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November 25, 2015 / 13 Kislev, 5776
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Palestinian Authority Terrorists Wound 4-Year-Old Girl with Firebomb

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Palestinian Authority terrorists celebrated another Day of Rage Friday by throwing a firebomb at Jewish family in a vehicle north of Jerusalem and wounding five people, including a four-year-old girl.

The family was driving on Highway 60 near Beit El in Samaria before Shabbat when the Molotov cocktail was hurled at their car.

The parents and two children suffered light burns.

The little girl, her parents and siblings were rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

The Palestinian Authority calls terrorist attacks “acts of resistance” which on Friday included riots, rock-throwing and other firebomb attacks throughout Judea and Samaria. One of their targets was Rachel’s Tomb, which UNESCO declared this week is a Muslim site even though it existed long before the founding of Islam.


ISIS Warns Jews in Hebrew, You’re Next to be Slaughtered [video]

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

ISIS released a video in Israeli-Arabic-accented Hebrew, ranting and warning the Jews that Islamic State plans to come to Israel to slaughter and eradicate everyone until no Jews are left in Jerusalem, Israel and the world. They would first overrun Jordan, after which they would overrun Israel from every direction.

ISIS has been focusing a lot of attention on Israel lately, and local ISIS affiliated terror cells have been captured by Israeli security forces. A number of Israeli-Arabs have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

This may be the first time that the Islamist organization has spoken directly to Israelis in Hebrew.

The clip shows a masked soldier wearing a uniform, with a rifle and a dagger, who speaks a fairly modern dialect, with an accent that shifts from heavily Arab, with an unusually soft R for an Arab speaker (which could suggest Israeli upbringing). Like most Arabs, he is unable to pronounce the P sound, and so he says Bashut instead of Pashut (simple), and Bachad’tem instead of Pachad’tem (you feared).

At the beginning of the video, he turns to the camera and says, “This is a serious and clear announcement to all the Jews, the first enemy of the Muslims. To all the Jews who conquered our country, the Muslims. The real war has not started yet, and everything you had before is simply called a child’s play compared to that which is going to happen to you in the near future, inshallah (God willing).”

Speaking of the current wave of terror, he expresses the hope that ISIS will arrive and destroy Israel. He promises the annulment of the Sykes-Picot borders, which, in 1916, divided the dying Ottoman between France and Great Britain. He boasts of having already eliminated the Syrian-Iraqi border, and foretells erasing the Syrian-Jordanian border, too—a direct threat against King Abdullah II of Jordan. He then promises removing the Syrian-Palestinian borders, too, which is a curious promise, because that could mean the end of the dream of Palestinian statehood (under Ottoman rule, Palestine was ruled by a governor who sat in Damascus).

He promises to eventually arrive in Israel to destroy it, to avenge its “crimes,” telling Israelis: “Do whatever you feel like in the meantime, until we get to you, and then we’ll destroy everything ten times over for the crimes your committed. And we promise you that soon there will not be a single Jew in Jerusalem and throughout the country. And we’ll continue on until we eradicate this disease worldwide.”

The above reference to Jews as a worldwide disease suggests the speaker is versed in 19th century anti-Semitic literature, probably in the texts published and distributed by the Saudi government, which rules over a publishing empire dedicated to Jew hatred.

He repeats a theme commonly used by Hamas culture, chiding Jews and Westerners for their love of life, as compared to the Arab Klingon-like infatuation with death and killing. “Look what happened to you,” he slams his Israeli viewers, “a few stabbings and running over by our brothers in Palestine, you fell over on your head and started to fear any driver traveling too fast. You’re even scared of any person who grabs something in his hand. Simply put, that is your level. Think about it even for a second, what will happen to you as soon as—inshallah—tens of thousands from all over the world will be coming to slaughter you and throw you in the trash without a return?”

The speaker is clearly an Israeli Arab, or an Arab from the territories who attended an Israeli educational institute or otherwise lived near Israeli Jews. He is likely the son of a middle class family, he appears poised and secure. His recitation is restrained, meaning that he knows and understands his target audience: excited Hamas videos in Hebrew are usually so over the top, and rife with humiliating pronunciation gaffes, they often go viral as comedy. This one is not for laughs.

Content from JNi.media was used in this report.

