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The Grand Synagogue of Paris is among sites being protected by the French military.

European leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to fight anti-Semitism, according to Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director of the European Jewish Association (EJA), who received greetings from the heads of most countries in the EU.

Margolin was the recipient of holiday greetings from Europe’s leadership ahead of the upcoming Jewish high holy days, particularly Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year, which begins next Sunday night.


The continent’s leaders are seeking to “reinforce with Europe’s historic Jewish communities and reaffirm their commitment to fighting the wave of anti-Semitic acts that have blighted cities across the European Union,” Margolin said.

Messages of support and solidarity were led by France’s Francois Hollande, who departed from the secular protocol of the French Republic to send his new year wishes to European Jewry. The French president offered a firm commitment to fight “against all words and acts of an anti-Semitic nature, and to allow everyone to live together, without exception, with the same values of freedom, tolerance and community”.

French Premier Manuels Valls added his “readiness to fight against anti-Semitism, and all forms of racism and intolerance, and to tirelessly support European initiatives designed to defend the values which shape our democracies”.

Austrian President Heinz K. Fischer spoke out in support of “the common interest of Jews in Europe.” Fischer said he sought to renew Austria’s ties with the Jewish State by way of its commitment to “the safeguarding of Israel.”

He added that Austria remains committed to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms in Europe and the world, and to the “safeguarding of minorities including the Jewish community in Austria, which has always strongly influenced our country’s culture,” he added.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel also reaffirmed his “excellent relationship with the Jewish community in Belgium.”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte recalled his country’s endorsement of a joint statement on anti-Semitism at an informal meeting of the United Nations General Assembly last January.

“I share your concern about rising anti-Semitism in Europe,” he said in his message to European Jewry. “This scourge affects Jewish communities first, but in essence it is a threat to society as a whole,” he added.

EJA General Director, Rabbi Margolin thanked the European leaders for their wishes and commitments.

“Rabbis and community leaders across Europe report that in light of the growing anti-Semitism and nationalist atmosphere there has been a significant decline in the number of Jews who take part in community activities,” he said.

“However, Jewish communities are working hard to help Jews attend Rosh Hashanah services. Major security measures are being taken and we can report that there is a relative increase in the number of Jews who have expressed their intention to attend synagogues over Rosh Hashanah with their families, compared to last year. “

In Manchester, England alone, anti-Semitic incidents rose by nearly 80 percent in 12 months, according to a report issued by the Community Security Trust earlier this year.

A 17-year-old boy was beaten unconscious in an attack by three men who attacked him and three other Jews this past Saturday night. The boy remains hospitalized with a suspected brain bleed. The three other victims, ages 17, 18 and 20, were also verbally and physically assaulted but did not require admission to hospital.



  1. Teresa, this is absolutely true and it has been going on for years in every Western European country. There are 50 million Muslims living in Europe now, and their population continues to explode due to high birth rates and their manipulation of the asylum and immigration systems.

    In particular, Jews are fleeing Sweden (where they were accepted as REAL refugees after WWII) and France for Israel due to constant harassment and persecution from racist local Muslims. And then of course when they get to Israel, they’re liable to face harassment from other racist Muslims, enabled and accelerated by the BDS idiots and leftwing Western politicians.

    Muslim Jew-hate has little or nothing to do with Israel. Important Muslim leaders have stated that they would still hate Jews if Israel had never been recreated. The source of their hate is the religion of Islam. The Koran and other central Islamic texts are a litany of hate against Jews. Muhammed hated Jews because they rejected his new religion. He and his followers filled their writings with Jew-hate. 60% of the Koran alone consists of attacks on Judaism and other religions.

    The Palestinians are nothing more than a human wedge the Arabs use in their endless attempts to attack and delegitimize Israel. The Arabs have consistently rejected peace for 63 years. Barak gave the Arabs virtually everything they were asking for at Camp David, including East Jerusalem, and Arafat still rejected the offer. He remarked to an associate later that “If I had signed that paper, I would be drinking tea with Rabin now.” The majority of Arabs do not want peace, and they have never wanted it. What they really want is to destroy Israel completely, and wipe out all the Jews they can along with it.

    The Western lefties who support the Arabs are either stupid, ignorant, or deliberately evil. Given the amount of evidence for Israel’s legitimacy and sincere desire for peace that has been available for years, there is no other rational conclusion.

    A great source for information of this kind is Robert Spencer’s blog _Jihad Watch._ In addition to a wealth of information on Islam on the West, he provides many useful links to other writers on the subject. My favorite book on the topic is Dr. Andrew G. Bostom’s

    Bostom also has an outstanding Internet blog which can be found via Google.

  2. State-Funded BDS Proves Otherwise. The leaders are putting on a show for the international press. The involvement of state funded NGOs in BDS, and the resurgent anti-Israel propaganda in state-funded media prove that they are insincere. Jewish leaders should demand the end of state-funded BDS and anti-Israel propaganda. If this is not done, leaders need to organize to get all Jews out of Europe before it is too late.

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