idiocy of his remarks are surpassed by those who actually believe him!

  8. You said that President Obama used the term "occupation" several times in his speech at the UN. Well unless he delivered a different speech than the one whose text has been published, you earn a Pinocchio on this one. Not only did he not use the term several times, he did not use it once. You weaken your arguments and debase the quality of this publication when you "create" facts.

  9. Benjamin Rau says:

    Obama, being a terrorist himself, would think that acts of terror would bring about a more stable world… why not put him down and end his reign of terror….

  10. Benjamin Rau says:

    Obama, being a terrorist himself, would think that acts of terror would bring about a more stable world… why not put him down and end his reign of terror….


  12. Ron Birtles says:

    Anyone that is still sticking with this man needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

  13. H Fragman Abramson says:

    It’s the koolaide.

  14. Kieran Tonimon says:

    wtf you talking about? i doubt you read the full transcript before you start calling names here..cos this dumb potus used the word 'occupation' so many times. here, learn to make google your best buddy…http://goo.gl/lVsDj9



  17. Anonymous says:

    It is the Ostrich, the Ostrich is much more smarter than Obama.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Obama go play gulf and shut up.

  19. Really He thinks we believe one word this idiot says anymore .. eye roll The God of Israel IS REAL.

  20. Lloyd Bergner says:

    The man from Planet X who became President is really the Manchurian Candidate

  21. Shemayah Shiloh Phillips says:

    Was it 400 Americans?

  22. So if Obama was out, terrorism would end? How many terrorists have other leaders or parties gotten rid of? Professional whiners.

  23. Shemayah Shiloh Phillips says:

    So if Obama was out, terrorism would end? How many terrorists have other leaders or parties gotten rid of? Professional whiners.

  24. Tyler Johnson says:


  25. "But there are bigger problems, such as Israel trying to exist." He might just as well have finished that statement with what we all should know he thinks by now, "I have to help Islam destroy Israel." It was only after he said, "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" that we slowly realized that he meant he was going to destroy America and morph it into a socialist totalitarian Islamic state to match the dreams of his father.

  26. Troy Manley says:

    You sure are sexy Sharon! I mean I agree with you.

  27. This President really does embarrass the USA.America was once the worlds Policeman and held its head up high but alas im afraid just a few years under this imposter it has lost all of its credibility.The nation is on the brink of collapse under his policies and the Dollar is about to be dumped as the world currency,maybe its been a ploy of OB all along.How long will the good citizens of America put up with this clown.

  28. he must have been high on weed. as usual.

  29. Stuart Wilson says:

    November 2016?……..hehehe!

  30. Milton Barry Zaft says:

    What a player

  31. obamqa is not to be trusted at all

  32. end the caliphate of Obama before it is too late. there will be blood in your streets more than otherwise.

  33. he has to be revealed as the traitor he is before then.

  34. He has to be revealed for the Muslim traitor he is. Like aids disguised as part of the immune system against Islamism.

  35. Paul Bunting says:

    Time for a crusade? If the islamic leaders dont call these terrorist out and the countries aiding them don't call them out, it may be time for a crusade. Remeber Triploi!

  36. Sue Shehan says:

    Obama has made the world more unstable and more insecure since he has been in office.

  37. Anonymous says:

    So you guys want the bombs to fall on Syria and iran…..and you are willing to sacrifice American service people? Are you aware Israel is next door and any fallout will damage their people? Those folks who escaped the camps of Germany do not need their kids killed to prove your ideology!

  38. Well since he is a muslim, then it stands to reason for Obamarama to say the world is more stable…sure for them it is but not for us!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hey Paul…..Jews were killed in the last Crusades too by the Crusaders from Europe. Stop trying to get more Jews killed!

  40. Joan Richey Canning says:

    We know what God has to say about those who divide the land of his chosen people…It won't end well for the dividers. Eternal consequences will be reaped.

  41. Well, there is no need to bomb Syria in his assessment.

  42. Claro Magallanes says:

    Well, there is no need to bomb Syria in his assessment.

  43. M16a2223 says:

    ItalyRobert O is an idiot , mainly for thinking we are idiots

  44. Ann Layzell says:

    World more stable !!! Where did he fly in from ??

  45. liberty_lil says:

    tnlawgirl cause he thinks it is more stable. He truly wants parity for Muslims, even if it means death …

  46. I must be out of touch….pass me he bong, please…..must be good stuff…

  47. Chaiya Eitan says:

    Maybe the only way to get through this period of him being (eeuuww) President is to stay high!

  48. Sydney Faber says:

    OY GEVALT!!!! What is he smoking?

  49. AmerycanRebel2 says:

    soul_searcher02 mind boggling, eh? Does he know that he is lying?

  50. Pres. Obama is delusional and creates the world to fit his desires. Obama believes HE is the answer to all things/issues/events… but continues to prove he is totally inept and incapable of functioning in the role of a leader, much less the United States. Neither Iran nor Brazil would meet with him. These come from opposite places in every aspect – they show Obama is not the "Big Pubah" he believes he is. He is mentally ill, starting with paranoid behavior.

  51. Joseph Dennery says:

    Not only does bho continue to want HIS military to follow his muslim ideals, he expects them all to comply without getting paid! …wth is up with this nutjob?

  52. Joseph Dennery says:

    Not only does bho continue to want HIS military to follow his muslim ideals, he expects them all to comply without getting paid! …wth is up with this nutjob?

  53. skyalo says:

    Now that we know yhis guy is insane,the question is why should we take his words. I believing that he is the coming anti christ. he is talking of peace which isn’t there.

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