Pre-Crime: Border Police Stop Potental Jerusalem Stabber

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

A group of Border Policemen received a report from the 101 police emergency line of a suspicious Arab walking in the Nof Tzion neighborhood of Jerusalem, according to the police spokesperson.

They approached the suspect while keeping at a safe distance, noticing that the 21-year-old Arab man was walking along a wall, checking out the nearby Jewish homes, and keeping his right arm hidden on the other side of the wall.

The Border Policemen stopped him, demanded he show them his arm. The suspect raised his arm, which he held in a clenched fist.

The police told the man to open his hand and show them what he is holding, but the suspect refused.

The man then asked to be allowed to go back to his home in Jabel Mukhaber.

After creating a diversion, one of the policemen jumped on the suspect and grabbed his arm, while other policemen then held him.

They found a knife concealed in the Arab suspects sleeve, and another terror stabbing was prevented.

Police say that alert civilians alongside the police were able to avert a potential stabbing attack.

Knife from the Nof Tzion terror suspect.

Knife from the Nof Tzion terror suspect.

Boldly Going Where No Israeli Has Gone Before

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

“No one has territorial claims in space. It belongs to us all,” Benjamin Krasna, Bureau Head for Asian and Economic Affairs at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the U.N. Tuesday, “The Israeli Space Agency is focused on just this kind of peaceful outer space cooperation as it promotes innovative scientific projects based on international collaboration.”

Krasna described the exciting potential behind the new SpaceIL venture as it attempts to build the first Israeli spacecraft to reach the moon as a contestant in the international competition Google Lunar XPrize, which sees participants from around the world compete for a chance to land unmanned spacecraft on the moon, and emphasized Israel’s satellite capability. “Israel stands at forefront of science, human ingenuity and innovation. We are proud to be among eleven countries that have space-launch capability and the over sixty countries that own and operate approximately 1,200 active satellites”.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it will use the Israeli AMOS-6 communications satellite, manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries to provide Internet access to Sub­ Saharan African nations as part of its intemet.org project. The new satellite will be launched in the second half of 2016 and will help connect those in the developing world to the opportunities offered by modern communications technology.

Krasna evoked David Bowie’s Major Tom and Buzz Lightyear to the Fourth Committee of the U.N. General Assembly before describing a main objective of Israel’s National Civil Space Program: to position the State of Israel amongst the five leading space faring nations. He stressed the importance of an agreement signed just last week between Israel and NASA, where NASA Director Charles Golden said “Israel is known for its innovation and technology, and this agreement gives the opportunity to cooperate with Israel on the journey to Mars.” The agreement was signed at a historic Space event held in Jerusalem, the 66th annual International Astronautic Congress.

The Congress, attended by 85-year-old Edwin Eugene (“Buzz”) Aldrin, second man to walk on the moon and the inspiration behind Buzz Lightyear, brought the heads of nearly 40 national space agencies, researchers, policy makers, former astronauts and cosmonauts, parliamentarians, students and exhibitors from 70 countries including the Persian Gulf, Jordan and Egypt, to Jerusalem.

“Israel has made significant contributions to abilities in space, so it’s only natural that we hosted the largest scientific conference in this field”, said Krasna, “We were glad to be a place for the world space community to convene, enabling the participants to complete joint projects for the good of science and mankind.”

Palestinian Authority and Fatah at Odds on How to Kill Jews

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

The Palestinian Authority and Fatah are in the midst of rare disagreement. To be specific, what is the preferred method to murder Jews?

Abbas, who still is considered Israel’s “peace partner” by the world, never, never urges Arabs to go out and kill Jews. He simply calls on them to continue the “resistance,” the wink-wink word for terror.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has translated and published recent cartoons posted on the Fatah and Palestinian Authority official web pages, and they illustrate the different tactics to carry out the same strategy.

Rock-throwing, which has killed several Jews either through a direct hit or by causing the driver to lose control of his vehicle and crash, has a romantic lure for media that always are looking for a nice angle that can show terrorists as lovers of freedom who use David’s weapon against Goliath to face the monstrous Goliaths they try to destroy.

