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November 29, 2015 / 17 Kislev, 5776
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Nazareth Mayor: Barely 1,000 Jewish Shoppers Saturday

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

(JNi.media) Nazareth Mayor Ali Salem, who last week ruined the Channel 2 News interview with Ayman Odeh chairman of the Knesset Joint Arab List, is still furious. “Every Saturday we get our 20 thousand guests—Jews, tourists and Israelis from across the country,” he told Ma’ariv Saturday night. “This Saturday we barely reached 1,000 people from out of town.”

Salem did not want to call what goes on in this city these days a “catastrophe” (which, in Arabic, is Nakba, a word that dates back to the war of 1948-9)—he prefers to maintain his optimism. “For three days we had complete quiet,” he continues. “No politicians arrived and they didn’t riot or strike or demonstrate. Therefore I believe, as early as next Saturday, if the quiet will be maintained, everyone will return. Businessmen I spoke to today were pleased, not because no one visited them for a month, but because they manage to rebuild the ruins they (the politicians) left us in the city,” he said.

“There were even smiles, even though the shops were empty. Everyone knows that if the quiet continues, everything will fall into place. We are built to absorb every Saturday 20 thousand and sometimes 30 and even 50 thousand, just come, Jews, Arabs and Christians. Send your Saturday here, shopping and touring. There’s a lot to see.”

Salem stresses the importance of the economy in his city. “If you are strong in trade, in the economy, you are strong in everything. Why am I fighting against any carpetbaggers who come to us to get their cut? Everyone shouts coexistence, and I shout existence and coexistence. Let us support the city. Let the traders make a living, let Nazareth have a livelihood. We’ve had two rarely prosperous years in this city, until the riots. Now we need to rebuild everything. Quietly, with colors, with sights, with smells.”

Salem optimistic but also concerned. “I walk around town and see what’s going on here, so no one can come to teach me how to make a city beautiful, strong and clean. Everyone has heard and seen me, they all know what I think, therefore I am not going to talk any more to the media…

SanDisk to Open R & D Center in Israeli Arab City

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

The giant SanDisk flash-storage company has announced it will build a new research and development center in a northern Arab city, where dozens of Arabs will work.

The announcement comes at an opportune time. While Israeli Arab misfits riot and try to kill Jews, the majority are interested in a better social and financial life.

The new center will be located in Yafia, near the Lower Galilee city of Nazareth whose mayor earlier this week said he was fed up with loud-mouth Arab Knesset Members whose incendiary speeches incite others to terror.

He said they are ruining the city by scaring away thousands of Israeli Jewish shoppers.

SanDisk already employs approximately 650 people in Israel at its facilities in Kfar Saba, north of Tel Aviv, Omer, located north of Be’er Sheva, and Tefen in the northern Galilee.

The new center will attract Arabs from Haifa and Nazareth.

SanDisk Israel CEO Shahar Bar-or told Globes:

When we decided to establish the center six months ago, we couldn’t have imagined that the opening ceremony would take place at a time of tension and the recent events.

The integration of Arab engineers in the high-tech industry is now more important than ever. The main and most important reason is that the high-tech industry needs the capabilities and qualifications of the entire population in Israel, and we’re losing out on thousands of excellent Arab engineers.

The second reason is that only employment at high wages can bring about real integration of the Arab population in Israeli society.”

Another high-tech company located n the area is Galil Software, which has a stated goal of hiring Arab engineers.

Israel Arab Mayor Complains: Terror Chasing Away Jews

Monday, October 12th, 2015

The Arab mayor of the predominantly Arab city of Nazareth has raised his voice against the recent wave of terror that he says is ruining his city by chasing away Jews.

Mayor Ali Salaam told Globes:

I’ve been knee-deep in trouble. On an ordinary Saturday, 20,000-30,000 Jews visit Nazareth, and there wasn’t a Jew in the city yesterday.

They [Arab businessmen] make millions on Friday and Saturday, at least NIS 10 million [$2.6 million], and they didn’t make a cent yesterday. Restaurants were closed, businesses were closed. They came to me in the municipality and wept. We have to work several months in order to bring back commerce back to the city.

The recent escalation in Palestinian Authority violence has spread to the heart of urban areas in Israel, including Kiryat Gat, home to a giant Intel factory and a normally quiet city north of Be’er Sheva, Afula in the north and metropolitan Tel Aviv.

While Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has lashed out at Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas for stoking the coals of terror, Arab Knesset Members have been openly inciting Arabs with Israeli citizenship. The Prime Minister has targeted MK Haneen Zoabi for investigation for violating laws, but there is no shortage of other openly anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Arab MKs.

The most vocal of them is Jamal Zahalka, who has preached against any connection between Jews and the Temple Mount, called Israel an Aparthied state and who has illegally visited the enemy states of Lebanon and Syria without being indicted.

Salam said of Arab MKs:

They staged a parade, and after the parade, they left the young people, who started throwing stones and burning things….. Each time, somebody else is responsible for the destruction. We can’t have everyone coming to make a parade in Nazareth. The business owners want to demonstrate against what’s happening.

Most of the MKs want to come for the publicity, to be seen and photographed. I’m sick and tired of them. Let them do something for the benefit of the people who voted for them.

I told [MK] Ayman Udeh, ‘Get out of here. I don’t want you to come to Nazareth. You’ve destroyed my city.’

The mayor said that the violence is not only bad for his city but also “is not good for the country.”

A Ben Gurion University professor from Umm el-Fahm, the northern Israeli city that is the home to the northern branch of the radical Islamic Movement, told Israel Radio (Reshet Bet) Monday that “95 percent of the people” are against the violence.

Unlike Israeli Jews, the Arab sector is not prone to public discussion, especially when it comes to voicing different opinions and attitudes towards Israel.

Radical Islamists have filled the vacuum and have monopolized public platforms.

The JewishPress.com previously has reported that even in the Palestinian Authority, the rank and file Arabs are interested in making a living more than being part of a new Arab country where they know that corrupt leaders will treat them as third-class citizens.

However, the Palestinian Authority agenda of preaching hate and incitement against Jews for more than 20 years has nurtured an entire generation that knows nothing of the stark improvement of the quality of life after the Jordanian occupation, and as well as the Egyptian rule over Gaza, ended with the Six-Day War in 1967.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said on Monday that efforts are being made to define as illegal the Islamic Movement, which in the past several years has recruited tens of thousands of Bedouin in the Negev.

7 Israeli Arabs Accused of Forming ISIS Cell to Strike Police, IDF

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Cleared for release: A group of seven Israeli Arab citizens have been arrested in connection with formation of an ISIS terror cell. Details of the arrests, carried out in August, were under gag order until the suspects were indicted in Nazareth district court Thursday morning.

The names of two of the members of the cell remain under wraps, pending release by security officials.

The members of the group are all residents of the Lower Galilee and all but one were caught in a joint sting operation carried out by Israel Police together with the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). The seventh is already serving time.

They are accused of possessing weapons and undergoing training to attack Israeli police and IDF military targets.

ISIS terror cell "in formation" allegedly used weapons procured in Nazareth to train for attacks.

One of the suspects has been incarcerated in an Israeli prison since 2009, serving a life sentence for involvement in a 2009 murder. He was involved in the organization and plotting of targets.

“Exposing the terror cell’s plans in advance and preventing murderous attacks by its members, points to the growing threat of the exodus of the members to jihad fighting areas throughout the world,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

The confessed to membership in the “Salfiyeh Jihad terrorist group, and said they were tasked with setting up a terror network in Israel for the Da’esh (ISIS) terror organization, with the stated intent to carry out attacks.

Mohammad Ihab Mahmad Sharif, 22; Mahmad Hamad MahMad Jiza’ala, 23; and Ahmad Omar Mahmad Mahajna, 19, all residents of the village of Yafiyeh, were taken into custody in August.

Two others, residents of Nazareth were also arrested in connection with the cell: Ahmad Ali Halil Ahmad, 26, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Yafim Weinstein in 2009, was arrested in his cell. His 55-year-old father, Ali Halil Salim Ahmad, 55 (Ahmad’s father), was arrested in their hometown of Nazareth. Both are accused of providing the weapons to the group of young men from Yafiyeh.

The suspects admitted under Shin Bet questioning to possession of weapons, and in November 2014 maintained contact via the Internet with those who are currently fighting in the ranks of ISIS in Syria, among other charges.

They also confessed to planning an attack on an IDF base near Migdal HaEmek, and to numerous surveillance operations in order to study the target in detail prior to an attack.

The cell gathered intelligence on another target – a police car that patrolled the town of Migdal HaEmek.

Targets for firebomb attacks included police stations in Migdal HaEmek and Nazareth.

