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"Je suis Juif-I am a Jew" sign held by Jews at Paris unity rally on Sunday, Jan. 11, 2015.

The series of four attacks left 17 people dead and more wounded over the three-day period. Four of the dead were Jews, and one of the police officers was a Muslim. One of the heroes in the Hyper Cacher grocery rescue was a Muslim from Mali, as well; an employee who quickly and quietly spirited 16 customers down into the store’s refrigerator, closed the light and said, “Wait here. It will be alright. I am going back.” Alone, he served as a decoy.

The attacks have badly shaken the Jewish community, which for the first time ever was advised not to go to synagogue on Friday night but instead to stay safe at home.


Increasing anti-Semitic attacks in France have led to a corresponding rise in Jewish emigration from the country, and an increase in aliyah over the past year as well.

At present, France is home to more than five million Muslims, at least eight percent of the country’s total population. Fewer than 500,000 Jews remain in France today.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. I don't know how long ago it was originally printed, but all of these lovely correspondents apparently never saw "Dry Bones" The State of "palestine" quiz.. First four questions.When was the country of "palestine" founded and by whom? What were it's borders? What was it's capitol? What were it's major cities?
    If they can realitically give the correct answers (there are none) they can continue to show their lack of "seichil".

  2. most of the "reporters" were completely ignorant and behaved as though they had never given a thought to the issues of islamic psycopathy. it was quite sickening to try and get proper coverage. it only came from those who are analysts who specialize in the islamic threat and the reality of the muslim world community.

  3. That jews are targets for Muslim terrorists has unfortunately to do with the Israeli-Palestine conflict. The new antisemitism is related to that conflict. Don’t fool yourself denying this. Peace with the Palestinians is crucial to defeat terrorism against jews. I am sorry to bring this sad interconnection up but to my opinion it’s the truth.

  4. This story is true. I watched the interview and I thought the Reporter Tim Wilcox was displaying bias and trying to put the women, who was very intelligent and honest, into a bad position and trying to put words in her mouth and or get him to agree with his point of view. His point of view was irrelevant to the days proceedings and did not need to be brought up at all. I also thought he was a bit misogynistic in that he was mentally threatened by the woman's superior ability to communicate and share her views.

  5. The stupidity of the BBC reporter is indicative of the narrow-minded perspective prevalent in the West.

    Not to minimize the impact, but the recent terrorist attacks in France need to be viewed in the proper perspective. The are nothing more than just one more link in a chain of thousands of acts of savage barbarity committed worldwide in the name of Islam.

    The common element for nearly all of them is not that Muslims happen to be the perpetrators, but that they were justified by citations from the same Islamic holy scriptures. Whether in Paris, London, Tel Aviv, New York, Nigeria, or hundreds of other targets, the perpetrators and their supporters perceive their actions to be righteous acts in defense of or for the glorification of Islam.

    In that context, the Arab-Israeli conflict is in fact a Jihad against an infidel state on Islamic land that has absolutely nothing to do with a "Palestinian" people. That conflict is just one more theater in the 1400 year holy war by followers of the supremacist imperialistic xenophobic ideology known as Islam. Once Islamic land, always Islamic land.

    Unless the BBC reporter and the rest of non-Muslim world remove the blinders and open their minds, terrorist attacks like the most recent ones in Paris will surely be followed by thousands more. Meanwhile, Western leaders and mainstream media will continue to assure us that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

  6. There British Jewish Board of Deputies should take this matter up with the PM and demand that he is fired and that the BBC apologizes to the Jews and Israel. But of course, the Brits would never harm one of their Jew haters,
    Time for the British Jews to tell the Royal family, who have never ever visited Israel, but have made many visits to the Arabs, that their days are numbered.
    I give the Brits 10 maybe 20 years at the most, to become an Islamic state. After all, the previous Archbishop of Canterbury said that Sharia law should be introduced to Britain.
    The Muslims have already taken over much of London.
    I can see all those beautiful cathedrals being converted into mosques.

  7. Similar to Fox and MSNBC, BBC is probably pandering to local agendas. This is no excuse for this reporter being cruel in a time of grief. So many people in the world treat Jews like Jews treat Chometz before Pesach. The only they to address this problem is to illustrate how we can bring out the best in their humanity and in their personal spiritual radiance.

  8. The BBC has it's World Service, but it does not include Israel. I put them up there with the likes of Al-Jazeera (whose editor says "I am NOT Charlie). Their individual indifference is because so many of the victims were just Jews, and don't they deserve it anyway?
    Even the US is turning it's back to Jews and Israelis. Look who they sent from the American government to represent us at the Paris rally. Nobody.

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