How can anyone accuse the Palestinian Authority of encouraging terror when all it does is post a cartoon of rock-throwers, while the Fatah party that Abbas heads publicizes caricatures of Arabs stabbing Jews to death to fulfilling their “national duty,” as PLO Executive Committee member Mahmoud Ismail said and as reported here two weeks ago.

Here is a cartoon provided by PMW and which was published this week by the Palestinian Authority official daily Al-HayatAl-Jadida. Note how happy the children are when they throw rocks with slingshots, great stuff for anyone who sees children as victims and not terrorists.



The same daily two weeks ago published a “weather forecast” of rocks falling like rain on Israeli soldiers:



But the Abbas-led Faith party, unlike his Palestinian Authority regime, goes for the jugular.

PMW posted the following cartoon that was published in on Faith’s Facebook page, although the official Palestinian Authority daily saw it fit to post them also.

Perhaps, they wanted to give “equal time” to the “opposition.”

Text: “Here is Jerusalem, you crazies, beware!” [Official Facebook page of the Fatah Movement, Oct. 4, 2015]


Raising Jerusalem’s Spirits

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Young Israelis danced and sang in mid-town Jerusalem to help raise the spirits of everyone, following all these terror attacks.

Report: Jew Who Was Shot in Jerusalem Yelled at Soldiers ‘I Am ISIS’

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

(JNi.media) Police suspect an argument developed between the two soldiers and an ultra-Orthodox man who ended up being shot dead Wednesday night in Jerusalem. During the confrontation that ensued, the victim attacked one of the soldiers and went for his gun. A bus driver who saw what was happening tried to help the soldiers to control the man using his taser, but the victim continued to try and grab the soldier’s gun, while crying out “Ani Da’ash” (I am ISIS).

Israeli police and the military police will conduct the investigation of the soldiers involved in the killing of the Jewish man Wednesday night in Jerusalem, after they suspected him of being a terrorist. IDF officers have told Walla that there’s a need to refine the rules of engagement for soldiers in civilian life. “These situations place the soldiers in situations for which they are not trained,” one officer said. The IDF fears more cases of rush to judgment on the part of the hundreds of soldiers who are now bolstering the ranks of Israeli police, with similar result.

The soldiers involved in killing the suspect have been lent as reinforcement to police in Jerusalem. There is a shortage of at least 400 policemen in the capital, and so in recent weeks it was decided to add to the police more than 300 soldiers, essentially to boost civilian confidence.

Referring to the Wednesday night killing, security forces said that “this is a very complex event that requires immediate operational research to figure out what really happened, to prevent such cases in the future, regardless of the findings of the military police investigations.”

The investigation of the killing has not yet started, according to Walla. At this point police has received several conflicting testimonies from people at the scene. The IDF Spokesman’s office declined to comment.

The victim, in his 30s, was a resident of Jerusalem who came over a decade ago from the Caucasus and in recent years studied in a yeshiva at the Har Nof neighborhood. Before that, he served two years in the Haredi Nahal battalion and then worked as a security guard in kindergartens. One of the rabbis at his yeshiva told Walla, “I can’t understand how it happened, it looks like a serious error on the part of the soldiers. This is unbelievable. He was a very good and well organized man.”

Another rabbi at the yeshiva added: “He was a very strong guy. My understanding is that maybe he got into an argument with the soldiers. This is a stupid and tragic mistake.” Another person who knew the victim said, “He was a modest, gentle and very quiet man. We had him over for meals on Shabbat days. It’s likely that he defended himself against the person who shot him. I’m not sure exactly what happened but it is a serious human error.”

According to military sources, the victim came up to the two soldiers at night, on Yirmiyahu Street in the capital, and asked them to identify themselves. A security guard who stood nearby suspected he was a terrorist trying to snatch a soldier’s weapon, so he shot him. Then one of the two soldiers fired.

Tomer Cohen, an eyewitness to the fatal incident, said: “He began to confront them and never gave up. They took control over him, pulled him away from the people, and because he didn’t let go, they killed him. I don’t know if he was an Arab or a Jew, but he definitely confronted them. He was a threat. When he jumped on one of them, girls here were screaming ‘Terrorist, terrorist.’ There was something scary about it.”

Printed from: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/report-jew-who-was-shot-in-jerusalem-yelled-at-soldiers-i-am-isis/2015/10/22/

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