In addition, the cell plotted attacks on a number of business establishments in Nazareth which sell alcohol. The attacks were aimed at damaging the businesses but without inflicting casualties, according to court papers. (It is forbidden to drink alcohol under Islamic law.)

Further details about the suspects and their planned operations remain under gag order at this time, according to court papers. The order has been extended to Oct. 18. The suspects are charged with possession of weapons, contact with a foreign agent, membership and involvement in an outlawed organization and other security offenses.

IDF Tightens Rules for Soldiers in Judea, Samaria

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

The IDF tightened its rules of engagement yesterday for combat forces in Judea and Samaria, making defense of self and others much more difficult.

Publication of the new regulations was met with utter disgust by the troops who will be forced to carry them out.

The new rules are frankly dangerous to the soldiers, creating an unacceptable risk to their lives before they’re allowed to fire at attackers.

Christian combat soldiers who spoke with the Hebrew-language 0404 website made it clear they “will not hesitate to operate in accordance with the gunfire procedures that were in place prior to the announcement.”

The stringent new rules of engagement have tightened the regulation that previously required troops to fire at an attacker’s lower extremities in life-threatening situations. Under other circumstances in which there is a risk, a threatened soldier has only been allowed to fire in the air.

IDF soldiers who belong to the Christian community told the 0404 website that if they are confronted with a situation in which they feel threatened, they will not hesitate to shoot directly at a terrorist, even if the situation differs from permitted circumstances outlined in the new regulations.

One of the three soldiers from northern Israel who spoke with the website said, “Whoever throws a firebomb (Molotov cocktail) at me is clearly trying to kill me, and someone who wants to kill me is someone I will kill first.”

Another soldier said that his family had contacted him to ask whether news of the more stringent rules was really true. When he confirmed it, “My mother told me she does not care about the new directives and said that if I am in danger, I should not think twice [about firing to defend myself.]”

A third soldier from Nazareth sent a message to 0404, commenting, “The ‘Rules of Engagement’ sent shivers down my spine. A strong army stands in fear before a small enemy. No, no, absolutely not. I have one thing to say: One hundred mothers will weep and my mother will not cry. I am a Christian of Nazareth serving in the Kefir Brigade and I represent the Christian community.”

1st-Century House Unearthed in Nazareth Could be Jesus’s Childhood Home

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

(JNS.org) A leading archaeologist is hinting that a house dating back to the 1st century CE unearthed in Nazareth may have been the childhood home of Jesus.

The house, which is made up of simple mortar and stone walls that was cut into a rocky hillside, was first discovered in the 1880s by nuns at the Sisters of Nazareth convent. In 1936, a Jesuit priest, Henri Senes, catalogued the site with drawings and notes that had been exposed by the nuns. Then in 2006, team of archaeologists led by Ken Dark, a professor at the University of Reading in the U.K., began an examination of the site based on Senes’s work, Live Science reported.

“Was this the house where Jesus grew up? It is impossible to say on archaeological grounds,” Dark wrote in Biblical Archaeology Review. “On the other hand, there is no good archaeological reason why such an identification should be discounted.”

According to the archaeologists, the house was later decorated with mosaics during the Byzantine Period (roughly from the 4th century until the 7th century CE), and a church known as the “Church of the Nutrition” was constructed over the dwelling to most likely protect it.

The site fell into disrepair following the Islamic invasions in the 7th century CE. Later, when the Crusaders conquered the Holy Land in the 12th century, the church was rebuilt, but then it was burnt again in the 13th century.

Artifacts found inside the 1st-century house include a broken cooking pot, a spindle whorl, and limestone vessels, which suggest that it was home to a Jewish family because of the Jewish belief that limestone could not become impure.

The archaeological evidence is also corroborated by a text from 670 CE written by a monk on the Scottish island of Iona, based on a pilgrimage to Nazareth made by the Frankish Bishop Arculf.

Police Arrest Stone Throwers in Jerusalem, Nazareth

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Israel Police are tightening security across the country as Arab attackers continue to throw rocks at Israeli drivers and cars on the roads.

A woman in Jerusalem was slightly injured Tuesday in a road terror attack that took place near the Damascus Gate to the Old City.

The woman was hurt when Arab attackers hurled rocks at a bus as it passed by.

Jerusalem District Police made one arrest in the incident and launched a search of the area to hunt down the other attackers.

Earlier in the day, two teens were arrested in Nazareth on suspicion of hurling rocks at a Nazareth police vehicle. The boys were ages 13 and 17.

No one was injured in the attack.

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