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16 Adar I 5779 -
? Thursday, February 21, 2019

IDF Soldiers Save Life of Palestinian Authority Woman

The soldiers noticed the woman struggling with severe breathing difficulties.

Official: US Security Funds to PA Cut Off, USAID Shutters West Bank, Gaza Operations

The move occurred in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act, signed into law in October, that provides protections for American victims of international terrorism.

Iran Unveils New Cruise Missile that Can Reach Tel Aviv

DM Hatami boasted the main features of the new missile, being rapid reaction, low flight altitude, high precision in navigation and high destruction power.

Israeli Rescue Team in Brazil Finds Bodies after Dam Rupture, but No Survivors

The Jewish state was the only country to send a search-and-rescue team.

IDF Indicts 5 Soldiers for Allegedly Assaulting Arab Terror Detainees

The beaten Arab suspects were charged with aiding the terrorists who murdered two IDF soldiers.

2 Bomb Attacks in the Shomron; No Injuries

The IDF also discovered weapons and money in counter-terrorism operations.

Netanyahu in Surprise Inspection of IDF Emergency Supply Depot

Netanyahu plans to continue to hold inspections of IDF bases in the coming weeks, as he is studying the recommendations of Major General (res.) Yitzhak Brick's report on serious failures in the army.

Watch: Israeli Delegation at Work in Brazil’s Dam Collapse Disaster

To date, 190 people have been rescued. The official death toll at the dam, which collapsed on Friday, stands at 58, with more than 300 still missing.

IDF Eliminates Female Terrorist in Eastern Jerusalem

There were no casualties among the Israeli force.

Israeli Forces Thwart Attempt to Smuggle Bomb into Israel at Gilboa Crossing

The 17-year-old tried to smuggle the bomb in his bag past the checkpoint.

IDF HR Chief: Women Should Not Serve as Infantry Combatants

"In the end, a soldier has to carry 200 pounds on his back […] and go 8 miles with it."

Israeli Aid Mission to Brazil Assists in Brumadinho Dam Collapse

At least 37 were reported dead – a revised death toll down from 40 – with hundreds more missing.

Bennett on the Attack: ‘Gantz Doesn’t Know How to Win’

"The question is who will be in the cabinet alongside Netanyahu – Gantz or Bennett. Ganz is a good man, but his strategy of playing to draw is dangerous for Israel."

40 Dead, 200 Missing: Israeli Rescue Team Going to Brazil for Brumadinho Dam Collapse

“Prime Minister Netanyahu offered us help in the search for those missing in the disaster of the Brumadinho Dam. We have accepted and are thankful for this Israeli technology . . ."

Gazan Arrested After Infiltrating Southern Israeli Border

The suspect was transferred to security personnel for questioning.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah Warns ‘Our Rockets Can Reach Everywhere’

“You saw what happened when one rocket from Gaza hit Ashkelon. Imagine if rockets started landing on Tel Aviv."

Report: Killed Arab was a Released Fatah Terrorist

Arab sources claim that Na'asan, a convicted terrorist, was released from prison in 2007 as a gesture to Abu Mazen.

Arab Stone-thrower Killed Near Ofra

Three Arabs were stoning cars driving along Route 60 on Friday.

Arab Mob Attacks Israeli Hiker, One Arab Dead

At this stage it is not yet clear whether the attacker was shot by the local emergency squad or by the IDF, and the matter is under investigation.

Qatari Envoy Tells Hamas Israel Is Prepared for War in Gaza

There's little doubt that an all-out Israeli pounding of the Gaza Strip would add a few seats to the Likud party.

Watch: Rafael Designing Future Battlefield Warriors – Drone Swarms

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is working on the design and production of drone swarms that can mimic the behavior of flocks of birds such as starlings.

Hamas Rejects Third Qatari Humanitarian Aid Citing Israeli Political Blackmail

“The Palestinian people would never be subject to blackmail by Israeli officials to promote electoral campaigning.”

Elbit Delivers Training Simulator to British Army

The Joint Fires Mobile Trainer is now in active service with the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Fire Support Teams of the 1st Artillery Brigade.

IDF Forces Shot at on Syrian Border; No Injuries

IDF forces returned fire towards the source of the gunfire in Syria.

IDF Permits Arabs to Work in Hebron Jewish Neighborhood, Arabs Ravage Jewish Vineyard

"The site is documented by IDF security cameras. We demand the immediate arrest of the hooligans."


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