I’m Offended, You’re Dead

Believing a few “extremists” hijacked Islam is myopic in history and geography, numbers and scope

ObamaCar to Address Garage Inequality

What do you call a little satire on "snow"? A Snow-tire,,,

Jerusalem And The Elections: Always In The Center

Despite its name, the Muslim Quarter was home to many Jews and 6 yeshivot in the 19th century

Redefining Israel’s Goal

Zionism's real goal was creating the Israeli nation to replace the Jewish Nation was the real goal

Perverting the Law of “Mercy”

I'm sick of those who distort halacha and the Rambam, granting Arabs Bnai Noach status-They're not!

Killing The Messenger

In his September speech to the UN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed to that fox when he compared Iran to the Nazis.

From Yad Vashem Zionism To Temple Zionism

Zionism’s current view-“no connection to religion”-is more appropriate to the Left than to the Right

What Do YOU Recognize in the Palestinians?

Europe recognizing a state of Palestine should require them to take a good look at the Palestinians

Cast The Foreigner Out‏

Am Yisrael's in spiritual danger here in Israel because religious Jews aid missionaries like Hayovel

On Accepting Invitations

It's disingenuous for Obama to claim a breach in protocol; he did much worse to Netanyahu in 2013

Herzog Would Divide The City

A unified Jerusalem's most threatened by a leading Prime Minister candidate: Labor's Yitzchak Herzog

Bibi’s Paris Speech in Context

To Netanyahu and European Jewry, 2014-5 recalled years when Europe sought to annihilate its Jews

Israel, Mother Nature’s Child

Tu B'Shvat has morphed into a chance to reflect on our connection with Israel and with nature itself

Obama’s Foreign Policy

Obama’s foreign policy is viewed by both liberals and conservatives as deeply flawed

Why the Media Ignores Jihadists in Israel

Why does the Times relay different motivations and narratives for jihadists in Europe and Israel?

Palestinians are “Desperate” for…

Desperate people take what they can, seizing opportunity to advance their main goal; the Arabs don't


Israel has some wild places left; places to reflect and think, to get lost, to try to find ourselves

New York Times Confusion on Free Speech

The NY Times suggestion that HaMavesar cropping women from a photo is Israeli censorship is absurd.

He Should Have Stayed Home

Netanyahu remains obsessed with gaining the unattainable love from the EU and all Jew-hating Europe

My Terrorism

In France and most of the world, Jews do not get starring roles in the rage on behalf of victims.


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